Win A Set Of Luxury Sheets From Thomas Lee

It’s funny how people can meet and end up working together. We met Thomas Lee via Twitter, just chatting about our love for a high thread count set of sheets.  Thomas Lee offered to send over a set of their luxury sheets for us to review. How could we say no – 500 thread count 10% Pima cotton, umm yes please. Pretty please!

Two lucky winners will soon be snuggling in all of the glory that is a set of  Luxury Sheets From Thomas Lee. These sheets are like sleeping on clouds, so soft and wonderful. Woven so tightly, sure to keep you toasty warm and so comfy! If you would like to enter to win, simply like Thomas Lee on Facebook or follow them on Twitter then come back here and leave a comment on why you would like to win.

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in making the Thomas Lee photo shoot a success. We thought it would be super fun to use the sheets and stage a shoot in my bedroom since that’s where these wonderful sheets now live. With Lane Dittoe behind the lens, the genius that is Jeni from Found who transformed my room into perfection, Cottage By Design who provided all of the lovely pillows, and Katie from 1011 Makeup  – we could not be more thrilled with the result. We hope you love it too!

Don’t forget to enter! Simply like Thomas Lee on Facebook and follow them on Twitter then come back here and leave a comment about your favorite sheets or why you would like to win. Winners will be announced on Friday, January 27, 2012.

Photography: Lane Dittoe
Vintage Rentals: Found
Hair & Makeup 1011 Makeup
Sweatshirt & Tank Top: Wedding Chicks
Pillows: Cottage By Design


  1. -100. Ashley Sandella says:

    Your sheets are so beyond fabulous – I would love to win a set so that I can outfit our brand new mattress in our brand new home, after our wedding in July!

  2. -100. Izzy Hudgins says:

    My husband and I just moved back to the states after living abroad and we are having to start from scratch to build a home – winning a set of luxurious sheets would be WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. -100. Shana Russell says:

    Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with their loved one in these sheets? This would make anyone want to stay in bed and read a book!

  4. -100. Bailey says:

    I was silly when i registered for my wedding. I didnt think there was really a difference between thread count and all that jazz….so um yeah. There TOTALLY is. (hello nice hotels….)

    I would love to get my hands on some of there gorgeous sheets. Great for snuggling in. We are redoing our room as well so this would be a great start!

  5. -100. Lianne Carey says:

    A new pair of luxury sheets would be amazing! My husband and I got married on New Years Eve and after having our box spring and mattress on the floor for almost 6 months in our house ventured to IKEA to buy a new bed. I accidentally grabbed a full/double size box 3/3 rather than a queen. My husband was putting our bed together (a full day process) only to realize that he couldn’t complete it. After a 2-hour long trip back to IKEA after a snow storm, and a full weekend of assembling barely legible directions, we now have a bed. Luxury sheets would make the whole thing SO sweet!

  6. -100. Kristi T says:

    We are saving for a wedding and home someday and this would be a huge help! I’ve heard that you should always have the best quality the closer something is to your skin…and sheets get pretty close :)

  7. -100. Megan Gibson says:

    I would love to win these sheets! I have always wondered what “great” sheets are like, I know I need to invest, but I have never made the leap. I hope I win!!
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!

  8. -100. Ashley Pankow says:

    My husband and I always cut corners on quality of sheets and would love love love the opportunity to have some luxurious sheets!

  9. -100. Erika {Delphine} says:

    It wold be amazing to win these lovely sheets. My favorite thing in the whole world is to snuggle in bed with my family (kitty cat included).

  10. -100. Nicole says:

    What an awesome giveaway! The little things in life, such as clean comfy sheets make such a huge difference!

  11. -100. Chelsea Cole says:

    I would love to win because my fiancé and I are currently sleeping on my old mis-matched college sheets and I would love to have real adult bedding haha!

  12. -100. Brianna says:

    I’d love to win new sheets! I am looking at buying my first home and I’d like to leave my dingy old sheets that I’ve had since college behind and start off with something new! Plus, I could really use a good night’s sleep! Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. -100. Sarah Johnson says:

    Coming home to tell my fiance we won luxury sheets would be a dream come true! We have continual sheet issues, from the fabric pilling, coming off the bed, tearing, etc. These look like heaven!!

  14. -100. Jennifer Hernon says:

    My fiancee and I are getting married in April and I have been looking for the perfect sheets for our beautiful new bedroom set we will be receiving as a wedding gift for my parents!! These sheets look beyond comfortable and cozy! Were doing everything the traditional way in that we don’t live with each other already so we will living together for the first time as husband and wive and these sheets would be an amazing addition to our future home together!!! Check out my pinterest website and you can clearly tell these sheets are just what I have been looking for :)

  15. -100. Mary says:

    Ditto what Chelsea said. Still sleeping on old college sheets that are getting worn thin. One of my fiance and my favorite things is snuggling in bed with our puppy. New sheets would make it that much better :)

  16. -100. Shannon McShane says:

    I am beyond in love with Thomas Lee, those pillows, that cat and this entire bedroom! (Can I win it all?!) Such a great photo shoot with truly unique and lovely pieces.

  17. -100. Lola Nicole says:

    Oh, I just loooove these sheets!

    I would love to win them because my fiance and I just bought a new bed and mattress and have been on the lookout for the perfect bedsheets. These would be wonderful!

  18. -100. Bonnie says:

    oooooo would love to snuggle in the sheets!

  19. -100. Samantha Willits says:

    As a counselor in training, I know how therapeutic a good night’s sleep can be. And there is no better place to start than with quality sheets.

  20. -100. Kristi says:

    My fiance and I are getting married in April and I’ve been searching for the perfect sheets to go with our bedding. We’ll be moving shortly after the wedding, and soon after that he’ll be deploying. This sheets would be so comforting to come home to every night while he’s home and also while he’s away.

  21. -100. Haley Johnson says:

    OOO!!! I would love to win a set of luxury sheets because we only received one set of sheets for our wedding! Alas it would probably a bad thing, because then I would never want to get out of bed!

  22. -100. Erica Ann Photography says:

    Awesome sheets – please come to my house!

  23. -100. Bridgett says:

    These are beautiful and every lucky bride would have a brand new place for these! For me, my fiancé and I are saving for a new bed in the future! We just purchased a new comforter set that would compliment these sheets nicely!

  24. -100. kristin says:

    I liked them on FB. I would like to win because I LOVE a luxurious, soft, comfy bed. It’s the best feeling!

  25. -100. Amber says:

    If I won these sheets I would use them for ALL of my boudoir sessions!! They would be famous and my clients would be SUPER comfortable during their session. Love it!

  26. Win A Set Of Luxury Sheets From Thomas Lee: It’s funny how people can meet and end up working together. We met T…

  27. -100. Elisa Bricker says:

    I’d love to win a set for my little sister who is getting married in April! What a lovely bridal shower gift this would be!

  28. -100. Tamela Moore says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversay and I would like to surprise him with a bedroom redo that feels like the Ritz (where we stayed on our honeymoon). Thanks for a chance to win.

  29. -100. Sara Roberts says:

    Looks like heaven. Ah… to come home from work and melt into that bed would be amazing.

  30. -100. Brittany says:

    Mine have holes :-(

  31. -100. Kammi says:

    I so need new sheets!! LOL. I would love to have those first luxury bed sheets. Mine would be Queen sized.

  32. Win A Set Of Luxury Sheets From Thomas Lee via @WeddingChicks

  33. -100. Sonia Marie says:

    Oh i would LOVE to win these because my fiance and I’s favorite time of day is when we are just laying in bed together & wouldn’t it be great to have the most luxrious sheets to lay on!

  34. -100. Kristina C says:

    My fiance and I just moved in together last month and winning the luxury sheets from Thomas Lee would be a great new addition to our bedroom! we need new sheets for our bed to make our nights extra cosier please :)

  35. -100. Jenna R says:

    I would never want to leave our bed……..
    These sheets are gorgeous, would make a beautiful addition to any home (would LOVE it if it were mine!)

  36. -100. jen says:

    “liked” and “following”… Those sheets look amazing. Not too many better things than brand new gorgeous sheets!! except maybe winning them :)

  37. -100. Stephanie V says:

    I just finished making a fabric head board for our new “dream” bedroom.. What better to finish the dream than a set of gorgeous new sheets?
    Crossing my fingers :)

  38. I would love to win because I get duped by the labels on sheets all the time! I can’t tell you how many high thread count sheets I’ve bought that haven’t felt anything like nice lines should. They always pill after washing, too.

    I imagine the answer is spend double what I have been, but with a wedding on the horizon, that’s not in the cards just yet. :)

  39. -100. Larissa says:

    There is really nothing like the experience of slipping into a bed made with scrumptiously quality sheets. It’s hard to justify spending the extra money, but once you’ve had the experience there’s no going back!

    I followed on Twitter @LarissaLeigh1

  40. -100. Andrea Pacunski says:

    My fiancé and I are moving to South Carolina after we marry in the beginning of July and are leaving everything we have except out clothes in Seattle where we live now. To win sheets would mean one more thing we wouldn’t have to pay for. You would think since it is extremely hot in South Carolina that we don’t even need sheets but the nights are a bit chilly and adding the air conditioning these amazing sheets and comfetor. If we win these our new home and bedroom will feel cozy and just like home in Seattle. Thanks!

  41. -100. Meghan L says:

    what beautiful sheets! my fiance have never slept on anything but ross sheets, lol…and on those the threads started pulling after the first wash! New sheets are on the list after the wedding, but it would be awesome to win some!

  42. -100. Emilie says:

    You spend so much time in your sheets! Who wouldn’t love a pair of these ?!

  43. -100. Ashley says:

    I would love to win these sheets since I am perpetually on the hunt for THE perfect sheets. Need a new pair now and have bought 3 sets in the last week, only to return them after dissapointment. HELP!!

  44. -100. jessica pimentel says:

    I would loveeeeeeeee to win these sheets. Planning a wedding is alot of work but it would be worth it just to snuggle up with my hun under these luxury sheets. =)

  45. -100. Lindsay says:

    *Nothing* beats a solid night’s sleep on 500 thread count sheets — except maybe amazing ruffled pillows that match!

  46. -100. Kristen Navas says:

    … Because Bed is MY Sanctuary

  47. -100. Aly says:

    Because it would be great to treat my self to something nice.

  48. -100. Aly says:

    I want to feel like a queen in my own bed

  49. -100. Lauren Belanger says:

    Liked and followed! Those sheets look so comfy! I can just imagine my husband-to-be and I cuddling up all cozy in our Thomas Lee sheets :) We’re going to be getting a new bed and new luxury sheets would be perfect!

  50. -100. Amy D says:

    My fiance and I never spoil ourselves. We spend all of our money on our bills and taking care of our four dogs. We want to register for nice bedding, but hate asking people to spend a lot of money on us. Winning these sheets would be the best present we’ve received in a long time!

  51. -100. Christina McKenzie says:

    What a stunning set of sheets! I would like to win as right now, its one of the only luxuries I get to enjoy!! A mom of two (2.5yrs and 5mths), home business owner etc etc etc, slipping into bed at night, even if it is with a child on either side is the best feeling ever. Slipping into these sheets would make it that much better. Cause who doesnt deserve a little bit of luxury?? All the best to both vendors and the winners!

  52. -100. Kendall Capote says:

    I want to win because we need new sheets! My fiance and I are both broke college students who can’t afford to buy anything to fill up our new house because we are busy working and saving up for the wedding! We each work 2 jobs and go to school. Pick us! :)

  53. -100. Brooke M says:


    Beautiful shoot! Does the adorable kitty come with the sheets? :) My fiance and I are trying to build our home without registering for luxury items… boy, would these be a divine treat!

  54. -100. Diane Y says:

    I would love to win a queen set of these amazing sheets! My fiance and I are moving in together this April after doing long-distance for the 3 years of our relationship. It would be so nice to have this great sheet set for our home together (I think we’d also have a very happy 80 pound lab who seems to always find his way into bed in the middle of the night…) Thanks! Diane

  55. -100. coasterkim says:

    I’m getting married in May and these would be a great wedding present! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. -100. Carly says:

    I would love to win them! My husband travels a lot for work, and when he is home we love nothing more than a lazy Saturday morning in bed. These would make it even more cuddly :)

  57. -100. Erika P says:

    I would love to win new sheets. We recently ordered a new, luxurious, memory foam mattress and would love to have beautiful and luxurious sheets to match!

  58. -100. Lauren G says:

    I would love to win because I would never be “allowed” to buy such luxurious and expensive sheets! My thought is – who whouldn’t love 500 thread count??? FH would would say – can’t tell the difference.. He needs to know the difference! :)

  59. -100. Jenna says:

    My future hubbie has been living in a house with 8 of his friends and sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor. I want our future bed to be his sanctuary!

  60. -100. ann says:

    would be so amazing to have – swimming in a sea of yumminess!

  61. -100. Jillian says:

    Love these sheets! My boyfriend and I could use a set to snuggle up in! In a house with four other roommates, plus the two of us, a secluded place is hard to find. But I’m sure these would help! (:

  62. -100. Ally G. says:

    I would love to win these sheets! My fiance’ and I are having to spend a lot of money on our upcoming June wedding so we really don’t have a lot of money to spend on other things right now. We are using old sheets that don’t even fit our bed! Having luxurious sheets would be so amazing!

  63. -100. VANESSA MARTINEZ says:

    LOVE THE Bamboo Queen Fitted Sheet. I would love to win this because Thomas Lee Sheets rock!
    Vanessa Martinez
    tweeted, shared, liked =)

  64. -100. MEL says:

    After the week I’ve had, I think I deserve a little luxury. This little thing would mean the world to me.

  65. -100. Meg F. says:

    I would love new and amazing sheets from Thomas Lee because I could use a little luxury in my life. I am stressing out about planning a wedding, and school. So the only time I have to myself where I can relax is when I’m asleep in my bed. Having these sheets would make it that much easier to relax and stress less.

  66. -100. Susie Mcdaniels says:

    oh Man I want these delicious looking sheets! I would like them because I’m a newlywed and we are moving into a new apartment and these would def help with making our little place a home.:) they’re pretty!

  67. -100. Jillian says:

    Well since we are soon to be newlyweds a cozy set of sheets would be so ideal!! We are self-proclaimed “bed-heads”. We would choose cuddling in amazing sheets over hitting the town. Just the thought…:)

  68. -100. Michelle E. says:

    It would be lovely to have such luxurious sheets to surprise my fiance with… especially since we’ll be moving into our first home together soon!

  69. By far my fave collab that I have worked on as a Social Media consultant… I die w/ @weddingchicks @thomasleeltd

  70. -100. Emily Rolfing says:

    Oooh I am always in search of the perfect sheets! It is hard to find great quality within an affordable price range when saving for a wedding! But these would be a great goodie to win!

  71. -100. Magnolia says:

    I want to wrap my self up in the luxury that is Thomas Lee.

  72. -100. Jess says:

    These would be perfect to convince my husband to make the switch to luxury sheets from his “paper” sheets, as I affectionately call them. We could use some cozy in our lives!!

  73. -100. Sayoko Lynn says:

    I would love to win Thomas Lee sheets because our bed needs work! And I would love to start off our new life together as husband and wife with comfy and beautiful sheets!!

  74. -100. Elle kellner says:

    Our bedroom is our sanctuary. When we first moved out I spent a year and, a half in the hospital becauseof kidney failure and I was bit able tho enjoy our new home. After my husband donated his kidney to me, he decided to redecorate our room so we can spend more time cuddling and making up for lost time. These sheets, would be amazing to snuggle with while taking a nap with my love. Shared on fb!

  75. -100. Donna Wells says:

    We just purchased a new memory foam mattress and our sheets are not worthy to be surrounding such a wonderful mattress. We have been married for 31 years and winning these sheets would be lovely!

  76. -100. Alyssa says:

    These sheets are so luxurious and classy – as two poor medical students, we can’t afford any luxuries, so these would be such a gift!

  77. -100. Lisa S. says:

    I’m a new follower, and what a great giveaway! My husband and I have been on the hunt for the perfect sheet set, and maaaaybe this could be it? That would be awesome!

  78. -100. yaney says:

    i want to win these sheets because they look SOOOO comfy, I would actually be able to sleep all thru the night!!

  79. -100. Samantha says:

    these sheets are amazing! my fiance and I work so hard during the week, it would be nice to snuggle up in these all weekend!! :)

  80. -100. yesenia rodriguez says:

    love the sheets, I want to win -already liked on FB!

  81. -100. Alison says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win awesome sheets? Because I know I would!

  82. -100. Lisa says:

    These are the sheets just like the smooth, crisp ones I remember from my childhood. In this world of super-high thread count limpy, hot sateen, there’s nothing to compare with Thomas Lee percale. They wash and dry beautifully, and if you iron them (which you don’t have to) they’re pure heaven.

  83. -100. shiori says:

    500 TC Thomas lee sheets are so soft!

  84. -100. Angela says:

    These look amazing! Our bedding is quite old and we are in need of an update. :)

  85. -100. Ira says:

    I would love to win this collections.. It just look so gorgeous!

  86. -100. (@TheSCB) (@TheSCB) says:

    Win A Set Of Luxury Sheets From Thomas Lee via @WeddingChicks

  87. -100. Erin says:

    Soon to be newlyweds this sept and we are holding off purchasing a new set of sheets although they are very much so needed! We figure we can register for a nice set, or two; I hate too give up the worn in shabby chic Pima cotton sheets, stains & tears aside. But for these!!!!! Talk about an upgrade; he would go crazy for these! And I would sleep on a cloud during the planning process- not just after!!

  88. -100. Lauren Pool says:

    The Thomas lee linen collection is gorgeous! I absolutely love this style of decorating. I’m currently living in VIC, Audtralia and relocating to Karratha (on the other side of the country in the dessert!) next week and all I can take with me is what I can fit in my suitcase. I will have to buy a bed and linen over there but if I won a set of beautiful luxury sheets, it’d feel like a little piece of home is with me and I wouldn’t have to opt for cheap Kmart sheets!

  89. -100. Avery says:

    I “liked” Thomas Lee on Facebook! I would love to win some Thomas Lee sheets because I’m newly engaged, and sheets like these would be a wonderful way to start out in my new home!

  90. -100. Jen says:

    These would be a great help in outfitting our new home together after our October Wedding. Plus, I love comfy sheets!

  91. -100. Sylvie says:

    I ‘liked’ and I followed on twitter! woohoo! My fave sheets are the baby blue jersey sheets on my twin bed… but once I move in with my fiance when we get married next month, who knows! we’ll need new sheets! His are all torn! literally torn down the middle and he refuses to buy new sheets until we get married because “we’ll buy new sheets anyway”… men..

  92. -100. Charlotte says:

    We would love some fairytale bedding to go with our fairytale castle nuptials in August.

  93. -100. Erika Rowe says:

    We just spent 9 months on an epic motorcycle ride through Central and South America. As much as I love adventure, and all the fun and hardships that go with it, I am so so so over sleeping in my stinky sleeping bag or flea-infested dives. Give me some luxury!

  94. -100. Ana says:

    Would love to win these sheets! We’re newlyweds renovating a real fixer-upper and are SO in need of a comfortable, good night’s sleep. Fingers crossed!

  95. -100. Traci Yamasaki says:

    My current mattress is horrible so I’m planning on purchasing a new mattress as a surprise wedding gift to my fiancé. The luxurious sheets would be a wonderful compliment to my gift.
    One of our favorite things to do is lay in bed and watch movies. Nice sheets would make it even more enjoyable! :)

    Love the website!

  96. -100. Monica says:

    These sheets look amazing–and the Thomas Lee linen collection is gorgeous! If anything says “a goodnight’s sleep” it’s these sheets!

  97. -100. Laura P says:

    These sheets look amazing! I’m not following Thomas Lee on Twitter. I would love to win a set of these because my fiance and I love to snuggle in on weekend mornings, and it would be even more heavenly to do so on these sheets.

  98. My mother always told me that the closer things are to your body, the higher quality they should be. These Thomas Lee sheets look amazing and I would love to snuggle with my sweet husband

  99. -100. ashley says:

    so great! liked on twitter.. new sheets would be amazing on our new bed! xo

  100. -100. chelsea says:

    who doesnt need nice sheets??!

  101. -100. Laura says:

    One of my favorite things to do? Sleep. And the idea of sleeping on a cloud sounds divine!

  102. -100. Nicole says:

    I would like to win because I am getting married in 25 days and we haven’t gotten any of the sheets we are registered for. These would be amazing!!!!

  103. -100. KT Merry says:

    OMG! The room looks amazing and the bed looks SO comfortable but it is the adorable cat that has caught my eye. I think he (or she) is definitely enjoying those high quality linens, so cute!!

  104. -100. samantha says:

    I would absolutely loove to have these sheets. I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep!

  105. -100. Hannah H says:

    Is there anything better then climbing into soft, clean sheets? My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house and I can’t think of a better way to sweeten the ordeal.

    Also, where is that headboard from!? I love it!

    xx, H

  106. -100. Jillian Nicole says:

    What a sweet bedroom–love all the muted colours! I would love to win these fantastic sheets and finally replace our old, threadbare ones!:)

    *liked on FB

  107. -100. Emily Faith Donohue says:

    Your sheets look so luxurious and cozy! My husband and I are going to start trying to conceive- what better than to conceive our future bambino on these fabulous sheets! Pick me pick me! :o)!!

  108. -100. la says:

    My favorite sheets. Living in Europe now and I miss them so.

  109. -100. megan says:

    good sheets are one of the best things on earth. Is there really any other reason needed?

  110. -100. emily finch says:

    Our bedroom seems to take a back burner to the rest of the house. We are really trying to make our room more cozy and these sheets would be amazing!!!

  111. -100. Jessica says:

    I am a sheet aficionada!!!! I am constantly in search for the perfect set and I typically don’t have the same ones for very long…My most recent “test” was a nice set I had recieved for Christmas but since then they have already failed miserably : ( I would LOVE to give these a go!!

  112. -100. Andrea Piskora says:

    I moved across the country from NYC to LA to live with my fiance for the first time, and didn’t bring many “home” items with me. As much as I love many of the things he has, it would be so wonderful to have brand new “couple” sheets and make an amazing new looking bed the centerpiece of our bedroom. Also, your sheets look so soft that I will no longer have to steal my fiance’s worn T-shirts to sleep in– he would love that!

  113. -100. Marilyn says:

    followed on twitter @mlphung

    Lovely sheets make all the difference, and I’ve been needing a new set for quite some time now!

  114. -100. Mary Cumbee says:

    My high school sweetheart and I are getting married in the summer and we would love some new bedding for our new house!
    We have been dating for five years, while attending separate colleges (he at The University of Virginia and I at The University of Tennessee) and we are so excited to start our life together!

    I love this website (I follow you on Pinterest like crazy–we have been getting some excellent ideas for our wedding!)

  115. -100. Jacky says:

    I would love to win a set of sheets that are described as “sleeping on clouds”. I haven’t bought new sheets in 3 years and am in desperate need to find myself the perfect NEW sheets. Crossing my fingers I win a set for my california king!

  116. -100. Amy Bishop says:

    Those sheets look amazing. I’m moving into a new apartment soon and would love to be able to put those sheets on my new bed!

  117. -100. spry says:

    I really want to register super nice sheets but they’re so expensive I feel so guilty asking for them.. so I’d love to guilt-free win a set instead!

  118. -100. Keisha (with a K) says:

    I’d love luxe sheets because I’m always looking for a new reason to sleep in on the weekend.

  119. -100. Emily says:

    I following on twitter and liked on Facebook! I would LOVE to win these sheets! We are getting married in 2 mon and for some reason didn’t register for new sheets:( these would be perfect!!! Love love!

  120. -100. Lindsay L says:

    This is actually very timely. My fiancé and I were just talking last night how we needed to cave and get new sheets for our queen bed even though down the road we want to get a king bed when we buy a house. Would be so nice to win ones as comfy as these!

  121. -100. Georgia says:

    We got a nice set for our wedding, but after many washes and 2 years later, they are starting to fade and get a little worn out. Sure would like to win!

  122. -100. Aly Morford says:

    Would LOVE to win a set for my brand new DIY upholstered headboard that I just finished!! Just beautiful :)

  123. -100. Hannah Smith says:

    As a poor college student, I would LOVE a new set of luxury sheets!!!

  124. -100. Lauren says:

    I would love to win because my current sheets are far past their prime!

  125. -100. Nicole says:

    I would love to win for my mom since she never buys herself anything nice. She would love this!

  126. -100. Christy Cowan says:

    I want to win so I can curl up in a comfy bed!!!

  127. -100. Jessica Beaudoin says:

    I would love to win these sheets because I’m recently engaged and still sleeping on my fiance’s king sized mattress on top of a box spring, on the FLOOR! We vowed to get ourselves a bedframe and headboard for Christmas, and we need linens for this grown up bed! It’s all so sad sounding, it’s it? Haha.

  128. -100. Rachael says:

    As newlyweds, having brand new Thomas Lee sheets would help make us feel like we are lying in the lap of luxury when we cuddle in bed!

  129. -100. Maple says:

    I’d love to win these~! After moving in with my fiance, there’s been a lack of pretty sheets around the bedroom ;)

  130. -100. Britt says:

    My fiancé and I just spent our savings purchasing a new mattress (our mattress bed was a hand-me-down going on 15 years!). We’d love a new set of sheets for our comfy new bed, but I’m in graduate school and could never afford something so luxurious! We’d love to sleep more deeply in a new set of Thomas Lee sheets!

  131. -100. Robin Kilgore says:

    Menopausal women NEED good sheets! (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

  132. -100. winnie kwong says:

    my fiance and i have been using the same FULL size bed for the last 6 years + the 3 years he was using before that! it’s finally time for a new QUEEN size bed and some new comfy sheets would sure come in handy!!

  133. -100. KrisD says:

    Hello Weddingchicks! thank you so much for the opportunity to win a set of the amazing Thomas Lee sheets.
    My fiancé and I recently moved to chilly little Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) from NYC. It is the most charming city and the people couldn’t be friendlier- but the cold weather and (how do i say this…) different priorities in fashion make me homesick from time to time! As much as you bundle up, there isn’t much that can keep you warm in -40 degree temperatures! However, i’d be SO THANKFUL to see if Thomas Lee would be able to help!
    We would be beyond appreciative!! {Fingers crossed!!}

  134. After 7 years of sharing a full size hand me down mattress (and enduring it throughout my first pregnancy!), my husband and I just invested in a new, comfy, king size bed (we’re officially “grown ups”!) We need new sheets to make it perfect and these would be fab. Thanks for the chance :)

  135. -100. Lauren says:

    My fiance and I would love to won these sheets!!! We have never had good sheets and this would certainly class up our current sleeping situation!

  136. -100. Benjamin says:

    Id love to win these sheets and surprise my fiance!

  137. -100. Karly says:

    Bamboo sheets in berry LOVE these! xx

  138. -100. Lauren B says:

    Following on twitter. I’d love to win a set of sheets to suprise my husband with on our anniversary.

  139. -100. Chelsea says:

    I would love to win a set of sheets because I’ve dealt with bouts of insomnia my whole life and 500 thread count certainly would help me out! I’m following them on Twitter :)

  140. -100. melissa says:

    love the pictures! dying to know where that headboard is from?!?

  141. -100. Kelley Barr says:

    I would love to win these gorgeous sheets because my fiancé and I don’t get to spend much time together, as we have opposite schedules. It would be much more fun to snuggle the day away in between these lovely sheets!

  142. -100. Dorothy B says:

    I bet they beat out Pottery Barn sheets!!!! lol—We would LOVE a super amazing sheet set—we might have to kick the puppies out of bed to sleep in on Sundays!!!

  143. -100. Marissa says:

    Who doesn’t love a brand spankin’ new set of sheets?!?! I would love to snuggle up to my future hubby on these sheets after we return from our honeymoon to OUR new home…sounds like pure heaven to me :)

  144. -100. Melissa W says:

    My Fiance & I have been together for 7yrs & we have a 3yr old Son..I know, we did things a little backwards..but we are happy! :) Our Son has been sleeping in our bed for a year now, since we got our new house. This past week we just accomplished the hard task of getting him in his own bed! So my Fiance & I have been calling our bed our “New Bed” because we get to sleep together again! :) We would love to win these lovely sheets for our “New Bed”….that would put the icing on the cake for us!

  145. -100. Cecilia says:

    well, one of my resolution for the NY was to spend more time and money on decorating our flat, as in the last year I’ve been too busy planning our wedding and finishing my master at uni to think about it! Now it’s just the right time and it would be fab to start from some awesome sheets in which to snuggle up with my new hubby!

  146. -100. Dana Scheller says:

    I need new sheets and there is nothing better than slipping into bed at night with a quality set of sheets…aaahhh…relaxed just thinking about it. Send me the sheets! :)

  147. -100. Mandy says:

    I’m about to get married and move in with my fiancé. I would love to win some amazing new sheets to make the move easier and enjoy some wonderful sleep after I get married!


  148. -100. tara says:

    my fiance and i are completely redecorating our bedroom and this would be a wonderful luxury addition!

  149. -100. Kaitlin says:

    Wedding Chicks!

    I am a bride in desperate need of pretty sheets! I am to be married in August, and have the sames sheets on my bed from my middle school days…and I am now in my early twenties. The light purple and pink butterflies scattered across my bed will not work for my hubby-to-be! I would love to have a beautiful elegant set of sheets for after our wedding. I would be so grateful, and I am sure that the purple and pink sheets need to be retired. Thank you ladies and Thomas Lee Ltd!

  150. -100. Love.Inspire.Create says:

    I’ve always thought there is nothing finer than crisp white luxury sheets! I would be so happy to win comfort!

  151. -100. Alison F. says:

    Oh yes please! These sheets look seriously soft. I would love to win a queen set for me and my man’s new queen bed!

  152. -100. Shawn says:

    Sheets!! Best giveaway yet :) I’d love to have these in my new home, with my new hubby-to-be!

  153. -100. Jennifer Hepler-Takens says:

    Please enter me in the running for the wonderful gift of yummy sheets!

  154. -100. Ann says:

    Oooo! I’m following them on Twitter! My hubby and I are coming up on our 6th anniversary and we still have the same sheets we got for our wedding. A new set would be so incredibly lovely as we continue on in our marriage!

  155. -100. Ilana Bloom-Cornelius says:

    Beautiful photo shoot! We could really use some new sheets! Thomas Lee is a darling for giving away two sets!

  156. -100. Marlys says:

    I would like to win so that I could snuggle up with my honey in style!

  157. -100. Todd says:

    Because my dog ruined my sheets

  158. -100. Caitlin Pierce says:

    I am a luxury linen admirer. The few nice sets I had got chewed up by our new puppy (God love her) and now I can’t justify splurging on new sheets when budgeting for the wedding. I would LOVEEEE to try these little heavenly luxurious threads! <3

  159. -100. Liz Harvey says:

    Id love to win because my fiance and I are in the process of purchasing our first house together!! This is such an exciting (yet highly stressful) time in our lives! It will be nice to finally have our own place we can call our own. These sheets would be a perfect start to our life together <3

  160. -100. Brenda WIdows says:

    THomas Lee Luxury Sheets!-what more can one say, except to be able to own a set would be next to heaven!

  161. -100. Alice Perez says:

    My beloved and I are getting married in June and are on a tight budget – as are most couples planning weddings! But, we’re both students too so that’s a little bit more of a strain.

    We have a cute little cottage picked out to rent for after the wedding and have our bed, now all we need are those gorgeous sheets to give us the comfort and coziness we need after a long day at school/work and another excuse to stay in on a lazy Sunday!

  162. -100. Meggan says:

    We really need sheets for our new home!

  163. -100. Leah Marie says:

    I cant imagine a more basic luxury that I prefer to a day of cuddling on a lazy, cold Sunday with my fiance and puppy. That’s love…

  164. -100. Sarah Lightfoot says:

    I’d love to win these sheets to put on my bed after my fiancé and I get married in August. Shoot, maybe I can’t wait that long… I’d love to have a reason to sleep in on the weekends!

  165. -100. Emily says:

    I’d love to win these amazing sheets – it might give my man the incentive to fix or replace our breaking bed! New bed to go with new sheets :)

  166. -100. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    We are finally transitioning to quality home decor items, like sheets, and I would love to have comfortable and beautiful sheets that will last! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. -100. Iohanna says:

    It looks sooo confy.. We definitely need them, to feel in our bed like in paradise, on a cloud ;-)

  168. -100. Sherry George says:

    There is a vast difference in thread count and I would love to snuggle with my Honey on a set of your sheets.

  169. -100. Elaine Carlson says:

    My favorite sheets ever–I look forward to putting them on each week.

  170. -100. Zuzana says:

    I would love to win and sleep in this heaven with the best husband on the world :)

  171. -100. danielle says:

    I would love to cuddle up in some fabulous new sheets.

  172. -100. Melissa says:

    I would love to win these sheets, my husband and I sleep on thread bare ones! :)

  173. -100. Ashley says:

    Thomas Lee linens look beyond fabulous! I love curling up in bed with a great book or just cuddlin’ with my fiance. These sheets would be the perfect compliment to a relaxing afternoon!

  174. -100. Amy Strickland says:

    These linens are so beautiful! I’d love to win because these linens look so soft and luxurious and ones I’d just love to snuggle up in!

  175. -100. MirellaC. says:

    I’d love a couple of those dreamy sheets ’cause they’re vintage, and romantic, and pure luxury and…well, and ’cause I’m a woman ;)

  176. -100. miriam says:

    i would love to win these beautiful sheets so i can finally get a full nights sleep and wake up -start the day with smile, ready to take on the day –world! please and thanks :)

  177. -100. Andrea Shabaglian says:

    There are two very important reasons why I would like to win:
    #1. I married an Armenian. AKA: Cheap and No Name Brands are even better. A sheet count in this home is a foreign language.
    #2. Being a working mom with a toddler and an infant, oh please let me go to bed in clouds!
    <3 <3 <3

  178. -100. Cristina says:

    I would like to win the sheets because finally after more then one year struggling, and a lot of years of suffering from me, me and my 3 years old son are about to go out living by ourselves without other relatives, we are about to have our dream house, with my dream ikea forniture, my white cozy feeling i love and these sheets look just perfect for it. they’d be part of a dream! (followed both on fb and twitter by the name of cristina cimino the first and verycris the second)

  179. -100. jaime Delacruz says:

    Bamboo sheets lok amazing! I have never ever bought really nice sheets, this would be wonderful!

  180. -100. KristinD says:

    My fiancé and I just bought a house and the one thig we are missing are some gorgeous sheets! I’d even love putting these in the guest room so everyone staying feels like they are at a nice hotel :)

  181. -100. KC says:

    I recently bought my first house so as much as I would LOVE to go crazy and decorate every room in the house, my funds are a bit limited. The sheets are simply stunning and would look beautiful in my newly painted master bedroom!

    Plus, it is my Birthday tomorrow, so wouldn’t that be a nice gift to receive? :)

  182. -100. Monica says:

    My fiance and I are getting married and building a home at the same time…and are on a tight budget. We both work a ton and what better way to rest for the night than on these luxury sheets. We have been told to register for them as they were recommended by a few friends. It would be a wonderful blessing to win them :)

  183. -100. Yadsia @ShopCookMake says:

    I just liked on FB and followed on Twitter!

    I’d love win a set of these gorgeous sheets because I moved to a new home and literally have nothing cute to put on my bed. Been looking for a gorgeous set like that one in the pictures.

  184. -100. Brianne Moskovitz says:

    I like the idea of sleeping on clouds. Would love a set of these sheets.

  185. -100. Danica Berube says:

    I’ve liked Thomas Lee on FB! I would like to win these sheets, since I am going through a big break up with my ex fiance and could use something new in my home since it’s my happy place to go! Good luck everyone!

  186. -100. Molly says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  187. -100. Courtney Kerr says:

    These sheets would make falling asleep in frigid Boston and turning 30 this coming week (!!!!!!!) way more bearable ;)

  188. -100. Angelia Miller says:

    would ove to win these! Never knew how great sheets could feel until my daughter bought me a set as a Christmas gift. Shared on face bok.

  189. -100. Tess says:

    Winning new sheets would be a perfect early birthday present! Who doesn’t love amazingly soft sheets??

  190. -100. Marie Anderson says:

    Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with their loved one in these sheets? I would love to get my hands on some of there gorgeous sheets. Great for snuggling in. We are redoing our room as well so this would be a great start!

  191. -100. Shannon says:

    I love good sheets! I’m kind of a sheet-a-holic! I’m now following you on twitter :)

  192. -100. Christina says:

    My fiance and I are getting ready to enter big kid life – He’ll be finishing his PhD in May, and while I’m still in the midst of mine we are very much ready to leave our poor student days behind! (We like to joke that we’re in the 23rd grade. Le sigh.) A new set of grown-up, luxurious sheets would be perfect for our upcoming move and introduction to the real world.

    I followed Thomas Lee on twitter (@christinaines) Thanks!

  193. -100. Angela L. Brown says:

    My bed has been in storage for 3 years!!! It will be nice to sleep in my own bed again with these new, luxurious sheets!! I can’t wait! :-)

  194. -100. Shannon says:

    And I really do like you on facebook :)

  195. -100. Lisa says:

    Oooooh! If I win luxury sheets that will open up a space on the registry list for a vitamix blender! Seriously, nothing beats fresh out of the dryer sheets and a handsome husband to be to snuggle with!

  196. -100. Hannah Montgomery says:

    I would LOVE to add these to the neutral bedroom color scheme me and my fiance will be sleeping. We haven’t received sheets yet…perfect timing!! :)

  197. -100. Rosalynne says:

    I would love to win these sheets because as a newly wed, my future husband and I will finally be sharing one bed together. We have remained abstinent and live separate, so we can properly unite as one on our wedding day. I believe that the Thomas Lee design and sheet prints are splendid and beautiful, and they would be a wonderful addition to our future home and represent the beautiful of two people spending a lifetime of love together. <3

  198. -100. Melanie S says:

    I liked Thomas Lee on facebook.
    I love any luxurious sheets that make sleeping easier with all the wedding thoughts running through my head!

  199. -100. Valerie Sodano says:

    I would love to win! I’m a huge fan of my bed :-)

  200. -100. Monica Sharpe says:

    We currently sleep on a double bed (me, my fiancee, and our two dogs–who insist on sleeping with us instead of their own beds). Crazy, right?! We will be upgrading to a king size bed here in the near future and a new set of super soft, awesome sheets would be a great addition to our new, naked bed! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  201. -100. Sarah says:

    Looooove these sheets! Would love them even more if they were on my bed!

  202. -100. Michelle says:

    I liked them on Facebook and am a follower on Twitter.

    As a newlywed, my hubby and I would love a new set of sheets!

  203. -100. Sara says:

    A king sized ivory sheet set sounds delicious.
    (Followed on twitter. @sarabrains)

  204. -100. Lisa S. says:

    My fiance and I are getting married this year and would love to get a high thread count set of sheets!

  205. -100. Josh says:

    I would love to win these sheets to surprise my wife with! She has been dropping hints that she wants them!!!

  206. -100. shannon says:

    There is nothing better than slipping into amazing sheets at the end of a long day! My fiance and I bought a home last year and still haven’t had the money to get nice sheets for our room or the guest room. I want my guests to feel like they are home when they are here and I feel like these glorious sheets would do just that!

  207. -100. Jacqueline says:

    This bed looks like heaven!! My fiance and I are getting married in August and just bought a house. We would LOVE to win these sheets and snuggle up!

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