For Japan With Love

We will be participating in the Blogger’s Day of Silence, part of the For Japan with Love Disaster Relief, to show our support for all who are now suffering in Japan. That means that tomorrow, on March 18th, there will be no new posts.

We hope you will take a moment to visit the For Japan with Love website, and join us in making a donation if you can, no matter how small. All proceeds will go to ShelterBox, which provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most. Each large green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster, but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items. Your donation can help change the outcome for a Japanese family in need.

A very special thank you to Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged for organizing this amazing display of love and compassion.

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  1. -100. Brandi Thompson says:

    I made a donation and I am participating in the day of silence.

  2. -100. OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS says:

    we donated to red cross, and took a bag full of shoes to our local sport chalet at

    we are also participating in the blog silence and blogged about it :) God Bless and have a great weekend amy & jocey!

  3. we donated Shelterbox is a great organization. Prayers to Japan

  4. -100. Kristy Ahumada says:

    I donated yesterday, and will be donating more! I’m also participating in the blogger’s day of silence- this comment has been my only blog activity ; ) xoxo

  5. -100. Carey Shaw says:

    I made a donation and I am participating in the day of silence. xo

  6. -100. meg manion silliker says:

    i donated through shelter box and i am participating in the blogger’s day of silence. sending strength.hope.+love to japan. xo

  7. -100. Mary Lallande says:

    I donated and actually find the silence refreshing. What a great way to meditate and reflect on all that has happened and what is yet to be done. xoxo

  8. -100. Xiomara Gard says:

    Donated and also participating in the blog silence and blogged about it yesterday.

  9. -100. Amanda Basteen says:

    I made a donation. My kids also picked out 2 trash bags of their stuffed animals to donate to the kids over there. Thanks for doing this! I am also not blogging today.

  10. -100. D'avello Photography says:

    We donated to the American Red Cross and to Doctors Without Borders. We are also participating in the day of silence.

  11. -100. Ever After Events says:

    Ever After Events made a donation, and it was as easy as texting REDCROSS to 90999. Also is matching $5 donations and has raised almost $2million! Thank you Wedding Chicks for letting us share :-)

  12. -100. Vera D. says:

    I made a donation and am participating in the day of silence via #ForJapanWithLove.

  13. -100. The Plumed Serpent says:

    Thank you for participating and building awareness!


  14. We love this and are so excited to see how the blogging community has come together to raise so much money for a great cause! We donated :)

  15. -100. Ashley says:

    I participated as well. Great way to build awareness!

  16. -100. Jen Lynne says:

    I participated!

  17. -100. Phebe says:

    I made a donation and participated in the day of silence, I also plan on donating much more! This was a great way to raise awareness, I’m so proud of everyone for their support.

  18. -100. amy b says:

    donated and posted earlier today. sigh. breaks my heart.

  19. I participated and enjoy watching the amazing out-pouring of hearts! What a great thing to participate in! Felt great!

  20. -100. Annelie Adams says:

    I participated, such a good cause! Thank you!

  21. -100. Corinne Krogh says:

    Not being able to help the effected people as much as I wished I could have, it was great to see an opportunity to acknowledge and take a small action to help. Participating and spreading the word about For Japan With Love was one thing I could do!

  22. -100. Molly says:

    we donated & participated in Blogger silence. The results from everyone is so overwhelming. We are a part of such a generously rad industry. Love you girls :)

  23. -100. melissa says:

    yes, i did! i was so excited to be able to participate in a small way toward giving something to this cause. what a great way to care for those precious people!

  24. I SURE DID! Set up my photo booth at church and raised $275… full blog post here:

  25. We participated, and donated. I wish there was more we could do. Right now, all we have are prayers.

  26. I first know about this diaster relief after saw your link on Facebook last Thursday, so thank you!

    I donated and joined the day of silence straight away, now i am also running a “spread you love to japan” contest on Facebook that I am asking my FB liker and blogs follower to write a min 30 words message to people in Japan, and they may win one of my two lifestyle portrait session, which worth $150 each.

    By doing this I hope I can influence more people to make donation! We all could do something right??

  27. -100. Heidi Chowen says:

    What an amazing show of love and support by all who donated and participated! I was so glad to do my small part in the effort. Xoxo

  28. -100. Spun Sugar Suite says:

    We participated and post about shelter box on our blog as well.

  29. -100. Lacey Wagner says:

    I happily participated on my little blog. I don’t have too many readers yet, but I facebooked and twittered like a mad woman to get the word out. It was really wonderful to see so many bloggers working together, and together we raised $54,000 in four days! That’s amazing :)

  30. -100. Brittany says:

    my heart hurts for Japan. shelterbox is an amazing organization and i was happy to be apart in any small way.

  31. We participated on our blog too. Thank you for organizing such a simple way to help.

  32. -100. Kim says:

    We happily participated and donated… thankful to be able to help- what a great idea!

  33. -100. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    So impressed by the outpouring of support! We will continue to help however we can and hope others will do the same.

  34. -100. Fiona English says:

    Dontated to Shelterbox and also sponsored a lovely lady who did a 12 hour pianothon (played for 12 hours!) to raise money. So far she has raised £1175. Also also participated in the blog silence. Will continue to help in any way I can.

  35. -100. megan plenge says:

    I participated in the bloggers day of silence and also donated to shelterbox. What an amazing thing the ladies of ever ours and utterly engaged did…they are true examples of a humble spirit and giving hearts. They are awesome! Continued prayers to Japan!!

  36. -100. Vanessa says:

    Participated in a day of silence. My heart and prayers go out to those in Japan.

  37. I participated in the bloggers day of silence & also donated! This was such a wonderful effort by everyone! Thanks for setting this up! =)

  38. -100. chenin boutwell says:

    you girls are the best :) Love this little community!

  39. -100. jeff ambrose says:

    i wasn’t able to help financially but i did lend support in multiple retweets to expand the awareness to the cause. glad to see it was such a success.

  40. -100. Elizabeth Griffiths says:

    Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this global effort to help Japan! And for everyone out there who is a baker or likes to eat sweets, please look up your nearest Bakesale for Japan– a nationwide bakesale being held in cities throughout the country on April 2nd to benefit the disaster relief efforts! We’re organizing the one in LA, but there are ones planned all across the country. Please come out and support our efforts by indulging your sweet tooth!

  41. -100. Ashley says:

    we participated, and appreciate what you girls are doing!

  42. -100. Pretty Pear Bride says:

    We did too it was great!!

  43. -100. Emilie GERARD says:

    I did it and I made a donation!

  44. -100. Weddingzilla says:

    We participated in the day of silence and commend everyone for coming together in Japan’s time of need.

  45. -100. Print Your Party says:

    I did, I only wish there was even more I could do!


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