Sweet Treats + Twist Wrap Bridesmaid Dresses

This week our Miss Melissa was in NYC meeting up with all the fabulous wedding vendors. We are dedicating our  Sweet Treats to some of the utterly fabulous wedding professionals she met up with.

1. Tejani Jewelry – “The cuffs, earrings and necklaces were insane!” Check them out for some bling bling for your wedding.

2. Henry Roth Wedding Gowns & Michelle Roth Wedding Gowns “Aussie gown designers with the most amazing energy and personalities ever!”

3. Loeffler Randall “Creative bridal shoes and the staff was soooo sweet.”

4. Green Bride Guide “Eco friendly wedding gurus that are incredibly lovely.”

5. The Dessy Group “See their incredible twist wrap dress that looks great on every bridesmaid.”

1. Classic Peach Wedding Ideas

2. Rock N’ Roll Bride As Marie Antoinette

3. Southern California Film Photographer

4. Vintage Wedding Gowns From Mill Crest Vintage

5. New York Botanical Garden Wedding

7. Vintage Bridal Session

8. Kate Spade Inspired Wedding Ideas

9. Southern California Beach Wedding Ideas

10. DIY Wedding Desserts

11. Ireland Boho Chic Wedding Ideas

12. Wedding Tees & Tanks On Sale!

13. Canada Wedding From Jose Villa Photography

14. 2012 Free Wedding Save The Dates

15. Reno, Nevada Handmade Wedding

16. Classic Chicago Pink & Gray Wedding

17. Chicago Farm Wedding

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  1. -100. Wedding Chick Mel says:

    Absolutely LOVE all of the above! It was an absolute pleasure meeting with each and every vendor. Tejani, Henry Roth & Michelle Roth, Loeffler Randall, Green Bride Guide; thank you for the hospitality…LOVED every minute of it!!

  2. -100. Henry Roth says:

    Dear Melissa, It is very early am here in NYC and a wonderful time catching up with the Runway Week that has unfolded.. LOVED your really warm greeting straight after our Runway ! Runways have always had this ” mystique” of being very private and intimate. Fashion journalists
    critiqued the gowns,
    carved out reactions , and set a tone of ” where have you been all my life , to ” I don’t think this is working and either should you !

  3. -100. Henry Roth says:

    Social Media brought with it a dramatic broadening of participation. A Globalization of interaction that is refreshingly real.An intimacy of personalization that celebrates a Sea of change, more intimately than ever. WEDDINGS unfurl very meaningful new chapters. Howq extraordianry that some of our dresses were the most stunning ever, launched in a global new tomorrow all. We were surrounded by Live Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, email on Blackberry,Real Brides at our Runway, exclusivity of most of our Collection at Kleinfeld. The Socail Media for Michelle and I arrives to do what gives your gowns divine sophistication, conveniently located not everywhere !!

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