A Korakia Pensione Palm Springs Wedding

If you were thinking of checking out the Korakia Pensione for your wedding, here is a spectacular example of what it would feel like. This Mediterranean-style oasis blends the silhouette of Tangier with a whisper of the Mediterranean. Lanterns and fire-pits flicker, illuminating the heated pools at night. Classic and foreign films glimmer on a nearby screen. It makes for a magical destination spot. This little gem in the desert has event space for up to 130 people.

Enjoy Cari & Jared’s charming desert wedding. Overflowing with succulent details from our very own The Vine’s Leaf and captured by another Wedding Chick favorite, Joy Marie Photography. Styled and planned by Kristen Daniel Schrock of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, we are excited to share this Palm Springs wedding!

Are you loving the succulent escort cards above that The Vine’s Leaf made? If you are interested we have an incredibly easy tutorial on how to make these. Check out our Eco Friendly Succulent Place Cards Here! We got our DIY idea and succulents from The Vine’s Leaf!

Both The Vine’s Leaf and Joy Marie Photography are preferred members and proud sponsors of The Wedding Chicks.

Photography: Joy Marie Photography
Floral Designs: The Vine’s Leaf
Coordinator: Kristen Daniel Schrock of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

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  1. -100. Jamie Richardson says:

    This wedding is so amazing!! I’ve been waiting for you to feature a wedding from Joy Marie. She’s absolutely one of my favorite photogs. This couple is gorgeous! Perfect setting, perfect images, perfect post! Kudos Wedding Chicks!! :)

  2. -100. Lisa says:

    Such a wonderful and special day!! The photos do a great job capturing the love and happiness we all felt while celebrating with the happy couple! Love it!

  3. -100. Brett Phillips says:

    What an incredible wedding– couldn’t have had a more wonderful time w/ a more wonderful couple. Hats off to Joy Marie and Korakia and the entire Palm Springs Weekend!

  4. -100. Jared Potts says:

    I as the groom have to raise it up to Joy Marie and the wonderful photog. staff for making this weekend an unforgettable one — everything flowed so well and the pictures bring it all back to life. Cheers

  5. -100. Cari Ann Potts says:

    I truly get teary every time I look at these picture. This was a dream of a day and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks so much, Joy, for capturing these moments!

  6. -100. Jenna Potts says:

    The destination, the floral designs, the picture perfect planning, and the amazing images captured by Joy Marie made this wedding truly unforgettable. Congratulations again on your special day Jared and Cari!

  7. -100. Korakia Staff says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and what a treat to be a part of it! The pictures are beautiful!!! Congrats to the Pott’s and Welcome to the Korakia Family!
    xoxo-Korakia Girls

  8. -100. Heidi @ Zenadia says:

    I’m so excited to see Cari and Jared’s wedding featured here!! When Cari sent me the images I was totally in awe over everything! Love love love!!

  9. -100. Ryan says:

    Such an amazing wedding and beautiful pictures to remember it by!

  10. -100. Sean says:

    Beautiful images of a beautiful wedding. It was such a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks to everyone who made that happen.

  11. -100. lindsey says:

    absolutely beautiful!

  12. -100. barbara says:

    Cari, you look amazing! These pics are fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you again for letting me stay with you guys at Korakia. It was an amazing experience.

  13. -100. Elaine Skiba says:

    A lovely couple, a wonderful celebration, and a spectacular job by the staff of the Karakia Pensione and Joy Marie Photography. It was a outstanding capture of such a special day!! Jared and Cari, may all you days be this picture pefect!!!!

  14. -100. Selina says:

    OMG, this wedding is so gorgeous. I wanted Joy Marie for my wedding, but she was booked. Now I see why I was so disappointed that she wasn’t available. Congrats, Cari & Jared! These are amazing!!

  15. -100. Anna says:


  16. -100. richard valenstein says:

    These pictures capture how neat Cari and Jared are in person! Korakia was the perfect location; it nurtured a vibe that went on all weekend, with great friends, a special family a touching ceremony, and memories forever.

  17. -100. Stephanie Belitski says:

    This was definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to! Every little detail was so well thought out and put together perfectly. The Joy Marie staff did a wonderful job caputring every special moment and Korakia provided the most amazing setting :)

  18. -100. Jessica says:

    Beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures!! Can’t wait to see the rest. xoxo Jess

  19. -100. Melina Ruiz says:


  20. -100. Ashley says:

    What a gorgeous couple! The photographer did a great job capturing the day.

  21. -100. Richie says:

    The wedding weekend was like a dream. To be a part of such a beautiful moment in Jared and Cari’s lives was deeply moving. Looking at these pictures makes me want to drift off to sleep and relive it all over again.

  22. -100. Jan says:

    Sexy and swwet. Memories
    to cherish forever, Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Luck and Love to all. JAN

  23. -100. Jamie says:

    What a beautiful couple and a gorgeous wedding. That shot of the bride getting ready is AMAZING!

  24. -100. Jill Valenstein says:

    I always wanted someone for Cari who loves and understands and admires her and is a true partner for her journey through life. Cari and Jared are true soul mates and Joy’s photographs capture how well matched they are.

  25. -100. krisserin says:

    I love the succulent boutonniere! Congrats on the gorgeous wedding, Cari!

  26. -100. Karen says:

    I was so lucky to be able to attend such a beautiful wedding! Congrats to everyone involved! The pictures are simply amazing…

  27. -100. Nicole Denette says:

    My husband Keith and I were part of the wedding party and the whole weekend was beautiful as were the bride and groom. Joy is an amazing photographer, very friendly and helpful. She truly was able to capture the emotion of the day. Korakia was awesome! I hope to come back for a visit!

  28. -100. Joanna says:

    So amazing! The pictures, the setting, the couple…absolutely gorgeous!

  29. -100. Lauren says:

    Love Joy’s photos, loved Korakia, and most of all, love this couple! What great memories to have forever!

  30. Incredibly GORGEOUS!! Palm Springs, succulents, stunning couple, everything I love is covered!!

  31. -100. Jessica Gardner says:

    This was such an amazing day from beginning to end and the pictures Joy captured are breathtaking! Cari and Jared are truly such great people, it was wonderful to be there to celebrate their nuptials!!

  32. -100. Lisa Mendrin says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful Bride & Groom. Joy did such a fabulous job capturing all the precious moments of the wedding.. and then some! These are some of the greatest photos I have seen… Cari and Jared belong in a magazine.. they are gorgeous :)

  33. -100. Desiree says:

    This was such a beautiful wedding! The photos are amazing and really capture how beautiful and special Cari and Jared’s wedding was:)

  34. -100. Josh Casey says:

    The location, the weather, the people, the couple, the love… everything came together simultaneously and the moment we all had been anticipating, happened. Thru quality pictures we get to relive those memories and recall feelings time slowly buries. These picture-perfects tell of the “Joy” we all felt on the Potts’ special day.

  35. -100. Mariah Cherniss says:

    We haven’t had this much fun at a wedding ever! Every detail was attended to and everything was absolutely stunning. It was an amazing evening all around!

  36. -100. 10.11. Makeup says:

    so beautiful. i love the emotion captured in the first photo…

  37. -100. irene says:

    Who did the wedding cake ? It is so pretty

  38. -100. KRISTEN says:

    to the most beautiful, most lovely bride and groom – your vision of the perfect day could not have been better documented. joy, you take this to a whole new level. stunning.

    what a treat and honor to be a part of this amazing day and family. i am in love…

  39. -100. Susan Petzold says:

    I have never seen a more beautiful, happier bride or a more handsome , loving groom. Everything about this weekend was perfect…just like this couple. The pictures capture the essence of Cari and Jared and the place. It was breath taking!!!

  40. -100. Amy says:

    This was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings I have had the privilege of attending. And these lovely photos truly show how exquisite the couple, the decor, and the location were that day.

  41. -100. Chris says:

    What a beautiful place for a wedding to match the beautiful couple!

  42. nice! succulents is such the trend now – i see them everywhere! beautiful wedding!

  43. -100. Kristine says:

    Perfect day, perfect couple, perfect location, perfect photographer. It was such an honor to be part of such a beautiful celebration of love!

  44. -100. Robin Bravante says:

    What a beautiful couple! They look like movie stars…the dress, the pink socks, the cake, tables…all gorgeous!

  45. -100. Rafferty says:

    Great wedding and a great location for a great couple!

  46. -100. Mike & Michelle Messecar says:

    What a fantastic wedding!The photos are wonderful and everything was just perfect.Congrats to Joy Marie you out did yourself.We are ready to go back to the Korakia. Jared and Cari We were so happy to share in this wonderful day may everyday just get better and better for the two of you.

  47. -100. Schwarze & Sam says:

    Wedding Chicks blog needs to make this happen. These 2 (Cari & Jared) have basically set the bar for weddings to come. Amazing time, amazing people, amazing Bride & Groom!

  48. -100. Jamie says:

    Wow! The shot of Cari getting ready is like a work of art! A beautiful couple, inside & out.

  49. -100. Amy says:


  50. -100. Chris and Susan Buchanan says:

    What a wonderful setting to have a wedding and reception at.

  51. -100. Mel & Donna says:

    What a beautiful wedding and georgeous oouple! We were so greatful to witness your vows! The Korakia was the perfect setting, food was delicious and just fun to be with friends and family! Now go and make little Potts!

  52. -100. Emellada says:

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