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DIY Flower Jewelry

We are hope you are ready to do some crafting, because we have an incredibly easy and affordable diy just in time for the holidays. Thanks to Stacey from Floral Occasions for showing us how to make some serious DIY Flower Jewelry.

Not only would these pretties make a special holiday gift, they would also look fabulous on your bridal party at your wedding. It’s time to get crafting. Here is what you are going to need- beads of your choice, dental floss, ribbon, needle and of course flowers. You can use silk flowers or real flowers.

1. Cut two strings of dental floss that are approximately 16 inches in length each. Thread the first bead through the bottom and loop around to get your starter bead.

2. Thread approximately 5-6 beads and 3 hyacinth blossoms…continue pattern 3 more times. (Ending with 3-4 beads)

3. On the 2nd string of dental floss- start with about 10 beads going opposite direction. You want the flowers on each strand to be facing opposite directions.

4. Continue on with pattern; hyacinth blossoms, and 5-6 beads until ends meet or they are the same length. Very important that they are even and tie the two ends together securely.

5. Cut approximately 16 inches of ribbon. Using dental floss to securely tie the ribbon onto the bracelet leave a large tail of ribbon on one side and a small tail of ribbon on the other side. Trim the dental floss very short & repeat on the other side of bracelet.

Tie the two longer pieces of ribbon from each side together to form bracelet. Best done when tied directly onto the wrist.