Virginia Countryside Engagement From Live It Out Photo

Some snazzy outfits, a spectacular setting and whole lot of love. All the fixings of a wonderful engagement shoot that has been beautifully photographed by Live It Out Photo.

How perfect do Whitney and Rob look with the rambling countryside of Virgina behind them? We think they look pretty darn adorable. To hear more about Whitney and Rob’s love story click here.

Photography: live it out photo

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  1. The car photos are really fun! I love the groom’s shirt, too!

  2. -100. weddingchicks says:

    This shoot is so sweet. Love the style and the bride’s eyes are so beautiful!

  3. -100. Lauren B says:

    Fabulous! Love them all! Great post, great photog!

  4. -100. Eurae Muhn says:

    Oh, my goodness! The colors are SO beautiful in this shoot! You couldn’t have done a better job capturing such intimate moments with this couple! So classy.

  5. -100. adam says:

    They are perfect together and I love the way the pics turned out! I wanted to do something similar during our engagement shoot. Maybe this can convince my fiancee that nature is not evil.

  6. -100. Reese says:

    I just love it when couples take their shoots outdoors and just enjoy themselves out there. The photos are fantastic.

  7. -100. Tara says:

    Love this!!! So natural and fresh…as engagement photos and love should be :) Love this style of photography so much! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  8. -100. Stone Kawala says:

    I LOVE the b & w’s!

  9. -100. Molly says:

    Love the styling, love her lipstick, and most definitely ADORE Amber at Live it Out Photo! These are stellar!

  10. -100. Jenna (flutter glass) says:

    Love this shoot!! Makes me want to move to a state with seasons! Where is Rob’s shirt from??

  11. -100. Jeff says:

    The vintage look is great. I have always been a huge fan of this photographer and cannot wait till they come to shoot our wedding in September.

  12. -100. Cynthia C. says:

    I love the vintage look! These are beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  13. -100. Stella Oddone says:

    Photos are fantastic! Love the site!

  14. -100. Nicole says:

    I love the color tie-ins and the back and forth between color and black and white. So much fun and classy! Lovely!

  15. -100. meg says:

    beautiful photos! amber has such a wonderful and unique aesthetic.

  16. -100. sam says:

    I’m obsessed with how timeless these pics feel- they could easily be a couple from 1950 or 2011. Truly lovely!

  17. -100. Danielle says:

    Such a retro vibe! Love it!

  18. -100. ranney says:

    wow! amazing photos and i love ur unqiue, beautiful style of shooting ms talented amber!

  19. -100. christine says:

    These are great, you can see their love for each other, and their personalities, through the photos.

  20. -100. Luke Eshleman says:

    This shoot is so dang good it’s disgusting. Lovely couple and great style. The b&w’s make me melt.

  21. -100. Amanda K. says:

    Love love love these photos. Classic with a twist, it’s almost like being transported to another world where time stands still for this couple. What a beautiful way to capture their engagement, with style and personality. The photos in the car are perfect!

  22. -100. Rachel says:

    These pictures are amazinggg!!! I love the car shots- they really look timeless

  23. -100. Xavier R says:

    Wow! These photos are timeless! I love the classic yet trendy vintage look!

  24. -100. Hannah K. says:

    Wonderful shots! love the genuine feel the photos give off, and how unique the style is. Great job :)

  25. -100. Bree [capitolromance] says:

    in LOVE … fabulous couple, scenery, and photography. just stunning ALL around. I, too, love Rob’s shirt and the couple’s overall vintagey attire. just beautiful.

  26. -100. amber says:

    i’m overwhelmed by all the love…thank you everyone so much! xo

  27. -100. whitney says:

    We had such a great time shooting with Amber and Jon. Its so wonderful to see it all come to life again here. They are so talented!

    *Rob’s shirt is by Ben Sherman

  28. -100. Heather says:

    These pictures are so gorgeous and natural looking – makes me want to get married again!

  29. -100. Ellie says:

    What a beautiful shoot. Maybe my favorite one yet!! :)

  30. -100. Marion Donnan says:

    So nice to see photos that don’t seem posed! The pics with the vintage car so cool! What a winning combo: the lovely (in love) couple, vintage, and the gorgeous Virginia countryside.

  31. -100. Ken LaOrden says:

    v v v nice pics!!! well done, this awesome. Ken

  32. -100. Wes H says:

    Not only do I love the concept, I love the execution. When photos can truly capture the moment and the emotion you know you have a good one. Bravo!

  33. -100. diane degree says:

    I want to be engaged to Live It Out Photography, just so i can HAVE engagement/wedding photos THIS beautiful and original. Really captures the emotion in the moment, and tells their story without words.

  34. -100. Prince Whitaker says:

    Love the car pics – so retro! Great piece ♥

  35. -100. Yolanda Digrius says:

    OMG so cool, love the colors and the electricity between the couple!


  36. -100. Joyce says:

    Perfect combination of romance and retro. Among the best pics I’ve seen.

  37. Totally RAD!!

  38. -100. Kerrin says:

    Absolutely love these pictures!! They are so natural and really capture the moment… Love the scenery and the couple are just timeless! Great job!!

  39. -100. Sumita Kim says:

    Congratulations! The pictures have very unique and wonderful!

  40. -100. Arturo says:

    Great composition! I especially like how your foreground jumps from the background–almost 3 dimensional!

  41. -100. Alexandra says:

    such adorable photos! the couple looks so happy, and it’s hard to capture that on film! love the country theme though, can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!!

  42. -100. Mollt M says:

    Wow-what an awesome shoot. Each picture is special and I love the way she has captured the intimate moments.

  43. -100. The Floral Design Group/Barbara says:

    As always your photographs are amazing. I still wish you lived in NJ.
    That way I could recommend you to very bride I deal with, and lots
    of other contacts.
    You are FAB.

  44. -100. Julie McKechnie says:

    The pair look like models – but truly in love! Beautiful imagery! Love the old-time-y feel. The photographs really set a mood that’s hard to miss.

  45. -100. jon says:

    these responses are overwhelming! thank you all! @barbara, thank you for your support and please know that we love to travel: colorado, scotland, & france are just a few of the live it out destinations this year!

  46. -100. kim mahoney says:

    so charming! i just love the look and feel of these idyllic photos. they inspire me to jump in a car and venture out of the city!

  47. -100. cheryL says:

    amazing work! each one is a perfect vignette.

  48. -100. Kirstin says:

    I love these pictures! I love your style and how you can capture the love between a couple through a shoot. You are so talented!

  49. -100. Ali says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Well done.


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