Sweeter Than Honey Wedding Ideas

For an even sweeter day, add honey to your overall wedding look and feel. There are so many adorable ideas that you can personalize and make your own that involve the buzzing bee. Here are a few garden wedding ideas that involve the sweet treat from Krissy McCabe Photography.

How about supporting local beekeepers and purchasing honey from them for a more eco friendly approach. If you are planning to incorporate candles into your wedding ceremony or reception, definitely consider going with beeswax. The possibilities are endless.

Photography: Krissy McCabe Photography

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  1. -100. Amy says:

    Wow! These pictures are phenomenal, nice work Krissy!

    Also, great way of incorporating the theme of bee’s and blossoms throughout. Love!!!

  2. -100. brosnanphotographic says:

    I adore it! Love the bee theme!

  3. -100. Tina says:

    Absolutely dreamy…. =)

  4. -100. Charlie Sauls says:

    I love this! Such a unique idea!

  5. -100. Radelle says:

    LOVE this!!!!
    The feeling that you get as you look at these photos is amazing.

  6. -100. Tim G. says:

    This is gorgeous!!! Well done Krissy!

  7. -100. Anne says:

    What a great theme – love it!!

  8. -100. Glenda says:

    Amazing!! Great work Krissy!

  9. -100. Nichole says:

    Such sweet photos – gorgeous!

  10. -100. Shannon Earle says:

    Amazing work. MN brides would be wise to utilize your talen!

  11. -100. bestweddingsites says:

    Love this theme – and it’s so pretty. I’d love to know who created the bee hive cake.

  12. -100. Linda Lind says:

    Jenny DeLang & Krissy McCabe you are so-o-o talented. We expect a bunch of buzzing & creating between the two of you! Keep the world buzzing with your creative gifts!

  13. I’m a massive honey fan so I would have been in heaven here… love the cake!

  14. -100. jesi haack weddings says:

    get outta here. this is adorable. We are doing honeycomb inspiration for one of my october clients….:)

  15. -100. Evin says:

    LOVE this post so much I can hardly stand it! I wish all of my brides were as creative, what great photos this makes… even makes me want to get married all over again! :)

  16. Love the table setting!

  17. -100. Krissy McCabe says:

    wow! thank you everyone for your kind words and comments! if anyone would like any more info, please feel free to email me and check out my blog for more information!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  18. -100. Marie says:

    Such a great organic theme and your photos really bring that home! He looks amazing in our three piece suit…:) This seriously makes me want to renew our vows after just four years, especially since our wedding photographer was so uninspired.

  19. Oh my gosh how cute is the bumble bee theme!

  20. -100. Jenny says:

    I love these photos! What a great theme for a wedding!

  21. -100. Jessica Waibel says:

    Absolutly beautiful!!! It is photos likes these that capture the special memories for years and years to come!!! Beautiful job Krissy!!

  22. -100. Jenny de Lang says:

    These photos show us that an elegant event can take place in a humble setting. Krissy McCabe did an amazing job of tying the details to the surroundings and using the natural elements and lighting to capture a mood. I love the juxtaposition of the refined with the rough. It is eye candy for anyone who is thinking of hosting an outdoor event. Thank you for sharing.

  23. -100. Lisa Svensson says:

    Krissy, all of your hard work and patience has definitely paid off . The love of your craft and skill level are evident in every detail. Thank you for letting me be a small part in your lovely vision. Can I have a piece of that cake?

  24. -100. Erin*Sparkle&Hay says:

    what an adorable, sweet, & pretty inspiration!

  25. -100. Stephanie Padovani says:

    So gosh darn cute! This goes way beyond the “Meant to bee” honey favors. (Which are still uber cute in my book, by the way.)

    One of our couples had a honeybee cake at their Locust Grove wedding. It was one of 3 wedding cakes! (The bride was a pastry chef.) Needless to say, the “cake buffet” was a big hit.


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