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It is time for you meet another one of our Hand-Picked vendors. This time we are heading over to Florida to meet Kallima Photography. They believe that wedding photography should tell the story of a wedding. One that your grandchildren should be able to look at and feel like they were there.  Kallima Photography  knows that each wedding is unique – and every bride and groom should be treated as such. As you might know we love some good customer service. To get to know these two a little more, head on over to their Hand-Picked page.

If you have not seen this wedding captured by  Kallima Photography you must take a peek at it. The bride had the best neon green dress we have ever seen. The wedding is pretty fabulous as well, check out the entire wedding here.

Photographer: Kallima Photography

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  1. Florida Wedding Photographers | Kallima Photography: It is time for you meet another one of our Hand-Picked vend… http://t.co/3LUtNr77

  2. Hop on over and say hello to Hand Picked Photographers @kallimap http://t.co/zJxUhNPy

  3. “@weddingchicks: Florida Wedding Photographers | Kallima Photography http://t.co/qsUlgRVC”// Woo Hoo! Thanks ladies!

  4. “@weddingchicks: Hop on over and say hello to Hand Picked Photographers @kallimap http://t.co/SfNtR6mJ” // aww we love being an WCHP vendor!

  5. just really happy and excited about this. Our @weddingchicks Hand Picked Vendor feature just went up! http://t.co/SfNtR6mJ

  6. “@weddingchicks: Hop on over and say hello to Hand Picked Photographers @kallimap http://t.co/7qNyoBIq” ///Hallelujah.

  7. Kallima #Photography http://t.co/5kxNl7Nr

  8. !!!!. “@kallimap just really happy and excited about this. Our @weddingchicks Hand Picked Vendor feature just went up! http://t.co/8M2tZu6q

  9. Florida Wedding Photographers | Kallima Photography – LOVE THIS COLOR Green http://t.co/oA4y2Qdb via @WeddingChicks

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    thank you Jocey and all you lovely ladies…we love the feature and couldnt be happier or more honored to be a part of the WC family:)

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