An Elegant Picnic Engagement Shoot by Joey Kennedy Photography

As you can see, this bride was super serious about her engagement photos. She wanted her photos to have an earthy feel to them while maintaining a soft and understated, yet elegant feel. The bride goes into full detail about the shoot if you are thinking that you would like to do something like this click here to read more and see all of this earthy-vintage engagement shoot.

All of this gorgeousness was photographed by one our Hand-Picked wedding vendors, Joey Kennedy who is straight up amazing and has the magic touch. See more of his stunning work by visiting his hand-picked page here.

Photographer: Joey Kennedy

Dress Designer: Haute Hippe (long dress)
Floral Design: Something New
Groom’s Attire: J. Crew
Event Design: Zoe Namey

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  1. -100. Haley Sheffield says:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE this session! ♥

  2. -100. joey Kennedy says:


  3. -100. Rachel says:

    These pictures are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen! The scenery and attire are perfect. Love all the pics!

  4. -100. Jacque says:

    Beautiful! I love the setting of all the pictures

  5. -100. Rachel says:

    I can’t get enough of these I could look at them all day!!!

  6. -100. Liz says:

    The color pallet is subtle yet sunning, and I love the attention to detail in the focus that gives the photographs depth and richness. Elegant indeed!

  7. -100. Zoe says:

    Thank you wedding chicks for featuring our photos! We had such a great time creating these and Joey Kennedy was amazing to work with! :)

  8. -100. Brandon Edwards says:

    AWESOME set! I love the contrast in the pictures. Dreamlike and beautiful.

  9. -100. Mary says:

    Beautiful, Joey! My favorite is the one of them in the car–perfect!

  10. -100. April says:

    Awesome!! Joey you always know how to capture the moments! Love the puppy photo!! and the back seat of the car is great!!

  11. -100. Alanna says:

    I’m in love with this shoot! Very original, peaceful, elegant… and downright stunning photographs. This is so well done, and on every level.

  12. -100. Dinah Denmark says:

    Joey Kennedy brings mindfulness and artistry to every photographic project and it shows in the consistent quality of his work. Superb!

  13. -100. Akiko Kotani says:

    The pictures are romantic and earthly – perfect for the depiction of this beautiful young couple. On an artistic level, the focus on the flowers is a wonderful way to connect the narrative of the entire occasion. Kudos to you Joey Kennedy.

  14. -100. Pamela Marie says:

    Love it as always, Joey! Especially the relaxed moment of them at the table. I am a big fan of those kinds of real moments :)

  15. -100. Lindsay says:

    Gorgeous pictures Joey! They’re so soft, elegant and romantic!! Love the one of them in the backseat of the car!

  16. -100. brian says:

    Fabulous pictures. Great job Joey!

  17. -100. Ariana says:

    I love this session. So romantic and beautiful color scheme. My favorite is the one where she is grabbing his tie, what a adorable and flirty moment!Can’t wait for my engagement shoot!

  18. -100. Ariana says:

    I love this session. So romantic and beautiful color scheme. My favorite is the one where she is grabbing his tie, what an adorable and flirty moment!Can’t wait for my engagement shoot!

  19. -100. Katie says:

    Just beautiful photos! My favorite is the one through the drivers side window, I love the hue and the focus is just perfect. Fun & unique setting…and the couple is adorable too!

  20. -100. Emily says:

    I love every single one of these, very original! The color scheme and set up is gorgeous!

  21. -100. Peggy Ellis says:

    Joey, You are simply the Best Photographer ever! Great Shoot and a Great Couple to Photograph! Wonderful backdrops…All amazing! Love your posts!!

  22. -100. Evelyn says:

    I’m so happy that weddingchicks decided to feature my sister in law, Zoe and good friend, Joey! Joey was my photographer as well! The only thing that surpasses his talent is his personality. I can’t even express how amazing of a person he is and how close we’ve become in the past year and a half. And Zoe’s styling is impeccable. I knew this shoot was going to be special, but my jaw dropped when I saw the photos on Joey’s blog. Congratulations and I love both of you! Thank you, weddingchicks!!

  23. -100. Bill Bara says:

    Joey’s work is absolutely amazing. He’s not just a photographer, but photographer with a vision and a style that when combined captures moments and turns them into timeless pieces of art. Keep up the great work! Always a fan!

  24. -100. Veronica says:

    Joey Kennedy’s photography captures the beauty of a moment gracefully and artistically. He is truly a gifted artist.

  25. -100. Emily Santistevan says:

    I love these photos! So beautiful! You are so talented Joey and Zoe has great style.

  26. What a gorgeous session! Love the outfit choices!

  27. -100. Katina Stamos says:

    Congratulations Joey! You captured every detail of Zoe & Paul’s style and elegance to perfection! Your work is truely amazing!!!

  28. -100. Nicole Paulk says:

    Wow! These blow me away, seriously beautiful work, Joey! Love all the styling and her dress is to die for!

  29. -100. Nicole Namey says:

    This is BY FAR the most amazing engagement session I have ever seen. Paul and Zoe are such a beautiful couple to begin with and Joey does a perfect job capturing them through photography. I am so proud of Zoe for organizing such a breathtaking setting, and of course, Joey – your photography is second to none!

  30. -100. Ben G. says:

    Love the pics. I think my favorite is the flowers on the hood, with the couple out of focus in the background. Joey, as always, you are awesome!

  31. -100. Caryn Azure says:

    Gorgeous work, Joey! Such a beautiful couple and the photos are stunning! My favorite is the close up of them at the table. Just love it! :)

  32. -100. vencanice says:

    I agree with Nicole this is the most amazing engagement session I have ever seen. Great work!

  33. -100. Dana Maietta says:

    Love this engagement session. Great photography and style. I can’t wait to work with you for my wedding and of course see my engagement shoot results!!! :)

  34. -100. Julia says:

    Beautiful photos!! I love your work, Joey!

  35. -100. Milla says:

    Great job Joey! You rock!

  36. -100. kc says:

    Love the photos! Gorgeous couple. Fav photo: couple in the back of the car. And gosh, this set-up is crazy! Love the pomegranate with the ring pic too.

  37. -100. Amy says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I agree w/ KC – fav picture is the couple in the back of the car.

  38. -100. Katie says:

    Wow! Each one of these is so special, and tells such a beautiful story! Gorgeous concept and couple! Amazing job as always, Joey! :)

  39. -100. Jessie says:

    The pictures from this session are amazingly beautiful. Joey Kennedy has a true eye for detail. And the way he processes his photos turns each one into a work of art!

  40. -100. Kate says:

    Joey is so amazing – he produces such amazing pictures, and still permits the personality of who he is shooting to shine through. He is the most talented and humble photographer I’ve ever met. It’s refreshing to meet someone who loves him job as much as Joey.

    Looking forward to working with him at my wedding next year!!

  41. -100. Stace says:

    wow!! these are AMAZING! such vibrant colors, great composition, and focus on detail!

  42. -100. Mehret and Sola Talabi says:

    What a beautiful shoot from a truly gifted photographer and wonderful person. You’re amazing, Joey!

  43. -100. Denny Hemphill says:

    I am a videographer and I have worked with Joey at a wedding before and his photos are just magical…Joey was my photography teacher at BC3 and he has a lot on his plate…but too see what he can do with a picture is like no other…he never ceases to amaze me…I wish Joey nothing but the best…because you know what…he is the best!!! :)

  44. -100. Tracy L. Edmunds says:

    Joey, your photos take my breath away! I wish you were around 20 years ago when I got married. You are truly gifted.

  45. -100. Carolyn Duncan says:

    Joey did our wedding shoot in August 2009 – and the photos were unbelievable – we love them! People constantly remark on how they’re ‘the best wedding photos’ they’ve ever seen…by far!

  46. -100. With The Grains says:

    I would very much like to sit at that dream table. The hanging curtain is quite the lovely touch. The photos really preserve this elegant, whimsical, romantic moment in a soft dreamscape. Joey is a master of blue tones! Every detail is beautiful!

  47. -100. DC says:

    Joey is an absolute pro. He’s done dozens of shoots for me and has a wonderful ability to capture the beauty of moments both grand and small.

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