Big Summer Bridal Giveaway – Castle Bride Couture

Surprise we have another giveaway today for you!

Castle Bride Couture, one of the most stylish wedding piece head designers around is giving away one of their gorgeous head pieces. Castle Bride Couture provides the most comprehensive collection of handmade birdcage veils that you can find. So, if you are looking for that perfect bird cage veil than this is the giveaway for you.

How to win!

Visit Castle Bride Couture to see all of the beautiful hair pieces offered. Come back to The Wedding Chicks and share with us your favorite Castle Bride Couture hair piece by leaving a comment. Enter as often as you like. Winners will be announced next week and all contests from the Big Summer Bridal Giveaway will close this Sunday, August 1, 2010!

We also want to mention that Castle Bride Couture is having a huge SAMPLE SALE. You can contact them directly via email: to see if they have the pieces on sale you are looking for. The sale is pretty awesome they have items that are usually $700 marked down to $200 and some items are only $100. I would for sure email them if you are in the market for a veil at a great price.

Photo Credits Top Image and Lower right of first collage: Kristin Vining

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  1. 0. Brooke says:

    I like the Jamie style.

  2. 0. Thelma says:

    Thanks for the giveaway my fav is Daisy!

  3. 0. Thelma says:

    I have to admit Nicole is beautiful too.

  4. 0. Thelma says:

    I want Belinda! ;)

  5. 0. Thelma says:

    I would totally rock Adelaide for my Reception.I would soooo stand out!

  6. 0. Reta says:

    I love the Lilian veil. It is so fab!

  7. 0. Laura Devitt says:

    I think the Jamie is definitely my favorite.

  8. 0. Leah says:

    I like the Catherine!

  9. 0. Kelly says:

    Daisy has my heart! I love a good headband and this one incorporates the vintage birdcage wedding veil… it’s perfection.

  10. 0. Faye says:

    I love the Belinda Style!

  11. 0. Faye says:

    And, Daisy Style!

  12. 0. maura says:

    madison is BEAUTIFUL!!

  13. 0. maura says:

    but jamie could steal my heart away as well!

  14. 0. Carla Martinez says:

    What a treat! Vintage Couture is known for having the BEST hair pieces around. All of their designs are stunning, but my favorite would have to be the Lauren Birdcage Veil. It’s gorgeous!

  15. 0. kelly shaw says:

    wow… chloe is cute!

  16. 0. Madison says:

    I love the Jamie piece. It’s vintage-chic with a touch of modern style. Also, not too overpowering!

  17. 0. kelly shaw says:

    jaimie is just lovely

  18. 0. Leslie Holmes says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I have been following you guys for a while now and absolutely ADORE you!
    I am getting married this September and we are having an Art Deco-ish wedding… (I am really into the whole vintage thing)
    My mother is planning to MAKE a birdcage veil for me, but after seeing (yet another of) your giveaway… I am now aware that I MUST have the Jamie
    I am absolutely IN LOVE!
    Hook a sister up ;)

  19. 0. kelly shaw says:

    rachel rocks!

    oooh… i just loooove lil hats!

  20. 0. kelly shaw says:

    britney is soooo elegant too though!!!! ahhh… decisions!!!

  21. 0. Brandy says:

    I love the Emma birdcage veil!

  22. 0. kelly shaw says:

    ok, no… really i just looked at reece!!!!ooohhh…. please please pleaselet me win this veil!!!

  23. 0. Miranda says:

    The “Belinda” Birdcage veil is gorgeous! Love the large ostrich fascinator. It’s so dramatic. :)

  24. 0. kelly shaw says:

    Kelli!!! like my name with an i!

    just realized there is the formal feather section too!!! omg… i think it wouldbe easier to ask which ones i DON”T like!!! lol… this is a great giveaway!!!

  25. 0. Carla Martinez says:

    The Jaime Birdcage Veil is stunning! I am amazed by its elegance and beauty.

  26. 0. Kristen says:

    I like the Belinda bird cage veil.

  27. 0. Kristen says:

    The Emma is pretty awesome as well.

  28. 0. Kristen says:

    My favorite is the Brisbane with the purple and black feathers.

  29. 0. kelly shaw says:

    i love all the pictures posted here with this entry as well…. how about that last picture with the car & makeup? omg… so chic! winning one of these babies would rock my world, can’t stop thinking about jaimie!

  30. 0. Chelsea says:

    i LOVE Amelia (Style Brisbane: Black netting headpiece with a brilliant feathered coque feather fascinator.) It would go perfect with my peacock blue dress!

  31. 0. Carla says:

    For our vintage inspired wedding, I would love to wear the Chloe Birdcage Veil. It is simply stunning!

  32. 0. Carla says:

    WOW! There is absolutely nothing out there that even comes close to Vintage Couture’s beautiful designs. They are simply amazing. My favorite is the Daisy Birdcage Veil. It would be perfect for our Great Gatsby themed wedding!

  33. 0. Brandy says:

    I love love the Belinda!

  34. 0. Kristen S says:

    I love the Anya design!!

  35. 0. Sara says:

    I would get either the Emma, Belinda or Melbourne!! They are so pretty and unique!!

  36. 0. Kris says:

    I think the Madison is gorgeous! It’s simple elegance and sophistication allows it to shine without taking away from the beauty of the bride. A very pretty piece that would accompany many style of a dress and could be worn with many various hair styles.

  37. 0. Sarah says:

    I love the Kiera!!! It offers more coverage than other birdcage veils to make it feel slightly more traditional, but it still has that vintage/retro vibe. Plus, that crystal flower is beautiful! I’m seriously in love with this veil!

  38. 0. davonne says:

    so many awesome choices!i love the classic Chloe and the rocking Adelaide

  39. 0. tina says:

    the Nicole is fabulous. seriously, so whimsy and cute.

  40. 0. tina says:

    And also the Daisy is a really close second for me. Wouldn’t know which of the two to choose from. Never thought I’d be one to wear bird cage veils, but I realized it would be perfect for the reception!

  41. 0. jen says:

    I love the Lauren style … classic!

  42. 0. Carla says:

    With so many beautiful pieces, it is sooooo hard to decide which Vintage Couture design is my favorite. The Nicole Birdcage Veil is beautifully design. It is a timeless piece that just oozes with elegance and sophistication

  43. 0. Carla Martinez says:

    Vintage Couture is a master of their craft. Tgeir designs and headpieces are so elegant and timeless. The Lilian Birdcage Veil is so chic and absolutely stunning!

  44. 0. roxi says:

    the kiera veil is lovely :)

  45. 0. Carla Martinez says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity. I have had my eyes on a Vintage Couture headpiece for quite a while, and I have been saving up to get one for my special day. I am absolutely in love with the Anya Birdcage Veil. It’s amazing.

  46. 0. emma leigh says:

    I loooooove the Jamie birdcage veil!

  47. 0. Brandy says:

    I have been debating on whether or not to have a birdcage veil or a long one…but these are sooo pretty, I want one.

  48. 0. amie says:

    the dasiy one is my favorite.

  49. 0. marie says:

    Oh my gosh, I had a dream and tried to describe it to my daughter and couldn’t, but when she showed me the daisy piece, that was exactly it!

  50. 0. Brandy says:

    Would love to see a magnolia or peony, but absolute love all their gorgeous pieces!!

  51. 0. Krystal says:

    I like the Chloe!

  52. 0. Cassandra says:

    STYLE: EMMA …Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to wear a birdcage veil at my wedding. I am an artista, and think this would be the icing on my outdoor wedding cake! I would be forever grateful to have this piece. My budget is extremely small, I’m not even registering. What an honor.

  53. 0. Cassandra says:


  54. 0. lisa norman says:

    Coffee is in my top ten list of favorite things in life!!! I love nonfat vanilla lattes, he loves mocha fraps!!! I would love to have a coffee stand so my non-drinking family could have a special drink too! They would be honored that I considered their needs as well. thanks for the chance–you guys rock my socks! ps. wedding in camarillo…hop, skip & jump to oc!

  55. 0. Cassandra says:

    EMMA. gorgeous.

  56. 0. Paige says:

    I love love love the Belina birdcage veil! i would wear it to a fancy dinner, or the ballet :o)

  57. 0. Paige says:

    love the daisy birdcage veil! i want it for everyday ;o)

  58. 0. Paige says:

    love the marina too!

  59. 0. Paige says:

    ok now i just love them all!

  60. 0. Liisa says:

    I love the Rachel style!

  61. 0. Kelly says:

    Wow!! I love the vintage collection!! so cool!

  62. 0. Kelly says:

    The Daisy style is my fav!!

  63. 0. Kelly says:

    The Marina veil is BEAUTIFUL!!

  64. 0. Jill Guin says:

    I love the Jeanette birdcage veil! It’s so dramatic and would be perfect to wear for the reception!

  65. 0. Kelly says:

    I love the drama of Kelli… and the name =)

  66. 0. emma leigh says:

    LOVE the Marina!

  67. 0. cara says:

    i love belinda! so fun.

  68. 0. Allie Kelley says:

    the “laura” in haute couture is just so very charming! so adorable!

  69. 0. Allie Kelley says:

    oh WOW! the “KIM” is so fierce!

  70. 0. Kimberly says:

    Jamie and Anya are my favorites. It’s hard to pick just one.

  71. 0. Kelly says:

    Loving all the veils…couldn’t possibly pick a fav!

  72. 0. Sara says:

    I love the Daisy Style Headband

  73. 0. Sara says:

    love the lauren veil! so cutee!

  74. 0. Sara says:

    love jamie birdcage! the entire vintage line is so cute and would fit my dress sooo perfectly!

  75. 0. Sara says:

    I like the nicole as well… the feathers on the veils are so cute!

  76. 0. Sara says:

    the lilian birdcage is also 1 of my favorites out of the vintage styles by castle bride couture!

  77. 0. Sara says:

    i loveee The catherine Birdcage veil

  78. 0. Sara says:

    the jeanette veil is so cute! I like how its longer in the back and the short veil in front!

  79. 0. Sara says:


  80. 0. Sara says:


  81. 0. Sara says:

    i like the marina birdcage veil!

  82. 0. Sara says:

    The charlie is so cool and different!

  83. 0. Sara says:

    I like the Adelaide veil… a mix of the light feather w/ the dark veil! so cute!

  84. 0. Allison says:

    I love the Anya birdcage veil! So glamorous!

  85. 0. Okeoma says:

    I love Daisy!

  86. 0. Okeoma says:

    Also LOVE Chloe!

  87. 0. Okeoma says:

    What veil is the model in the top picture wearing?!? its a-MA-zing!

  88. 0. Sharon says:

    Thank you for coming up with these contests. They’re very helpful to us brides! :)

    I adore the Jamie birdcage Veil as it would go with my cheongsam for our lunch reception!

  89. 0. Amanda says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! My favorite is the Nicole style — it would go perfectly with our vintage-inspired wedding!

  90. 0. Amanda says:

    I love the Nicole style! I’ve been a huge fan of the Castle Bride veils for several years and am thrilled to have the chance to win one!

  91. 0. Kristi M. says:

    My favorite bridal style is “Jamie”, so elegant and classy. My sister-in-law to be would love your formal feather collection, she is a belly dancer!

  92. 0. Kay Williams says:

    I love Catherine, my favorite

  93. 0. Kay Williams says:

    The real bride wearing the Catherine, which is my favorite are the best photos.

  94. 0. Kay Williams says:

    Marilyn is just as gorgeous

  95. 0. Ilissa says:

    This hairpiece is very nice: – simple yet sophisticated!

  96. 0. Yuliya says:

    I love the simplicity of Lauren

  97. 0. Miss Pete says:

    I’m lovin’ the Chloe veil. It’s a bit gaga-esque. ooolala

  98. 0. Thelma says:

    Love the Laila too

  99. 0. Thelma says:

    The Britney is sexy and unique

  100. 0. Thelma says:

    Please give me the Marilyn

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