Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunning Monique Lhuillier gold gown and your bridesmaids in fabulous little sparkly numbers. Just picturing it makes us squeal with delight. By the way if you love the Monique gown above click here to see the entire collection.

Having your bridesmaids purchase an out of the box dress gives hope that they will wear their dress again. By the way, any of these gowns would look excellent as your rehearsal dinner dress. Let us know if you are thinking about purchasing some gold bridesmaid dresses. Be sure to see more gold wedding ideas by clicking here.

1. Perfect for a cocktail reception Aidan by Aidan Mattox | 2. So cute for a boho-chic wedding by Alice + Olivia | 3. Garden Wedding Dress With Metallic foil jacquard by JCREW | Glamorous wedding By Trina Turk | Budget Friendly Gold Bridesmaid Dress |  Long and Flirty Gold Bridesmaid Dress.

With The Hunger Games Movie still fresh in our minds, we had to share with you the designer Jennifer Lawrence’s (Katniss) gold dress. This stunner was designed by Prabal Gurung. It might be a bit crazy for your bridesmaids to wear such a futuristic gown, but it is pretty fabulous.

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  1. Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunning Moniqu…

  2. Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  3. omg HOW FUN!! we love this!! RT @weddingchicks Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  4. All that Glitters Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  5. RT @weddingchicks: All that Glitters Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  6. RT @weddingchicks: All that Glitters Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  7. Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunni… #wedding

  8. -100. AC says:

    I love that the 70’s are back without apology.

  9. -100. Alejandra Vidal says:

    Wow!!! What a breath-taking idea!! Love this! The glamorous wedding and budget friendly are my absolute favorite. Gold is a great base for incorporating a splash of an accent color from the wedding like teal or even pink :)

  10. -100. Colleen says:

    Shut up with that dress. Holy amazing. I would wear that thing every day if I owned it.

  11. These gold dresses are absolutely stunning!! Love that gold is the new black!

  12. A gold wedding dress? If it’s anything like this stunning @M_Lhuillier gown featured on @weddingchicks then I say YES!!

  13. Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunning Moniqu…

  14. -100. Tina @ Wedding Favors says:

    Stunning dresses. More that just a dress.

  15. -100. molly says:

    oh my gaw! Boho Chic please!! how gorgeous!

  16. gorgeous!! love the gold!

  17. Sparkly! RT @weddingchicks: All that Glitters Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

  18. -100. Budget brides says:

    Wow, love these gold dresses in affordable prices!

  19. -100. Sara Hernandez says:

    Love the gold wedding dress! I would do champagne bridesmaid dresses and gold jewelry.

  20. Gorgeous! RT @weddingchicks: gold is the new bridesmaid (;

  21. -100. Kris says:

    How fun and fresh these gold dresses are!

  22. -100. Emma says:

    i wish i was rich…lol

  23. Hello, gorgeous! Gold Bridesmaid Dresses h/t @Weddingchicks

  24. -100. Mike And Carrie says:

    Un-traditional yet totally GOLD!!

  25. -100. Morgan says:

    Where can I find the glamorous wedding dress???

  26. -100. Sara Cadavid says:

    Does anybody know where I can buy this dress used?
    I would love it as my wedding dress!

    Thank you!!!


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  1. […] Gold Bridesmaid Dresses – The Wedding Chicks – Apr 10, 2012  · Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunning Monique Lhuillier gold gown and your bridesmaids in fabulous little … […]

  2. […] Gold Bridesmaid Dresses – The Wedding Chicks – Apr 10, 2012  · Fact: we love Gold. It really is the new black. Imagine yourself in the stunning Monique Lhuillier gold gown and your bridesmaids in fabulous little … […]

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