Win A $350 Gift Card To The Wedding Chicks

Hip hip hooray we are having a giveaway! One lucky winner will get a $350 to our shop. Choose anything that your little heart desires. A set of vintage-style hankies, favor bags for all your guests, personalized kitchen towels, super cute custom totes, tank tops for you and your maids, a little something for the groom and his men and so much more.

Here is how to win: visit our shop, come back and share with us what you love. Enter as many times as you like. Winner will be announced next Friday. xoxo Amy & Jocey

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  1. Yes please! Win A $350 Gift Card To The Wedding Chicks via @WeddingChicks

  2. 0. Melodie Pruitt says:

    I’m just LOVING this Future Mrs. Bride-To-Be hoodie. Just perfect for the wedding day! :)

  3. 0. Jutta says:

    I love the Bunting Welcome Wedding Tote Set of 20! So cute!

  4. 0. Jennifer says:

    I would love some custom totes for all of my guests at the hotel!!!

  5. 0. iliana b says:

    I love how delicate and vintage is looks! Especially this

  6. 0. Jennifer says:

    I especially love the Chevron Stripe Welcome Wedding Tote Set!!

  7. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    Id love to one of the cozy bride sweatshirts!

  8. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    My bridesmaids would love the tees in your shop!

  9. 0. DANEILLE MORALES says:


  10. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    I love how you can match the ring bearer and flower girl shirts to the bridesmaids and bride shirts!

  11. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    loving the bow tie shirts for groomsmen

  12. Our brides love the totes we send them..need something for the guys. Maybe the groom shirt. My fav is getting hitched!

  13. 0. Jennifer says:

    LOVE your custom totes!

  14. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    I also love the kitchen towels, theyd be perfect for our welcome bag!

  15. 0. Lianne Carey says:

    I absolutely LOVE the welcome tote bags! So hard to pick just one style

  16. 0. Kelly says:

    I LOVE the sweatshirts!!! So cozy and perfect for lounging the weekend of my December wedding. I would love to have one to give to each of my girls!

  17. 0. KrisD says:

    How do you even decide??!!!! Love.laughter. Happily Ever after (I love!); the welcome totes (so cute); The bridal party tees- Would LOVE to work with you to create a custom look! omg. please please please please please, with sugar AND Cherries on top!

  18. 0. Jutta says:

    And i love the Key to my Heart Bride Tank Tops!

  19. 0. Anna Boettcher says:

    There is honestly too many super CUTE things to choose just one or a couple of things to comment on! I just absolutely love you guys’ styles and products! I would love to win that gift card! With my wedding less than 6 months away I would definitely be able to use it!!

  20. 0. Beth says:

    The sweatshirts are awesome, I would definitely get one, but I think the totes are my favorite, thus far. I want the “Head Sidekick of the Bride” for my maid of honor!!! We sometimes introduce ourselves as easch others “sidekick”, so it’s perfect : )

  21. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    My favorite bride shirt is the crown shirt

  22. 0. Allison B says:

    I love the Happy Wedding favor bags! They match my invitation suite perfectly!!

  23. 0. Lianne Carey says:

    The vintage hankies are so perfect for everyone. Especially the flower girl ones! So cute

  24. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    And I love how the crown shirt also is available for my bridesmaids!

  25. 0. Natalia says:

    I would love some fun bride and bridesmaid tanks/hoodies for the big day!!! ooooo, and the totes are so cute too!!! swoon!!

  26. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    Personalized fancy tank is a close 2nd favorite!

  27. 0. Taylor says:

    I love exploring different wedding ideas an gifts I want to become a wedding planner and I also have a dream to have the perfect wedding! I would love to explore the shop more and get some awesome stuff!!! Love vintage stuff :)

  28. 0. Lisa says:

    I LOVE the bride sweatshirts!!!

  29. 0. Louise says:

    I love your Bride & Bridesmaids v-neck t-shirts!!

  30. 0. KrisD says:

    possibly the hankies- because lets be honest- I’m going to be bawling; my maid of honour is going to be out of control (my sister); and most of my girlfriends (as tough as they seem) will probably lose it too. Don’t even get me started on the Groomsmen/best man. They may be big rugby-playing, beer drinking men, but they’re softies! I think making hankies for the men would be amazing.

  31. 0. Molly says:

    I love the kitchen towels!

  32. 0. Christine Shieh says:

    I can’t pick between the sweatshirts or the custom tote bags! The Fly Away with Us and the Love Words with Friends ones are so cute!

  33. 0. Katie Wakayama says:

    My heart flutters for those “love, laughter, and happily ever after” totes!
    Too adorable and so the perfect theme for us.

  34. 0. KrisD says:

    I don’t want to be obnoxious by posting a lot- but in my defense, you DID say post as much as you want!
    I’d LOVE to win this. I’ve never won anything for my wedding before- but out of all the contests, this would be the most fun! pretty please!

  35. 0. Lisa says:

    And the seahorse tank! Adorable!

  36. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    hoping to win!

  37. 0. Karina says:

    love the groom and groomsmen shirts!

  38. 0. Molly says:

    The tote bags are wonderful!

  39. 0. Rachel says:

    Oh my gosh, for the life of me I cannot decide which tote I love the most… they’re all adorable! I’d LOVE to be able to give them out to our out-of-town guests at their hotel!

  40. 0. Karina says:

    love the bridal party tanks!!! <3

  41. 0. Jutta says:

    The Cozy Bride Sweatshirt would be a perfect gift for my bridesmaids!

  42. 0. Jessica Manocchio says:

    Love the customized bride to be sweatshirts…1.) Because they are adorable and 2.) Because they have a boat neck that will make it easy to take the sweatshirt on and off without messing up hair or makeup on the big day. It’s on my list of things of pre-wedding things to buy, but I would LOVE to win one!

  43. 0. Brittney says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the totes & also the tank tops & hoodies!!! i would love to win $350 to spend on my wonderful bridesmaids :)

  44. 0. Karina says:

    OMG, I love the tote bags!!!

  45. 0. Rachel says:

    I love those personalized hankies – they’re so pretty, and I just know I’m going to need my maid of honor to have one handy for me during our ceremony.

  46. 0. Karina says:

    love the bride sweatshirt and kicthen towels. too cute…

  47. 0. Erica says:

    I loved the mini totes. I ordered 20 for my wedding, and used them to fill with goodies, snacks, and gifts for my friends and bridesmaids who helped host my bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs. They were a hit and tell me they still use them to carry around make-up, cameras, money, or whatever in their purses. And a couple are planning to order some for their upcoming weddings!!

  48. 0. Amanda says:

    I love the tote bags! Perfect for out of town guests, or my bridesmaids!!

  49. 0. Cameron says:

    I love the Benvenuti totes because I’m getting married in Italy!

  50. 0. Meg says:

    I absolutely adore the hankies. They are so classy.

  51. 0. Angela says:

    I actually already ordered totes and mini totes, and they’re AMAZING! I love them! And I know it’s not your shop, but the free printables are really special too! You guys offer some really great things and really great prices too!

  52. 0. coasterkim says:

    I love your $10 totes. I purchased 20 for our out of town guests but could use more! :)

  53. 0. Melissa O. says:

    I love love love the rainbow flower girl tank. It would be perfect for my flower girl. There is really so much to love. This would be a great prize to win!

  54. 0. Lianne says:

    my sister-in-law is getting married next year and those towels would make such a cute favor for her shower!

  55. 0. Karina says:

    omg. i love it all. too cute. i would love to win.

  56. 0. Taryn says:

    I love the mason jar welcome tote set!!

  57. 0. Charlotte says:

    I love the welcome tote bags! Perfect for my Scotland wedding.

  58. 0. Christina says:

    I mean, I love everything in your shop, but I would especially love to win the gift card to purchase a couple sets of totes for our guests coming fromo of town, as well as some of your so-stinking-adorable bridal party tanks!

    Fingers crossed!

  59. 0. Allyson L. says:

    Wow, it’s so hard to decide, I love all the goodies in your shop. If I won, I would purchase the state welcome tote for all of our out of town guests. I would also love to get some cute shirts for the bridal party to wear while getting reading the morning of our wedding.

  60. 0. Kara says:

    I love the “Gettin’ Hitched”, “Hooray”, “Choose Your State”, “Block Love”, and the “Oh Happy Day Chevron” Welcome Tote sets! I also love the “Holdin’ the ring ” ring bearer tee, the junior groomsman bus tee, the paisley bridal party tank and the personalized vintage bridal party tank. My goodness, that’s a lot of stuff! You guys just have so many great things!

  61. 0. Ashley Pankow says:

    I love the Bunting custom wedding Welcome tote!!

  62. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    Would love to win some items for our welcome bags!

  63. 0. Eve says:

    I love the sweater with Bride on the Front…do you think in the near future you will create a hoodie with the same concept. It would be great for a bride when getting her hair done =)

  64. 0. Ashley Pankow says:

    ohhh I also love the Fly Away with Us wedding tote!!

  65. 0. alana brakefield says:

    I die for the bride to be sweatshirt! So in love. How much fun it is be a bride today!

  66. 0. Elizabeth says:

    OMG! I love the hankies, favor bags, bride tees – I LOVE IT ALL! What an AH-MAZING giveaway! Fingers crossed! :)

  67. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    I think my girls would also love the vintage tank tops

  68. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    today would be a perfect day to get comfortable in the cozy sweatshirt

  69. 0. Ashley Pankow says:

    But really, I think my absolute fav is the Hot Air Wedding Balloon Tote!

  70. 0. Stacia says:

    No doubt the sweatshirts! I love the Cozy Bride sweatshirt!!

  71. 0. Molly says:

    I would love the win the vintage hankies!!

  72. 0. Lauren says:

    I love the cozy bride sweatshirt!! And also anything in the color “sea.”

  73. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    how cute are the baby one pieces!!!

  74. 0. Stacia says:

    My fiance has also decided to wear a shirt for the wedding–loving the Bow Tie Groom Party Tee.

  75. 0. Andra says:

    I just adore the “Choose Your State Welcome Wedding Tote”! This would be so special (and fun!) for my groom’s family coming from Ireland and Sweden :)

  76. 0. Alison says:

    I love your shop! And, especially the cute tote bags. These would be a great gift for my bridesmaids and out of town guests.

  77. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    there are too many cute options!

  78. 0. Ashley Pankow says:

    Man, finding way too many wonderful things! I also love the Welcome Words with Friends custom tote!

  79. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    loving the ‘love lives cozy here’ kitchen towel!

  80. 0. Emilie says:

    OBSESSED with the sweatshirts.

  81. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    We have 100 welcome bags for over 230 guest and I think theyd alll LOVE being able to take home a kitchen towel in their welcome bags!

  82. 0. Ashley says:

    EVERYTHING! I love it all!!
    I would like a sweater forsure!! (FOR ME)
    Got my moh, mother of the bride/groom tote bags already!!

  83. Win A $350 Gift Card To The Wedding Chicks

  84. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    I think the “I love Daddy” bib would be a perfect way to tell my fiance (IN THE FUTURE) that we are expecting!

  85. 0. Ashley Pankow says:

    Ohh, love the rainbow colored flower girl tanks! Great little momento for the girls.

  86. 0. Sarah says:

    OMG. This is amazing! I LOVE the tandem totes as my fiance and I are super big bike nerds, own a vintage tandem and are planning on riding away on it after our wedding! I would love love love to be able to give our guests one of these to thank them for coming in town to celebrate with us. Fingers crossed to win! ~Sarah

  87. 0. Marie says:

    I love the Mustache Groom Tee & the My Girl Sweatshirt, so fun!

  88. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    Can I have one (or two or three) of everything?!?!

  89. 0. Katelyn says:

    LOVE the vintage hankies! would be such a great keepsake for all of my maids!!

  90. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    the flower girl mini tote would be perfect for my flower girl!

  91. 0. Mary says:

    Love the new sweatshirt!

  92. 0. Kay Sij says:

    I LOVE everything but the custom totes take the take !!! so amazingly practical and beautiful!

  93. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    loving everything!!

  94. 0. Amy A says:

    I LOVE the new hoodies!

  95. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    Itd be so difficult to choose… gifts for my bridesmaids and groomsmen or kitchen towels for all of our guests?

  96. 0. Camilla says:

    I adore your vintage hankies and think they would be cute for all our family members. I also think your tanks would be cute for all my girls.

  97. 0. Cameron says:

    Love the Love is Delicious towel because…well…isn’t it?

  98. 0. Liz Harvey says:

    hahaha omggg!!! This is tooo precious!!!

    The Im New one piece for babies!

  99. 0. Amy A says:

    I plan on getting some hankies for my bridesmaids! For their happy tears! :)

  100. 0. Monica Sharpe says:

    Well, I’m pretty much in love with everyting in your shop. I especially love the bride sweatshirt and all of the gifts for the wedding party. Since we have a small budget for our wedding, the $350.00 gift card would make my life a lot easier! But, since I never win ANYTHING I’m not going to hold my breath! Love your website and store though!


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