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Paris based, Rime Arodaky shared with us her ooh la la la wedding gowns. Very Parisian, very bohemian, and incredibly romantic. Before venturing into the world of wedding gowns she was a designer for Sonia Rykiel. As you can see, her collection is super sexy and modern yet delicate all the same moment.

You can see all of these Parisian Wedding Dresses in the full gallery. She currently sells her gowns on Etsy, but if you would like to get a custom dress just can hop on a plane to Paris and she will design you something custom. Sounds like a plan to us. Rime also has blog, lalovelist that talks about her inspirations in fashion, lifestyle and of course weddings.

A little note from Rime on her inspiration.

My collection is very parisian, bohemian, and romantic, but I try to get inspiration in trends and fashion, because I think it’s a shame that the fashion world and wedding world are far from each other. We can be traditionnal, elegant, and yet sexy and modern. We can have a delicate gown with trendy fashionable detail (backless cuttings, graphic lines)…Fashion magazines, fashion houses are my first inspiration. I try not to describe my dresses as princess gowns, but more so pretty and sexy. I try to adapt wedding fashion to our everyday closet ( I have a lace motorcycle jacket with gold zippers).

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  1. Gorgeous Parisian Gowns by @LaLoveList

  2. -100. Cyntia says:

    What a wonderful collection, I love all of them !

  3. -100. fred says:


  4. Beautiful gowns. And the designer is so sweet to work with.

  5. -100. Morgane says:

    One of my friend got married in Rime Arodaky and still wears her dress now and then just for the magic of it : )

    She looks like an angel, light as a feather!

  6. -100. the bride next door says:

    Love it ! so sweet end romantic !

  7. -100. the bride next door says:

    oups, “and”, not “end”, sorry, I should go to bed !

  8. -100. @IDoTimes2 says:

    Would you consider buying a gown from Etsy? If you said “no”, this @weddingchicks post might make you reconsider: Love.

  9. -100. Amanda says:

    Magnifique !

  10. So gorgeous! J’adore :)

  11. Have you met Parisian Wedding Dresses designer @LaLoveList

  12. -100. Pauline.F Photography says:

    Wonderful dresses, such an elegant and romantic collection !

  13. -100. Fête in France says:

    We love Rime! Her dresses are fabulously romantic!

  14. -100. Jannie Baltzer says:

    Tres Chic! I am in love with Rimes dresses – they are so beautiful and unique.

  15. -100. @LesAmisFoto says:

    Parisian Wedding Dresses via @WeddingChicks

  16. Obsessing over these gowns by @LaLoveList

  17. -100. @FrostPetticoat says:

    Simple & gorgeous! RT @weddingchicks Obsessing over these gowns by @LaLoveList

  18. -100. Keith Photographer says:

    Rime is one of the bests ! Congrats again for her fabulous collection of dresses !

  19. -100. Sandrine says:

    Sublimes, chic et uniques…Telles sont les robes de Rime Arodaky. I love it !!!

  20. -100. abercrombie and fitch says:

    Wonderful dresses, such an elegant and romantic collection !She looks like an angel, light as a feather!

  21. Loving the Rime Arodaky wedding gowns that @weddingchicks posted last week!

  22. -100. Holly says:

    I am in love with these dresses, especially the Sophie, Margeaux, and Elizabeth! Does anyone know where I can buy them in the USA? Possibly in New Orleans?

  23. -100. Bree says:

    Is there any way for brides in the US to order these dresses? they are beautiful!

  24. Absolute loveliness all the way!

  25. -100. Ceri Jeremiah says:

    Absolutely fabulous dresses, have seen one I would love, can you tell me where to get prices from, thank you :)

  26. -100. Annie Dougan says:

    I have found a dress on your website that I would like to know the price off….where can I find details??? There are no dress names/links – a little confused??

  27. -100. Holly says:

    The designer is Rime Arodaky. She is in Paris. You can look her up in a search engine, but if you live in the USA you may have a difficult time acquiring one of her gowns. Good luck.

  28. -100. Jamie Lynn Hosty says:

    I am absolutely in love with one of your wedding dresses. How do I purchase ones?

  29. -100. Robyn Lea says:

    Hi there, how can I get in contact with Rime about ordering a wedding dress?

    They are all incredibly beautiful!!!
    Thank you.

  30. -100. Connie Franks says:

    I Love the dress pictured directly above this comment box. The one with the bow in the front. I would like to have a price on this dress. I am looking for a sexy biker dress and this one is the style I am looking for. I couldn’t find this dress on Etsy.

  31. -100. Francesca says:

    Could you please tell me where I can find this bridal collection in Italy and in particular in Milan?
    Thanks in avance

  32. -100. Jillian says:

    where might i purchase a Rime (Parisian) wedding gown?

  33. -100. jodie says:

    where can i find this dress on long island? i love it but this website wont give me a location of a vender

  34. -100. Deana Sweeney says:

    How do I find out how to purchase a Rime Arodaky wedding dress that is on you web page?

  35. -100. Natalia says:

    My name is Natalia, I am a designer of “Lovely Workshop” studio, which creates fabulous look books for wedding salons and fashion houses all over the world. Our studio is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. But this summer we’ve decided to spend in Europe in a search of inspiration and we want to suggest your shop to cooperate with us. We presume that your dresses are breathtaking and it would be great to make a luxurious creative shooting of them. We can create a look book for your shop with a great pleasure.
    Our “look book package” consists of:
    – Photo shot of 5 dresses your want to photograph; as a result 15 photos for each of dress. In all 75 pictures processed in a photo editor, and all the raw material (just about 250-300 pictures);
    – Detailed preparation for shooting, creating an idea for each dress;
    – HD advertisement film (duration 1-2 minutes).
    The material will be ready in 2-3 weeks after the shooting.
    The price of the package is 350 Euro.
    Some of our works are in the letter as an example.
    If you are interested please write us back.
    Best Regards,

  36. -100. Alli says:

    How does one purchase one of these beautiful gowns? I can not find a link w prices or purchase options…please help :)

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