A Vintage Volkswagen Save the Date Film

Jessica & Nolan had wanted a fun and modern way to spread the news about their upcoming nuptials. So, they looked upon 2Chic Events & Design and Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films to create something super duper for them. After scouting for two days, 2Chic Events & Design and Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films decided the Amador Wine Country in Northern California would be the perfect backdrop for the film. With curvy abandoned country roads, and gorgeous vineyard covered hills, it was the perfect location. Especially during the scene where the couple reenacted their proposal.

I am sure that you notice that the license plate on the vintage VW has a personalized plate that was designed by Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films in Photoshop and physically installed in the car. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best!

Video Save-the-Dates are such a fun way for couples to express their style and vibe of their upcoming wedding.  With the ability to email the link or place the film on a wedding website, video Save-the-Dates are a very green alternative to traditional paper products as well as saving cost on postage.  It is a very fun and engaging way to get the attention of your prospective guests.

This video is no longer available to view. Please visit Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films on their website or blog.

Filming: Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films, film production, Aimee Wendell
Concept & Styling: 2Chic Events & Design

Makeup Artist: Image Provocateur
Behind the scenes Photography: Jacqueline Photography

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  1. -100. Jackie says:

    This was such a fun shoot to work on and amazing vendors to work with!

  2. -100. Dick Grinnell says:

    Love the VW. I owned a few of them in the ’60s and ’70s. Great shot through the windshield!

  3. -100. lovespunfilms says:

    This was so much fun to shoot! I know the couple, Jessica & Nolan, have had such a great time sharing this film with their friends and family. It is a big hit. Amiee did a great job finding this amazing VW and styling everything around it.

  4. Amazing. Love that vintage VW!

  5. -100. sacramentoweddingplanning says:

    Thank you for featuring this super fun and cute Save the Date!

    When this adorable red bug that I had envisioned in my head landed in my lap, I knew that this was going to be a fabulous shoot! Hope everyone enjoys it!

  6. -100. Jessica Pollock says:

    Way cute!! I love the red bug and the license plate! Super cute song ties the whole thing together too! Great job ladies!

  7. -100. Natalie {Miss Social} says:

    Love Love Love this Save-the-Date!!! LoveSpun Films is the best in their industry, especially in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. I am constantly looking forward to new wedding films from Jessica (@lovspunjess). The LoveSpun team is very talented and I have had the privilege to work with them on many occasions and it was an amazing experience. Great film!!!


  8. -100. k* says:

    Adorable! LoveSpun does such lovely work. I feel particularly nostalgic watching this as I had that exact same VW Beetle Convertible even the same color as my first car. Best car ever! Great job Jess!

  9. -100. lovespunfilms says:

    K* I know exactly what you mean. My first car wasn’t a bug but rather a cool Navy Blue Jetta and I loved it. I have owned 3 other VWs since and I just love them. There is just something about VWs that make my heart pitter patter. Thanks for the compliments of my work. I really appreciate it!!!

  10. -100. Amber says:

    Love it! These ladies are so talented. What an adorable couple!!

  11. -100. Rebekah Owens says:

    I love it! It seems so well thought out. The treasure map with the wedding date on it was a nice touch.

  12. -100. s hamond says:

    of course i noticed that at the end where the license plate says “save the date” then changes to “5 28 11”, that they didnt change the reflection in the bumper to match. lol. very cute though!

  13. -100. Audrey Gardemeyer says:

    Gotta love the storyline… isn’t it true, planning a wedding is quite a journey! Such a cute idea and brought together so brilliantly! Could you imagine getting this as your Save the Date? Talk about a hip 21st century bride and groom!

  14. -100. dh says:

    cute concept, but the handheld camera shaky crap is too much to handle….was the camera operator having a seizure or something? Seriously. Tripod. Monopod. Shoulder mount. Anything.

  15. -100. Lewis Allan says:

    What an AMAZING film! I LOVED IT!

  16. -100. Jessica says:

    Im so happy that this has gotten featured! I hope this inspires other brides to get this kind of save the date it was an amazing experience…the whole process was just so much fun and I had the most fabulous wedding vendors working on this for us!

  17. -100. Renee LaFleur says:

    Love it! The scenery is amazing and filming is excellent as usual!

  18. -100. Courtney Bacchi says:

    That was absolutely adorable! You guys are perfect together and you made me cry!!! Thanks ;D

  19. -100. Melissa says:

    What an amazing idea! I would love to receive a save the date like this. Congrats to the couple in the video :) And nice work 2 Chic Events and Lovespun!

  20. -100. Sandy Grinnell says:

    Great film!

  21. -100. Deborah says:

    Fabulous! I absolutely love it.

  22. -100. Kathryn Andrews says:

    What a great idea! Love it!

  23. -100. Claire Eliza says:

    I love to see more and more stylish wedding video options appearing. For so long that part of the industry seemed so terribly tacky.

  24. -100. Sonja says:

    One of my favorite things about being a wedding planner is seeing our work come to life! I love, love, love this video!


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