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How To Make Paper Snow Flakes

Who is ready to get crafty? Laura Lavender, a Vancouver calligrapher shared with us this simple and pretty little winter craft trick. How To Make Paper Snow Flakes! A little folding trick and a few snips of the scissors creates beautiful paper snowflakes! Read on for instructions on How To Make Paper Snow Flakes.

Step 1
Take a square of paper (This is origami paper.)
Step 2
Fold in half to form a triangle.
Step 3
Fold the triangle in half to form a smaller triangle, with the open edge along the bottom.
Step 4
Fold in the left edge of the triangle
Step 5
Fold in the right edge of the triangle.
Step 6
Snip off the bottom.
Step 7
Cut away pieces to create the snowflake pattern. Experiment to find what cuts produce the designs you like best!

Unfold and voila! A beautiful paper snowflake. Again a special thanks to calligrapher, Laura Lavender for sharing this wintery crafty treat with us.