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Happy New Year Sign

Do you have your New Years Eve outfit yet? Possibly a short sparkly number with some to-die-for patent leather pumps. Well, whatever New Years Eve outfit you choose, it’s sure to look utterly perfect in front of our Happy New Year Sign. Amy crafted this beauty for all of you to enjoy.

Hopefully you are done with your shopping and can spend the weekend crafting your very own New Year DIY. Perfect for a photo back drop or just something pretty to hang in your house. Yes, it can also double as the pretty alter backdrop in the wedding world as well. How cute would it be with escort cards attached with mini clothes pins? Ugg, so cute!

Here is what you are going to need, this project takes a little bit of time so be prepared.

Approximately 120 yards of ribbon
Needle and Thread
4ft wooden dowel

Step One: Cut ribbon in to four foot strips.

Step Two: Fold ribbon around dowel and sew to secure. Hang it on the wall

Step Three : Secure vertical ribbon on the wall with tape or a thumbtack. Secure horizontal ribbon with a thumbtack and weave across. Secure to the other side.

Step Four: Continue weaving until you reach the end. Be sure to tighten the weave as you go for best results. When you have gotten to the bottom, leave about 6-8 inches hanging free. With a needle and thread run a stitch on the vertical end pieces to hold all ribbons in place. Trim the bottom hanging prices in different directions to create a festive look

Step Five: How To Make The Happy New Year Sign thanks to Paper and Thread Studio
Glitter paper
Sequin Ribbon
Mini Clothes Pins
Spray Adhesive
Loose Glitter

Cut out desired letters and set aside
Line up clothes pins and apply spray adhesive
Sprinkle glitter over all clothespins and let dry
Hang sequin ribbon across your backdrop and attach letters with glitter clothespins

If you are diy lover, be sure to see all of our diy projects by clicking here. We are confident you will find something you love. Stay tuned we have an easier Happy New Year backdrop do-it-yourself project along with how to make those cute party hats that look utterly adorable on Genny and Davina. Thanks again to Lori of Paper and Thread Studio for helping us with some sewing and creating our sign.