A Wedding at a Frank Lloyd Wright House

Buttons, lace, antique doilies and the cutest bridesmaid dresses you ever did see. Count us in. More thoughtful do-it-yourself wedding ideas that you definitely should take note of if you are planning to craft your wedding by hand.

The wedding took place at the Fallingwater House in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The ceremony took place in an outdoor grove amongst maple and ash trees and their reception was inside a converted barn on the property. To enjoy more antique wedding details click here.

Photographer: Travis Neely
Cake Topper: Peanut Butter Bandit

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  1. -100. Lara {bella puzzles} says:

    This wedding has a charming and historical look! I’m a big fan of that thumbprint guest book.

  2. -100. Kate says:

    Hi! Would you be able to tell us where the bridesmaids’ dresses are from? They are precious!

  3. -100. Hazel says:

    Love the dresses, are they jcrew? they are super cute!

  4. -100. Tim Halberg says:

    Crazy, you’d never know it was that home from those pictures

  5. -100. Travis Neely says:

    I’ll check in with the bride to find out where the dresses were from…

  6. -100. ann @ wedding favors says:

    What is good about the wedding is the garnishes all over the venue and the personalized favors for the guests. They are so beautiful to look at. :)

  7. -100. minsk says:

    travis neeley is the best wedding photog ever…beautiful

  8. -100. jessica says:

    i second that, great picutres travis!

  9. -100. carolyn says:

    So awesome, love the leaf print tree and Travis Neely really is the best :)

  10. -100. btezra says:

    gorgeous toning on these frames, Trav, a fine choice and xlnt results (as always!)

  11. -100. Kendel says:

    I was SHOCKED to come across my design of the wedding silhouettes on their program. The bride must have seen my silhouette logo on my blog and copied the idea – which is awesome, but I also sell custom logos on ETSY so I was shocked to see someone using our logo and not having known anything about it.
    I came across this blog/post totally at random (not even searching for the silhouettes in particular) so I was just so shocked to see the logo on their programs!
    Beautiful wedding day though – all her items were so beautifully DIY and personal.

  12. -100. joey Kennedy says:

    Great Job Travis!!!!!

  13. -100. Holly says:

    Beautiful! I’m doing a lot of things along these lines for my own wedding! :) Definitely let us know where those bridesmaids dresses are from!

  14. -100. alex says:

    Is there a way to contact the bride? I am interested in purchasing the A & J moss letters for my wedding! Please let me know!

  15. -100. Alexis ~ a bridesmaid! says:

    @lara and @kate… the dresses are bill levkoff, check out any bridal store near you ;)

    @joeykennedy… ironic that you have similar silhouettes, but my husband made them on indesign with the bride and groom’s silhouettes, the idea came from an old picture in our family.

  16. -100. mauramenapace says:

    Beautiful wedding! I was so happy to see you on here! So not surprised since you Smith girls all so gorgeous and stylish! Congrats Andrea! Miss you Lex :)

  17. -100. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, where would I be able to find these cake toppers? I am in love with em!!!!


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