Win A Sarah Seven Wedding Dress

Even though it is our birthday week, we wanted to make sure that you feel the love as well.

We are over the moon that Sarah Seven will be offering one lucky reader the chance to win her dreamy Love Story Dress . All you have to do to enter is visit Sarah Seven and share with us what your favorite dress is.

In order to win the dress the winner cannot be a customer of Sarah Seven and must be based in the Continental US. The dress will be made to measure -bra size, waist, hip height in exactly one month.


  1. 0. Nina says:

    I love the By the Candlelight dress!

  2. 0. Ellen says:

    All of the dresses are gorgeous! My all time favorite dress is the “Pink Lady.” This dress has a vintage feel that is timeless yet elegant. It’s just so whimsical and flirty and would make any girl feel special. <3

  3. 0. Jenna Sommer says:

    I love the Elope Dress- so cute !

  4. 0. christina says:

    i love that sassy sparkle of the “on the town” dress! it would make me feel so pretty…that i would even wear it to do my laundry!

  5. 0. emma leigh says:

    The “June” dress is my absolute favorite! What an awesome giveaway!

  6. 0. Molly says:

    The elope dress is absolutely perfect!

  7. 0. Rebecca Dionne says:

    The Everthina is lovely.

  8. 0. Kim Eubanks says:

    I love Old New Borrowed Blue and Practically Perfect Dress.

  9. 0. Gretl G. says:

    I adore the Elope Dress!

  10. 0. Campos Julie says:

    OOHHHHH what a pity !
    My name is Julie, I am 27 years old, I am French and bride-to-be.
    I have to make a declaration: I literally fell in love with Sarah Seven’s creations, two weeks ago, by falling on an article on a French blog telling about weddings.
    I did not know too much which kind of dress I wanted, I had an illumination: I want a short dress!!
    Regrettably, Sarah Seven is not still present on the French market, and I discourage to find a dress as high as her creations!
    How can I have a chance to find a dress Sarah Seven in France? Other dresses seem to me much less beautiful since I saw them!

  11. 0. liveadorned says:

    How on earth does one pick just one? The Robin’s Egg is my favorite because of the creamy mint color, but all her dresses are stunning.

  12. 0. Stacy says:

    I like “Old, New, Borrowed, Blue”

  13. 0. EncoreBride says:

    I love the powdered sugar dress although they are all so pretty!

  14. 0. Amy says:

    I love the Tea for Two dress!

  15. 0. Rachael F says:

    I love the flora dress!!!

  16. 0. Meghan F says:

    wow, these dresses are simply gorgeous!!!

    I absolutely love “Pink Petals”. it is the perfect blushy color and is so beautiful!

  17. 0. Tara says:

    I love the practically perfect dress!! BEAUTIFUL!

  18. 0. Jennifer says:

    The love story dress is fabulous – perfect for a rehersal dinner or reception!

  19. 0. Janis says:

    I love all the short dresses! especially the elope dress.

  20. 0. Anna says:

    I’m completely in love with the Practically Perfect dress. It just looks so soft and ethereal.

  21. 0. Marie Dicke says:

    I love love LOVE the Practically Perfect Dress. It is all that I have imagined in a dress. I had never heard of Sarah Seven but now I am TOTALLY in LOVE with this dress! The detail on the waist is just so beautiful!

  22. 0. Angel Ayres says:

    I am a bride-to-be and I just LOVE LOVE LLLOOOVVVEE “By the Candlelight”. It’s such a beautiful gown. It is truly a piece of art. I want it (BAD)!!!

  23. 0. K l says:

    The Practical Perfect Wedding Dress. Whimsical, romantic with a traditional shape. Love it!

  24. 0. Anita says:

    My favorite is the elope dress! All of her dresses are fabulous and I would be honored to win any – the chance to have a made to measure dress would be amazing as I am very tricky to fit.

  25. 0. Katie Mercer says:

    i LOVE THE “old, new, borrowed blue dress!” it’s not often a designer dress can hid the imperfections of a womans body but this one can! It makes a woman feel and look her best on the most special day!

  26. 0. Kris says:

    my favorite is the Everthine dress. It’s so romantic and modern at the same time!

  27. 0. Jane says:

    I like the Lovely Dress

  28. 0. shannon says:

    i absolutely adore the “delightful” dress! The vintage feel would be the perfect compliment to our after hours party!!!

  29. 0. Ella says:

    I love the “powdered sugar” dress! It would make an incredible reception dress after ditching the big long dress! These are incredible.

  30. 0. Rachel says:

    The Elope dress!!! Who can resist the dots? It’s like Madonna (circa “Like a Virgin”) had a sartorial baby with Maria from the “Sound of Music” – amazing!

  31. 0. Joy says:

    Elope Dress! :) :) :)

  32. 0. brindey says:

    I like Love Story or Powdered Sugar!

  33. 0. Britt smith says:

    Oh I just adore the Powdered Sugar dress!!!

  34. 0. Elizabeth says:

    i am a big Sarah Seven fan, I actually just posted about them last week. My favorite dress is the elope dress, I love those Swiss dots. It would be the perfect reception dress for my wedding this July!

  35. 0. Natalie says:

    Hello! What an Awesome giveaway! thank you so much for the chance to win! The “Practically Perfect” dress is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life, and I would be totally 100% honored to be the winner of it, and to wear it to the chapel with my “practically perfect” boyfriend!!

  36. 0. Sarah Jayne says:

    oooo tied between Love Story and Come What May!!

  37. 0. Ashley says:

    I’m searching for a fun reception dress for our September wedding and the “elope” dress would be perrrfect!!!

  38. 0. Erin B. says:

    The To The Chapel gown would be perfect for a ceremony, but I’m totally enamored with the idea of that Love Story dress for my reception!

  39. 0. Nikki says:

    Sarah’s Powdered Sugar dress looks edible. It’s my favorite and it would be the perfect reception dress!

  40. 0. Amberlee says:

    This giveaway is AMAZING! The Delightful dress is romantic and classic, and would be just the one I’d love to win!

  41. 0. Lauren says:

    In love with the Tulip!!!

  42. 0. Holly says:

    I love the “Pink Lady” dress! It has a beautiful neck line with gorgeous black lace detailing.

  43. 0. katie says:

    I love the elope dress. The love story is soo pretty too, I would love to wear it!

  44. 0. Sarah Lynn Roper says:

    Definitely Sarah Seven’s Elope dress!!! It’s so perfectly dreamy with a touch of glam.

  45. 0. Melissa says:

    It was hard to choose an absolutely favorite, but I love the ‘Pink Petals’ dress– it is just so soft and sweet and has the perfect details!

  46. 0. Ann says:

    I LOVE The EVERTHINE dress! Gorgeous!!

  47. 0. ann marie says:

    I LOVE the Love Story dress! Also, Forget Me Not & Old New Borrowed Blue are cute too!

  48. 0. Jeannine Keller-Nielsen says:

    The elope dress is perfect…fresh, a bit untidy and it has…POLK-A-DOTS!!!

  49. 0. Nikole says:

    Ah! It’s a tie between the Elope dress and Tea for Two. Both are gorgeous dresses that I would love to win. Sarah is so absolutely talented! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  50. 0. Emily Wahlheim says:

    The Love Story dress! Its too perfect. The Elope Dress is a close second.

  51. 0. Lis says:

    The practically perfect dress is beautiful!

  52. 0. Randi says:

    I love the Elope dress. Beautiful!

  53. 0. Angela says:

    The Love Story dress really is my favorite. It would be perfect for my summer wedding. :)

  54. 0. Mihaela says:

    “Pink Lady” has me swooning. I love the black lace with the pink. It’s a great combination of sexy and romantic.

  55. 0. Erin says:

    I LOVE the Love Story Dress! Awesome for any occasion!

  56. 0. Eloise says:

    Oh noooooooooooooo ! I’m a french reader so I can’t take part of the game :(
    All the dresses are so beautiful !!!!
    God save the wedding dresses !

  57. 0. beth says:

    Oh my. The Elope dress is awesome!

  58. 0. Linda says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Powdered Sugar dress. So ethereal and whimsical.

  59. 0. Kate says:

    I love love love the powdered sugar dress! So beautiful :)

  60. 0. Laureen B. says:

    All the Sarah Seven dresses are so ethereal and romantic, but the Practically Perfect dress is by far my favorite. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  61. 0. Erin says:

    I am in love with the Sunday morning dress, so romantic, with a vintage feel, just what I am looking for!

  62. 0. Amy D says:

    To pick just one is impossible!! Grape stomp, i love purple, Pretty Please, and Practically Perfect Dress!!

  63. 0. Meri says:

    I love the elope dress! Perfect for my trip to city hall!!!

  64. 0. Bryn says:

    I love the Lovely Dress! Absolutely gorgeous.

  65. 0. Sarah Lightfoot says:

    The “Elope” dress has to be my favorite. It’s so whimsical and flowy. All of the dresses are beautiful! It is hard to just pick one favorite. What a lovely giveaway, anyone would be lucky to have one of these gowns!!

  66. 0. Emily says:

    I adore the Everthine dress. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for my September garden wedding.

  67. 0. Katie B. says:

    The elope dress is fantastic!

  68. 0. Donnica says:

    OMGoodness these dresses are DROP DEAD! I love them all! :) But if I had to choose I would say the LOVE STORY dress is my FAV!!!!!!!

  69. 0. Beth says:

    I love the Elope dress! It’s such a romantic thought to just leave all the wedding planning behind, grab my man, grab this dress and go for it!

  70. 0. Alex says:

    Every one of these dresses are so stunning! I love all of them but especially delightful, tea for two, and love story. These are the dresses that girls grow up dreaming of being able to wear on their wedding day!

  71. 0. Jennifer says:

    I adore the Love Story dress for my wedding. Sarah Seven is a dream of mine!

  72. 0. Abbie says:

    My favorite is the Robins Egg dress. Absolutely stunning!!

  73. 0. Anna Laura says:

    I am loving the Elope Dress!! So fun and girly! :)

  74. 0. Katrina says:

    The “powdered sugar” dress is just adorable; perfect for my French wedding in June :)

  75. 0. Lauren says:

    Sarah Seven has such stunning designs! My favorite is the Flora dress!

  76. 0. Vanessa says:

    My absolute favorite is the Sunday morning dress!!!!!! It is just so beautiful!

  77. 0. edris says:

    i love the old new borrowed dress. so stunning!

  78. 0. Julie Hernandez says:

    I am getting married at the end of this year! I would love the Elope Dress!! It’s gorgeous!

    xoxo, Julie

  79. 0. Andee E. says:

    To The Chapel is definately my favorite! So unique and fun.

  80. 0. Ashley W says:

    I LOVE the FLora dress! It’s very soft and feminine. With many wedding dresses, you cant wear them more then once. With this dress, you could shorten and dye it after the big day to wear on an anniversary. LOVE it.

  81. 0. Katch says:

    Once again, wedding chicks you’ve outdone yourselves!
    The Love Story dress is just perfect! :)

  82. 0. Jessica says:

    I am in love with the Powdered Sugar dress! Every detail about this dress is absolutely stunning. I am positive if I owned this dress, I would never want to take it off, it’s just too beautiful to wear anything but!

  83. 0. Jody says:

    I absolutely love the “Elope” dress! It’s so gorgeous!!

  84. 0. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE the practically perfect dress!

  85. 0. Megan says:

    I’d love to have the Powdered Sugar dress!!!

  86. 0. Amanda M. says:

    Love story is sheer perfection!

  87. 0. Rachel says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Practically Perfect Dress. It is so beautiful and romantic!

  88. 0. Melissa says:

    The “White as Snow” dress is calling my name!

  89. 0. Danielle says:

    seriously, all of the dresses are gorgeous. I LOVE the Powdered Sugar dress though!!

  90. 0. Theresa Shilts says:

    The Love Story Dress is beautiful and would be more than perfect to top off our special day.

  91. 0. Amy Riley says:

    I am in LOVE with the Elope dress! So so so adorable!

  92. 0. Rachael says:

    I love the elope dress! It’s so simple & feminine!

  93. 0. Malina says:

    I love the “Practically Perfect” dress, it has such a fitting name too ♥ new to your site, love that I happened to stumble upon it today.

  94. 0. Serra says:

    I LOVE the Elope Dress–My own wedding dress has Swiss Dots on it, and I so wish I could have that one for the reception! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  95. 0. Lorelei says:

    I think the “lavendar dress” is gorgeous!!

  96. 0. Kara says:

    I am in love with the dress,”Old new borrowed blue”! I am getting married on the beach and my accent color is blue! Its beautiful!!

  97. 0. Megan Barfield says:

    Ivory Bliss!

  98. 0. Lindsay says:

    I’m in total bliss with “Ivory Bliss”. Heavenly.

  99. 0. Julie says:

    The everthine dress is utter perfection.The flowing textures, the dreamy softness, the amazing style. I want it!

  100. 0. Elizabeth says:

    They’re all so gorgeous, but if I had to choose it would be the Practically Perfect dress!

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