You Need This | Forage Bow Ties

Your groom and his men would look outstanding in a Forage Bow Tie.

More than anything, this would make an amazing gift for any man looking to pump up their style. You can purchase these either at their store or over at their Etsy shop, Something’s hiding in there. They also have the original mustache on a stick. If you happen to be looking for that as well.

A special thanks to the lovely Ulmer Studios for providing these stylish photos for us.

Please Note: We know that you do not actually “need” the items that we feature. You Need This is a fun way to share products that we like with you. You have free will to purchase products that you like or not.

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  1. these ties definitely have a lovely color palette! I will have to remember them for future palettes. they are great! xoxo, chrissy

  2. 0. Esther JuLee says:

    that bowtie is cuuuuute! i just bought my husband something very similar last week. :)

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