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Since we have boudoir on the mind from our last feature from Boudoir On Film we have a few vintage style lingerie ideas for your up and coming boudoir session. Keep in mind that quite a few of our selections are one of a kind vintage. If you love them – buy them, because they will soon be gone. How much are you loving the silk satin bloomer shorts shown above?

1. 1940’s Lady Duff half slip
2. Handmade knee length slip from Alexandra Grecco photo by Jose Villa
3. Set of 3 vintage 1950’s slips
4. 1950’s Trousseaux Lingerie with original reciept
5. Silk satin playsuit
6. Corset dress
7. Pale green strapless slip
8. 1950’s teal full slip

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  1. -100. Michelle says:

    I feel like this walks a fine line between hot and man repelling.

  2. -100. Danielle says:

    There is definitely a type of man who would not love this type of lingerie… although I think they’re likely misogynistic. A good man wants nothing more than for his love to feel beautiful and comfortable in her skin and for her to want him. More importantly though, can’t lingerie just be something women enjoy without worrying what a MAN would think about it?

  3. -100. sheri says:

    Who says you have to wear this lingerie for a man? Wear it for yourself and be confident… that’s what is sexy!

  4. -100. Alyssa Schroeder says:

    I love the first one and #6. Now I’m distracted on etsy ;)

  5. -100. Shannon Daly says:

    My hubby enjoys vintage lingerie. He doesnt like the faceless shots. He says leaving a little more to the imagination is nice. Kinda like a present. :) He also says its nice not to see the cliche thong, and trashy clothes being represented here.

  6. -100. helen ward says: make the most beautiful vintage lingerie I have some and always feel amazing in it

  7. -100. Brooke Oliphant says:

    I agree that it should be about the confidence a woman has when wearing any type of lingerie, and her man should love her for it (if she’s wearing it for someone else). These vintage options are beautiful, and perfect for some (but not all) personalities. Either way, I have to disagree with the first comment!

  8. -100. Tony Sale Photography says:

    Very sofet very romantic images – wonderful

  9. -100. Kenny says:

    This lingerie is extremely hot in a refined romantic sort of way. Any man who wouldn’t love to see his woman in these items is devoid of romance. Many men, and the women who try to please them, have been brainwashed to think that less is sexier, which is why we ended up with the dreadful thong.
    To the contrary, the minimalist styles give away too much and destroy the sense of mystery about what is hidden beneath those wispy bits of silk and lace. The most beautiful lingerie was made in the 1930s: silk and rayon tap panties, teddies, saucy little bloomers (like the above), camiknickers, step-ins, slips, and bras. The kind of delights you might see Carol Lombard or Ginger Rogers wear in the Pre-Code era before the Hayes Office clamped down on sex in the movies (post 1934). The revival of this classic lingerie is a wonderful development and should be celebrated.

  10. -100. Julia says:

    Beautiful #3 & #4!

  11. -100. Kendall says:

    I am one of those men who loves a woman—my wife specifically– in classic or vintage lingerie. Perhaps it’s a result of what I first observed in my youth, when lingerie was delicate, feminine and demure, something that concealed more than it revealed. Another source for this inspiration are the classic films of the pre-Code era when actresses appeared in their lace teddies and step-ins and before the censors spoiled all he fun. In my view, many men are simply obtuse and have little sense of romance They think that less is more, when the opposite is really true. Hence, the current infatuation with the dreaded thong, a tasteless garment that gives it all away (or most anyway).

    Lingerie should provide an aura of mystery, innocence, and romance and nor give away the store. I am particularly fond of the 1920 to 1940 styles, including delicate lace trimmed step-ins (tap pants), teddies, shorty bloomers, and cuff leg panty briefs. In terms of contemporary lingerie, I much prefer my wife in nylon, rayon or cotton cuff leg panties (e.g. Lollipops) than in bikini briefs. EBay has been a great way of acquiring appropriate pieces of NWNT vintage lingerie in her size.

    A term I find particularly objectionable is that of “granny panties.” This expression demonstrates a total lack of historical perspective. The “babe” of yesteryear wore traditional high-waisted briefs, step-ins, and bloomers. These garments were considered “hot” for their time, and remain so today to those with a little imagination. After all, this is what Carole Lombard, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, and Barbara Stanwyck wore in those pre-Code movies, and they were hardly “grannies.” You simply have to step out of your current time frame and learn to appreciate what men of years past liked to see their women wearing. Besides, it’s much more fun removing them—slowly.

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