Wedding Chicks Giveaway | Win An Ombre Heart Set

We are into the craziness and love us some Pinterest. We want to see what you are loving in this crazy new land that is so pinteresting. Follow the easy steps below and 5 lucky readers will win an Ombre Heart Set.  One Sweatshrit and One Canvas Ombre Heart Tote.

1. Click here and follow us on Pinterest.
2. Pin your favorite goodie from our shop
3. Leave a comment below with your Pinterest page to let us know you entered … and so we can check out your boards.

Pin as many items as you like and enter as often as you like. The winner will be announced next Friday  (March 2, 2012) Thanks for entering this Wedding Chicks Giveaway.

By the way, the Ombre Heart Wedding Invites you see at the top can be customized and downloaded for Free by clicking here.

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  1. Wedding Chicks Giveaway | Win An Ombre Heart Set

  2. -100. Mindy says:

    Love the ombre hearts and LOVE this rainbow tank! Hope I win. :)

  3. -100. Jeni Bishop says:

    Hi! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

    My Pinterest page:
    (I pinned the Blogger Sweatshirt! =)

  4. -100. J@DestinationInspirations says:

    Entered – I am just in love with the ombre set!

  5. -100. weddingchicks says:

    Hey Girls thanks for entering. We starting following you. Whoop Whoop.

  6. -100. Meghan says:

    Love your site and shop so so much!!!

  7. -100. Miki says:

    just started following your blog. great stuff! i’ve been a pinterest addict for awhile now, can’t wait to check out the rest of your boards. :)

  8. -100. Miki says:

    oops forgot to leave my page:

  9. -100. Anita Boeira says:

    I am so obsessed with Pinterest! I’m at
    And I pinned the silhouette tote!

  10. Wedding Chicks Giveaway | Win An Ombre Heart Set: We are into the craziness and love us some Pinterest. We want …

  11. -100. Katie says:

    Love your little goodie bags!

  12. -100. Meghan says:

    I need some of these in my kitchen! :)

    Love getting wedding ideas from you guys!

  13. -100. Liz Harvey says:

    1. Following on Pinterest.
    2. I pinned my favorite goodies from your shop.
    3. My pinterest site is:

    Thank you!!!

  14. -100. Mandy says:

    Love the “will you be my bridesmaid” pritables.

  15. -100. kim says:
  16. -100. Mary Lanier says:

    I love those floppy necked sweatshirts. Cutesy hung off your shoulder look, so cool.

    Follow my pins :)

  17. -100. Shai says:

    I LOVE anything with hearts, so your site is an addiction!

  18. -100. Liz Whitson says:

    Did all 3! What a cute sweatshirt!

  19. -100. Alison says:
  20. -100. Abi says:
  21. -100. stevie says:
  22. -100. Deanza Johnson says:

    Love!!! I am in love with all of the bags.

  23. -100. Amanda Kelly says:

    I love the blog! And the adorable items in the shop! Oh Spit, is my latest favorite from On to Baby, that literally made me laugh out loud. From the wedding shop i love the Love laughter happily ever after. Getting married in July and this is my new motto :)

  24. -100. Jessica says:
    the ombre hearts are so pretty :)

  25. -100. Alex says:

    I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from your site and absolutely love it…there are still more things I’m dying for!

    I pinned the crest tote for my girls! The bride sweatshirt to wear around the wedding wknd! And I love the Mrs. tank for the honeymoon!

    The pinning continues though…

    Here is my pinterest site:

  26. -100. Alex says:

    PS I also just pinned the off the shoulder kiss the bride tee…LOVE!

  27. -100. Ashley Martin says:

    I absolutely love your website. Everything is adorable! I just want to thank you for putting up the printables, they really help a girl out! Our wedding is budget friendly and being able to do a lot of things on my own with the help of your website means a lot. Thank you!

  28. -100. Ashley Martin says:

    Oh, and here’s my Pinterest website!

  29. -100. Caroline says:

    I love ombre and it is our wedding theme!! Blush,navy and gold ombre.
    here is my pinterest:

  30. -100. Katie W says:

    I love the ombre heart. Isn’t everything just better in ombre?

  31. -100. Katy K says:

    Fun! Love the hearts…and the tote bag would be so fun for the bachelorette weekend in Vegas! Whoohoo!

    And I LOVE all of your “la la la love” designs – so cute!

  32. -100. Katie Haber says:

    Liked, loved, pinned, & followed!

  33. -100. Ashley J says:

    I’d absolutely love to pin the Ombre Heart Set! I pinned the ombre heart printables and tutorials a couple of weeks ago. I love the new nautical collection, too.

  34. -100. Myra Kelly says:
  35. -100. Ashley J says:

    I linked my pinterest to my name in my last post, but in case you can’t access it, here it is:

    I love following Wedding Chicks! Awesome ideas:)

  36. -100. Rachel Gomez says:

    Love pinning weddingchicks on my I DO board!

  37. -100. Katie says:

    pintrest page is
    and i pinned your awesome new geo totes with the heart on the city!

  38. -100. Erin says:

    I have been following you and LOVE all of your pins! :-) – Erin (

  39. -100. Melissa says:

    I adore your custom hankies and would love to get one each for my mother, the groom’s mother, my grandmother, and the groom’s grandmothers. Such a sweet and sentimental thank you.

  40. -100. Meredith says:

    I love all of the sweatshirts!

  41. -100. Melissa says:

    I’ve been following you guys for awhile, even before this, and you always post the greatest wedding things! I’ve gotten so much inspiration from you guys! Thanks for helping make planning my special day a million times easier and stress free! :)

  42. -100. Chelsea says:

    I love your vintage monogram tote. So beautiful.

  43. -100. Emily says:

    I love this giveaway. I follow you on Pinterest and I am I pinned the starfish tote, the Vineyard Welcome Wedding Tote Set of 20, the Horseshoe tank top, and the Chandelier Customized Wedding Favor Bags.

  44. -100. lindsey says:

    i love the OH SPIT baby bib, so adorable.

  45. -100. Melissa says:

    I also pinned the “my girl sweatshirt”. My fiance’s name is Jeff and everytime that song “Jesse’s girl” comes on he sings along and says “Jeffrey’s girl” and it never fails to make me smile and giggle! This would be so much fun to wear on the honeymoon and the morning of the wedding while getting ready! It would be so cute in pictures too!

  46. -100. Stacia says:

    I follow you on pinterest and pinned the The Cozy Bride Sweatshirt.

    You can find me at:

  47. -100. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for the give away! Love you guys!

  48. -100. Whitney says:

    The ombre hearts are adorable!

  49. -100. Erica says:

    I love it all! Great ideas and inspirations for my upcoming wedding!

  50. -100. Joanna Buchowicz says: I love this dress and would love to win this giveaway! :)

  51. -100. Erica says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat – I didn’t see my first post come up.

    I love it all. Great Ideas and Inspirations for my upcoming wedding!

  52. -100. AnnMargret says:

    I already follow you on pinterest! I would love your happy day wedding tote!! Follow me back:

  53. -100. Carol S says:

    Love these giveaways!

    My page is at

    Carol S

  54. -100. Lydia says:

    I love the onesies you released today!

  55. -100. michelle says:

    i follow you on FB and twitter, and now Pintrest!

  56. -100. Amanda says:

    I’ve been following you for awhile.:) the most recent thing I pinned was your free printable monogram. I will definitely be using it at my wedding.

  57. -100. Philia says:

    Love the giveaway on pinterest concept!

    I repined the Love Tote, it’s one of my faves.

  58. -100. Jennyfer says:

    I follow you on Pinterest and love it ALL!

  59. -100. Sara Pinckard says:

    Love pinterest! and LOVE y’alls website! :)

  60. -100. Christina says:

    Already a follower on Pinterest!

    Pinned your hankies, perfect for a personalized gift for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom!

  61. -100. Allison says:

    Love the “Hello” tote! And already am a Pinterest follower :)

  62. -100. Jean says:

    Been following Wedding Chicks for a while now as I plan my event!

  63. -100. Meg S says:
  64. -100. Kilee says:
  65. -100. Kaitlyn Nelson says:

    Thanks for the awesome contest :)

  66. -100. Lindsey says:

    I absolutely love your site! I follow it religiously along with your Pinterest!
    Really hope I win this adorable ombre heart set!

  67. -100. Lindsey says:
  68. -100. Tara says:

    love the diy mason jar chandelier. what a cute idea!!!!

  69. -100. Alex says:
  70. -100. Lisa Ortiz says:

    Love this giveaway! I’m already a follower and have a bunch of your stuff pinned :)

  71. -100. Lisa Ortiz says:

    Would love these for my Bridesmaids!

  72. -100. Michelle Jackson says:

    I entered the contest! Love your stuff – sooo cute!

  73. -100. Sung Kokko says:
  74. -100. Megan says:

    I really love the Anchor Save the Date Towels

  75. -100. Tiffany Lande says:

    I would love to win. I loved the bag you did for my wedding.

  76. -100. Davonne Head says:

    I love pinterest and wedding chicks. I pinned you guys on my wedding board!

  77. -100. Liz says:
  78. -100. mikala says:

    i pin yall ALL the time.

  79. -100. Amanda J says:

    love the boards!!

  80. -100. Meeghan says:

    Love love love! Oh and pinned pinned PINNING! ;)

  81. -100. Megan says:

    Wearing one of these while getting ready, or even at the end of the night when it gets cold, sounds perfectly cozy!

  82. -100. Meeghan says:

    I had to pin two more… not just the last name tee (first one for this contest) but also the Ombre heart sweatshirt and the Cozy Bride sweatshirt, LOVE THEM! Oh who am I kidding, I pin your stuff all the time! =)

  83. -100. stacey woodward says:
  84. -100. J Emme says:

    Love the Benvenuti Welcome Totes! Already following you, but I hadn’t noticed those before. Thank you for all the lovely ideas!

  85. -100. Sarah R says:

    Totally pinned the Heart Sweatshirt, and Obviously already following you guys on Pinterest!!! Love your blog and wedding style :)

  86. -100. Christy says:
  87. -100. Patricia says:

    I love your stuff, I’ve already used one of your free printables for our welcome gift bags. Thanks!

  88. -100. Amanda E says:

    I was already a follower on Pinterest… LOVE Wedding Chicks!

    See one of my many pins here:

  89. -100. Gemma K says:

    Cuteeee!! and so perfect for my wedding coming up in the Australian Fall/Autumn!

    My pinterest –


  90. -100. HollyDolly says:
  91. -100. Theresa Manriquez says:

    I love this set so much! Adorable! Here is my pinterest!

  92. -100. HollyDolly says:
  93. -100. Lindsay Pond says:

    My pinterest is

    I’m pinning away!

  94. -100. Marlys says:
  95. -100. jackie says:
  96. -100. Mindy says:

    Sooo LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Ombre Heart stuff…wish I was getting ,arried, again ;)

  97. -100. Denise says:

    I am in love with the ombre hearts!

  98. -100. raquelleal says:

    LOVE this giveaway!! <3

  99. -100. Mary-Katherine says:

    I “HEART” your page. I hope that you will feel the same about mine. (:

  100. Interact with us on @pinterest 5 will Win An Ombre Heart Set

  101. -100. Nina Esquivel says:

    Love the off the shoulder sweatshirts!!! So cute to wear while getting ready.

  102. -100. Rhian says:
  103. -100. Rhian says:
  104. -100. Karen says:

    Here’s my pinterest:

    Pinned an adorable sweatshirt from you guys :)

  105. -100. Mackenzie says:
  106. -100. carolina beltran says:

    I’ve been pinning from your site before this contest! now i have incentive! thanks for the opportunity! love love love your site!

  107. -100. Karina says:

    I’m so in!
    Been your follower for awhile….

    love all your bridal party gear! <3

  108. -100. Raquel Godoy says:
  109. -100. kori says:

    LOVE your site and products. xoxox

  110. -100. Erin says:

    I love everything on your page especially the $10 favor bags and the purple & cream bouquet!

  111. #pinteresttopten RT @weddingchicks Interact with us on @Pinterest 5 will win an Ombre Heart Set

  112. -100. Melissa O. says:

    I love pinterest and have been following your boards for a little while now.

  113. -100. Loyce says:

    I love the ombre heart tote and pinned it.
    I’ve become a true pinterest addict/junkie lately!

  114. -100. Loyce says:

    I love the ombre tote. Enjoying Pinterest.

  115. -100. Eva says:

    What a beautiful set! Would love to have it :)

  116. -100. Melissa says:
  117. attn brides: “@weddingchicks: Interact with us on @pinterest 5 will Win An Ombre Heart Set”

  118. -100. Shannon Hughes says:

    You have so many cute ideas! :)

  119. -100. Jennifer Cannon says:

    LOVE your blog and LOVE this contest! Thanks!

  120. -100. Hannah M says:

    I was just adoring the Bride sweatshirt a few days ago and wondering if it would be okay to buy for myself!

    Yay Pinterest:

  121. -100. Hannah M says:

    The nautical themed tanks and tees go hand in hand with our RI wedding:

  122. Wedding Chicks #Giveaway –

  123. -100. Hannah M says:

    And one more for the flower girl!

  124. -100. Britni says:

    Love all the fabulous ideas ;)!
    My page:

  125. -100. Tiffany L. Tresidder says:

    I’m getting married on March 31, 2012. I’m looking for last minute ideas to make the day special. Thanks for the info overload! You guys make it look easy!

  126. I love your pinterest site, I’ve been following it since I first got engaged! I think that sweatshirt is adorable too :)
    Happy pinning everyone!

  127. I forgot to add my pinterest site to my comment!

    Here it is:

  128. -100. Maggie says:

    Such a sweet giveaway! :)

  129. -100. Kristen says:

    LOVE all your stuff! Such great ideas!!!

  130. -100. Sarah (@Sarahsbrides) says:

    “@weddingchicks: Interact with us on @pinterest 5 will Win An Ombre Heart Set” You didn’t make it easy to find a fav

  131. -100. Kelley Barr says:

    I love the Anchors Away welcome totes!!

  132. -100. Amused says:

    Love the destination totes!

  133. -100. Meagan Drone says:

    *LOVE* this giveaway almoooostttt as much as I love pinterest :)

  134. -100. Esther Chang says:

    I’m so excited to see that you’re using pinterest!

    i did all the above requirements =D

  135. -100. Erin says:

    I love your pins especially all the purple wedding decor!

  136. -100. Erin says:

    I love your pins especially all the purple wedding decor!

  137. -100. Erin says:

    I love the pug with the ribbon…..I have a pug and would love to include him in the wedding.

  138. -100. Erin says:

    I love the invitation hankies! Love lace!

  139. -100. Ania Alam says:

    love your wedding pins! hopefully my wedding board will be as creative one day

  140. -100. Sarah says:

    LOVE the sweatshirt!!

  141. -100. Ania Alam says:

    love your wedding pins! hope my wedding board will be as creative one day

  142. -100. Teresa says:

    I entered! By the way, love your boards!

  143. -100. Melissa Jane says:

    Your site has inspired my wedding planning more than anything else! I appreciate all the work you do because I’m addicted! :)

  144. -100. Ashley Bessire says:

    love your hoodies and tanks!

  145. -100. Jutta says:

    Love this giveaway! I pinned the blogger sweatshirt! But the ombre hearts sweatshirt is one of my favorites too! Hope I win!
    This is my pinterest page :

  146. -100. Tiffany says:

    I pinned my wedding totes which I can’t wait to purchase. They are on the May to do list ;)

  147. -100. Hannah G says:
  148. -100. alissa says:

    Love your Pinterest!

  149. -100. Carol S says:

    Love that ombre heart sweater!

    My pinterest boards are at

    Carol S

  150. -100. Hannah M says:

    One more…these would be cute presents that aren’t too specific to the wedding. I can see my ladies use this over and over again with their own initial.

  151. -100. Cara says:

    I LOVE the Love monogram! Would love to win the ombre hearts too! I love your site!

  152. -100. Martha says:

    I love pinterest and The Wedding Chicks! How did people plan weddings without them?

    I love all the personalized gift totes, they are so cute!

  153. -100. Schmidty says:

    Whoa! Gorgeous dress! Pinned

  154. -100. Schmidty says:
  155. -100. Sanem Ozkan says:

    Great contest! Good to see you guys on Pinterest!
    I entered!

  156. -100. Schmidty says:
  157. -100. Erin says:

    I love all of your pins! Particularly love the DIY paper flower projects-so cute!

    Hope you like my wedding pin board!

  158. -100. Amanda says:

    I also pinned your top 10 free printables on pinterest.

  159. -100. Lauren says:

    A giveaway through Pinterest is a great idea. I’m new to Pinterest, but have already pinned a lot of your stuff. I love the save the date kitchen towels.

  160. -100. Kelly says:

    I love… ALL OF IT! I have pinned several things to lots of my boards!

  161. My fave item in the shop is the large heart tote. It would fit perfectly with the fun and vibrant colour scheme I’m planning for our June 2013 Wedding

  162. -100. Alaura Kramer says:

    I absolutely love the flower ideas you have!! Keep them coming. I repined a few :) Check it out here:

  163. -100. tiffpaolive says:

    This is so awesome! love weddingchicks!

    pinned the “Jessie’s Girl” :)

  164. -100. tiffpaolive says:

    weddingchicks was the first wedding website I started following before I got engaged, and it’s the one I still follow daily, even 8 months after my wedding day!

    Love this giveaway and the sweatshirt I pinned!

  165. -100. Heather C says:

    Oh yay! I love the ombre heart design!

    here’s my Pintrest:


  166. -100. carolina beltran says:
    cozy bride sweatshirt! yup! :)

  167. -100. Katie M says:

    I absolutely LOVE the ombre hearts! I’m not trying to be cliche, I just think the design is beautiful! :)

  168. -100. Kathleen Foreman says:

    Pinned the rainbow heart sweatshirt!

  169. -100. Mary C says:
  170. -100. Julia says:

    Such cute stuff…. Thanks to Daily Candy for pinning the Meringue Parfaits ( so I could find your blog!!

  171. -100. Shannon says:

    Love the starfish wedding tote..such a cute gift idea!

  172. -100. Lisa says:

    Pinned “Love and Laughter” kitchen towel. It would make such a great bridal shower gift! :)

  173. -100. Kerri Kalinski says:

    I already followed you on pinterest, and love your wedding cake topper! I repinned it to my wedding ideas board! :)

  174. -100. Kerri Kalinski says:

    Following you on pinterest and your bow tie wedding favors are on my wedding ideas board! They’re adorable! I love your ideas!!

  175. -100. Kerri Kalinski says:

    Following you on pinterest & love your DIY ideas like this one:

  176. -100. Kerri Kalinski says:

    Following you on pinterest and I love your ideas for baby’s breath, especially this one!!

  177. -100. Mechelle Kellam says:
  178. -100. tk says:

    I pinned the ombre hearts totes! so cute!

  179. -100. Marns & Trav says: I love everything, but especially the vintage hankies!

  180. -100. Cecilia says:

    I LOVE the vintage hankies! Using them as save the dates is a wonderful idea!

  181. -100. Laura says:

    I LOVE your page and all of your free downloads! I especially adore the custom monograms. Thank you!

  182. -100. Emily Smith says:

    I hope you like my pins! I LOVE everything about yours. I’m def submitting my wedding to you guys!

  183. -100. Jen S. says:

    Love your blog & your shop! I can’t wait to buy some things for my wedding!

  184. -100. MoniQue says:

    Love the printed tees!

  185. -100. Ashley Baechle says:

    Here is my Pinterest wedding board. I love you boat engagement picture!

  186. -100. Ashley Baechle says:

    I love the paper flower tutorial.

  187. -100. Ashley Baechle says:

    Pinned the yellow bouquet with succulent, so simple and gorgeous.

  188. -100. Erin says:
  189. -100. Holli Adkins says:

    I LOVVVEEE this website!! It has made my wedding planning much easier and enjoyable!! The ombré heart sweatshirt and tote are adorable!!


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