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Do It Yourself Strawberry Jam Favors

Do It Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects allow you to create your own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way you can imagine on your special day, for a shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.

These Do It Yourself Strawberry Jam Favors are delicious and easy to make, and nothing is more personal than offering your guests a homemade treat made with love. See more clever do-it-yourself wedding projects here.

What you will need.

1. 1/8 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
2. 1 pound of strawberries
3. 1 Tb. of Pomona’s pectin
4. Of course, your jars of choice

Begin by pouring the strawberries into a bowl and mashing them with a fork. Then pour lemon juice, mashed berries and sugar into a large pot, set on medium and heat to a rolling boil. On a separate burner, boil 3/4 cups of water and add 1 Tb. of pectin and stir until even. Pour pectin-water into the pot with other ingredients and stir. Let jam cool before scooping it into jars of your choice. Time to decorate them! How cute are the jars that Hilton Pittman Photography whipped up for this little DIY?

A special thanks to Hilton Pittman Photography for sharing this DIY with us, be sure to visit their blog they happen to do crafty projects like this all the time!


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  1. -100. Tammy@Events By Tammy says:

    Such a cute idea. And great for a end of summer wedding.

  2. -100. weddingchicks says:

    We love this DIY! SO yummy!

  3. -100. Holly says:

    It’s important to let your guests know these should be consumed ASAP as they are not truly “canned.” You can’t leave them on the shelf.

  4. -100. Krystina says:

    This is such a great favor!!

  5. -100. Annie says:

    I love this idea and the photography is amazing. Fantastic website..I look forward to more contributions like this one!

  6. Holy cow, those are the cutest little jam jars I think I’ve ever seen! I made strawberry jam for favors for my daughter’s first birthday in May (Strawberry Picnic theme), and I wish I’d found such a charming jar shape.

  7. -100. A.Love says:

    Adorable idea!!
    So, how much sugar is needed for 1lb of strawberries & where are those adorable round jars from?!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. -100. Chuck says:

    those photos are beautiful!

  9. -100. Bethany says:

    Does anyone know where the jars are from? I can’t tell from the response but if I can get my hands on them, I want to use them for my wedding favors. Thanks!

  10. -100. Kendell says:

    Does anyone know where to purchase labels like the one ones in the photo saying “take one” and “home made jam”?

  11. -100. Nelz says:

    I’d LOVE to know where to find such cute jars, please? :) email me at if possible. I need to start working on my wedding favors and cant find any cute jars the right size. thanks in advance ♥nelz

  12. -100. Nancy says:

    Are these safe to eat???? I’ve canned for years and never have a made jam without processing the jar to seal it.

  13. -100. Atturina says:

    where do you buy these jars from?

  14. -100. Maria V. Baccari says:

    I love your DIY projects, wonderful ideas! Also, I would love to know where I can purchase the jam jars photographed in your project for the jam. Thank you!

  15. -100. Marilyn Woodman says:

    I just loved this tutorial, but the problem I’ve having is no matter where I go, I can’t find any kind of canning jars other than the standard wide-mouth jars with all the raised lettering on them! I just loved the jars shown and hoped they would be named when I clicked the link, but all I got was a social media marketing company. Could someone please help with sources of jars that don’t have any writing, or at least limited writing, are wide mouth, and come in several sizes and preferably shapes?

  16. -100. Mary Lou Sumberg says:

    Thanks for featuring Pomona’s Pectin in your post. We agree homemade jam favors are a wonderful gift. Would just like to point out that the directions given in the post are incomplete and not quite right. To make jam with Pomona’s Pectin, please follow the directions that come with the pectin for strawberry jam or find other great recipes on our website.

    One reason you may have trouble finding those jars is they are not approved for home canning, for which a 2-piece lid is a better choice so that you know the jar is sealed. And yes, a water bath is essential if you are giving jam as a gift. Try Fillmore Container for a large selection of jars.


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