Wedding Giveaway | Win A Peridot & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

To end our Big Summer Giveaway we have a Natural Peridot & Diamond Halo Engagement Style Ring in Solid 14K White Gold from vintage and antique engagement ring specialists Weston Jewelry. One lucky lady will be winning this stunning piece of jewelry.

In order to win you must visit Weston Jewelry and share with us your dream engagement ring. Whether it be an antique engagement ring , a vintage engagement ring or you are on a major search for an eco friendly engagement ring, we cannot wait to hear.

Enter as many times as you like. The winners will be announced next Friday in Sweet Treats. Below are a few of our favorite engagement rings from Weston Jewelry.


  1. 0. SR says:

    Wow–that peridot ring is a stunner!

    My dream ring is the ANTIQUE OLD MINE CUT DIAMOND BLUE SAPPHIRE & RUBY RING SOLID 14K GOLD. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I love the 3 different stones together!

  2. 0. Iohanna says:

    That would be so great.. I still don’t have my engagement ring!! My dream ring would be : Vintage Engagement Ring Diamond Bridal Set Solid 14k White Gold…
    Looooove it!!

  3. 0. Iohanna says:

    … didn’t see this one : Vintage Engagement Ring Old European Cut Diamond Solid Platinum… so beautiful!! Starting to dream!

  4. 0. Anna says:

    Wow – amazing giveaway. My favourite has to be the pink sapphire and diamond – it’s beautiful!

  5. 0. Emily Mietz says:


  6. 0. Stefanie says:

    I love their website! My faves are the art deco and vintage styles with sapphires. I have beautiful engagement ring, but think the peridot ring would make a beautiful cocktail ring!

  7. 0. Emily Mietz says:


  8. 0. Ursha says:

    I love this one: Vintage Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Solid 14K White Gold

    Amazing giveaway :)

  9. 0. Stefanie says:

    The peridot ring is just my size ! ;)

  10. 0. Dúnia Acauan says:

    I’m in love with 1930s Art Deco Antique Engagement, thank for the chance to win!

  11. 0. Meghan says:

    Eco Friendly Estate Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Bridal Set Solid Platinum, is my favorite. It’s simple, classic, elegant, and something that could easily passed down through several generations.

  12. 0. Alinta says:

    Conflict free marquise cut champagne diamond ring, tension set in 18k white gold, unique and elegant.

  13. 0. Paige says:

    I actually really like the natural ruby & halo diamond engagement ring, solid 14k white gold. Usually I’m not a fan of colored-stone engagement rings, but that one really appeals to me for some reason!

  14. 0. Daryl says:

    I absolutely adore the huge natural blue sapphire and diamond cocktail ring, how unique!

    PS: this giveaway is unbelievably amazing!

  15. 0. coasterkim says:

    My true dream ring would be an estate diamond set in platinum. But really I’m totally happy with the wonderful ring my fiance chose to propose to me with!

  16. 0. erin says:

    i love vintage rings, especially halos because of the way the halo accents the center stone. I’m one of those people that keeps changing their mind about what i like so the vintage engagement ring diamond solitaire w/ accents in solid platinum would be perfect for me. it doesn’t sit too high off the finger and has a little modern twist with the round diamonds on the side but is still vintage and classic all in one!

  17. 0. Alexa van Butzelaar says:

    My absolute favourite has to be the natural ruby and diamond solid platinum engagement ring. There’s something absolutely beautiful about a fun coloured stone in a vintage style setting :) absolutely love it.

  18. 0. Ilka Werner says:

    I just love the: Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring w/Accents Solid Platinum!

  19. 0. Ilka says:

    Gorgeous! Old Miner Cut Diamond Solitaire Antique Engagement Ring Solid 14k Gold & Platinum

  20. 0. Ilka says:

    changed my mind: Tiffany & Co. 1.1 Carat D/VVS1 Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum ;-)

  21. 0. Jennifer Beale says:

    I actually alreay own my engagement ring that is exactly like

    Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Solid Platinum Eco-Friendly

    but it was passed down from my fiances great grand mother !!! the only think i can say that is better than owning this ring is that I know the history behind it!! I love all these rings, they are all soo super elegant!!!

  22. 0. Hersom says:

    With Sapphire being my birthstone, I’d love to have it in my engagement ring. Also I’m a sucker for old time fashion – that’s why this one is be my dream engagement ring.

    But, with it being quite large and a bit to delicate for my line of work, I’d probably go for this one.

  23. 0. Kelly says:

    The “Eco Friendly Estate Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Bridal Set Solid Platinum” gets my vote!

  24. 0. Maria says:

    I would love to have the Natural Ruby & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Solid 18K White Gold!! I love red and definitely love rubies!!

  25. 0. Vanessa says:

    Without a doubt my dream engagement ring would be the Fancy Yellow Diamond in Platinum. Wow..breathtaking!!! :)

  26. 0. Nicole says:

    In all honesty, my dream engagement ring is the ring I already have, because my fiance put the time and effort into picking it out, and I love and appreciate the sentimental value it holds. However, after looking at Weston’s website, I am loving the Verragio diamond engaement ring with accents in platinum…if I had to trade mine in, it would be for that one! Thanks for the opportunity to win the peridot ring; it’s a lovely piece!

  27. 0. madelynne miller says:

    I love the vintage red spinel and diamond engagement ring. The red is so beautiful!

  28. 0. Jessie says:

    A custom designed ring with some sentiment from a family stone(s). But this ring is an absolute STUNNER!!

  29. 0. Natalie says:

    My dream ring would be an antique white gold ring…

  30. 0. Megan says:

    My dream ring would be the “Vintage Engagement Ring Old European Cut Diamond Solid Platinum”! I love that it has the 2 accent stones. This peridot ring is beautiful though, and I would definitely wear it as often as possible :)

    PS-This is an awesome giveaway :))

  31. 0. Daniela Gonzalez says:

    I love the three stone diamond ornate engraved platinum ring and the Gia fancy yellow diamond engagement ring.

  32. 0. Addie says:

    I love all the art deco rings, but I think the simplicity of the “ceylon sapphire solitaire engagement ring solid 18k white gold” is just perfect… please say I can have it!

  33. 0. Stephanie V. says:

    My dream engagement ring would be the
    A. Jaffe Halo Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring Solid 14K White Gold. So gorgeous!

  34. 0. Emily says:

    I want the yellow diamond in platinum!!!! Love love yellow diamonds!

  35. 0. Emily says:

    I also like the single stone platinum diamond ring !

  36. 0. Darcy Davidson says:

    I am in love with the Eco Friendly Estate Halo Engagement Ring Bridal Set in Platinum. It is reminiscent of what my engagement ring looks like now after I was proposed to with my fiance’s Great Aunt’s heirloom diamond (Elizabeth Taylor…even though she wasn’t the real screen star, she had fabulous taste in diamonds. ;)).

  37. 0. Mary C says:

    Oh wow, that peridot ring is absolutely breathtaking. That would definitely be my first choice. Showstopper.

  38. 0. Mary C says:

    Ohhhh and I just looked through their site – that yellow diamond, I am drooling over that one. Wow.

  39. 0. Crystal D says:

    OH my !!! I would have to say vintage all the way !!!

  40. 0. Crystal D says:

    Actually they are all amazing !!!

  41. 0. kfloveinme says:

    WOWZER! I think I just died & went to heaven!! Its beautiful!

  42. 0. kelly says:

    Omg!! The estate platinum engagement ring!!

  43. 0. kfloveinme says:

    They are all amazing!

  44. 0. kelly says:

    The estate diamond engagement ring!!!

  45. 0. kelly says:

    the estate platinum gorgeous!!

  46. 0. kelly says:

    Is this really a giveaway! The estate platinum diamond ring is so pretty!!

  47. 0. kelly says:

    My dream ring! The estate platinum diamond ring!!

  48. 0. kelly says:

    So excited for this giveaway! Love the estate diamond ring!!

  49. 0. kelly says:

    Love the estate platinum ring !!!

  50. 0. kelly says:

    Omg omg!! The estate platinum ring is soo pretty!

  51. 0. kelly says:

    Amazing giveaway! The estate platinum ring is so simply but so gorgeous!!

  52. 0. kelly says:

    The estate diamon ring is so romantic looking! Love it!

  53. 0. kelly says:

    My dream ring though is my engagement ring I already have but I love the peredot ring though! So pretty!

  54. 0. kelly says:

    The halo peredot ring is stunning! Love the entire collection!!

  55. 0. kelly says:

    That peredot ring is a show stopper! Love it! The estate platinum ring is a favorite!

  56. 0. kelly says:

    Beautiful rings! I really love the estate diamond

  57. 0. kelly says:

    Loveee the platinum estate ring…wowzers!!

  58. 0. tobi sarah says:

    my engagement ring, is my dream engagement ring (not that I wouldn’t love to wear this one!!!)!! My ring is a vintage, solitaire that was given to my mom by her grandfather. When my fiance mentioned he was going to propose to me my mom gave him the ring. They had it reset and sized. The diamond means so much to me because it has history.

  59. 0. kelly says:

    The peredot halo ring is very charming! Love the estate diamond ring a lot =)

  60. 0. Jacki says:

    I have half a dozen or so “dream rings” and this peridot ring is actually one of them! I have been thinking about a peridot for a while and this halo style is one of my very favorites. What an amazing giveaway!!

  61. 0. kelly says:

    I would love to wear this!! So pretty!!

  62. 0. kfloveinme says:

    My engagement ring is vintage inspired ring that my wonderful fiance designed himself. Just thinking about the hard work he put into it makes me wanna cry. He showed me all of the sketches & i was shocked that he put so much thought into making me the most beautiful ring ever!

  63. 0. kelly says:

    This ring is so dreamy! <3 it!

  64. 0. Ashley R. says:

    How about the Natural Peridot & Diamond Halo Engagement Style Ring in Solid 14K White Gold itself? It’s a beaut! :-)

  65. 0. kelly says:

    Such an eye catcher! I love the estate diamond ring too =)

  66. 0. Krysta says:

    I love all of the beautiful vintage rings. I think my favorite are the Europen cut vintage, conflict-free rings! So beautiful.

  67. 0. kayduh says:

    The art deco with the diamond and sapphire is gorgeous!

  68. 0. Denise P. says:

    THAT looks like my dream engagement ring. I would like my ring to have some diamonds in it, but not be a diamond main center stone. That ring is just lovely.

    I very much love vintage and art deco.

  69. 0. Amber Zerbe says:


  70. 0. kfloveinme says:

    Oh beautiful Natural Peridot & Diamond Halo Ring, place you love on my finger.

  71. 0. Desarae says:

    My dream engagement ring was a single princess cut diamond… then it morphed into a halo around a princess cut diamond but realized it was too expensive for not that great of a diamond. Fiance picked out an amazing flawless princess cut and I couldn’t be happier! :) Still love the ring above its beautiful!

  72. 0. Tatiana says:

    I’m naturally a fan of conflict-free rings, as so many of us are these days. I’ve always said that I want something that is a total surprise to me – something that I am not expecting, nor have I picked out. It makes an engagement so much more special when you literally have no idea (plus – it shows how much your significant other really does know about you and your taste!). That being said, I’ve always been looking for a unique ring – something that stands out from a sea of solitaires. That’s why I’m digging this peridot ring, and that stunning yellow diamond on the Weston site. Talk about standing out, being unique and being classic all at the same time. Precisely what I’m looking for!

  73. 0. Gemma Greer says:

    I would absolutely love this bad boy!!! No one would get past you without being blinded by it!! Eco Friendly Estate Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Bridal Set Solid Platinum

  74. 0. Tatiana says:

    Not to mention – green is my family color – making me want this even more!

  75. 0. Jacki says:

    Another favorite:

    Adore this style and love the idea of a conflict free diamond!

  76. 0. kelly says:

    Soo pretty that giveaway ring! …love the estate diamond ring!!

  77. 0. Jacki says:
  78. 0. kelly says:

    Wow to the whole site! Love the giveaway ring a ton!

  79. 0. kelly says:

    Although this peredot ring is gorg…the diamond estate ring is even prettier!!

  80. 0. Julie says:

    My dream ring would be a vintage emerald cut with accents on the sides, but honestly after looking at the website, I would be happy with ANY ring. So beautiful! WOW!

  81. 0. kelly says:

    The halo giveaway ring is beautiful! Love the diamond estate ring though..oh my!

  82. 0. Rachael says:

    I love, love the Vintage Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Solid 14K Gold 1940′s…I used to think I wanted platinum, but after seeing the vintage gold rings on the Weston website, I had a change of heart! Great website!

  83. 0. sam says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway. I love the Eco Friendly Estate Halo. So beautiful.

  84. 0. kelly says:

    Wozers!! Such pretty rings off the collection…the estate platinum one is my fav!!

  85. 0. Stacie says:

    My dream engagement ring would be something unique yet timeless and classic. Not to mention, from the heart of my fiance, something that he would also love to see on my hand everyday.

  86. 0. Caroline says:

    My dream engagement ring is the one I got already. Its a flower setting of 7 diamonds and 5 small diamond on each side. It’s very pretty and feminine. I absolutely love this peridot ring too, I really like green color and peridot is my birthday stone. It would be perfect.

  87. 0. Janis says:

    even though I am already married, I never got an engagement ring! my dream upgrade ring would be an antique or antique inspired bezel halo ring. like this but with a diamond!

  88. 0. kelly says:

    So excited for this !! The peredot ring is lovely!! Such a gorgeous collection of rings…

  89. 0. Tarah says:

    I love all of their rings! My dream engagement ring would be something unique yet simple. I love the solitare diamonds with small accents on the side. I think they look so elegant!

  90. 0. kelly says:

    Beyond beautiful this peredot ring…awesome giveaway!!

  91. 0. kelly says:

    Simply stunning…the giveaway ring and the diamond estate ring!!

  92. 0. kelly says:

    What a collection! This halo peredot ring is so pretty-oh my!!

  93. 0. Erin says:

    The peredot ring is beautiful and it is my birthstone. My favorite ring from the Weston site has to be the Natural Pink Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring Solid Platinum. Love the pink sapphire!

  94. 0. Jenny B says:

    I love the “Huge Natural Blue Sapphire & Diamond Cocktail Ring Solid 18K White Gold.” Very Princess Kate :-)

  95. 0. kfloveinme says:

    Green is one of my favorite colors too!

  96. 0. Anthony says:

    My girlfriend would love this… I have been looking for a vintage ring, since I catch her looking in store windows at them. I think she would like the Vintage Engagement Ring Old European Cut Diamond Solid Platinum. Hope I win – I will be a hero!

  97. 0. Jackie says:

    I love the vintage look. I’d love a vintage diamond pendant for the big day!

  98. 0. Alyson says:

    Unbelievable is the word to describe the rings in which you guys do. They are simply amazing and would love anyone of those to be on my finger. The collection is out of this word. My ring choice would be a hard pick between the Pink Sapphire & Diamond ring and the Peridot ring both are simply breathtaking. Love Love Love them!

  99. 0. Lindsey says:

    This peridot ring is my dream ring…classic shape, but with a twist in the colored stone. It’s amazing!

  100. 0. kelly says:

    So stunning the perelot ring is!

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