In The Fields Of Manhattan, New York

We are pretty sure there are not any fields in Manhattan, New York! However that is where NYC wedding photographer, Trent Bailey is located and he took these lovely photos. They were actually taken in Louisiana.

Brooks and Bonnie did not have an engagement session, so this is their love session. Everyone drove down the winding country roads near Bonnie’s childhood home. They decided on a a wide-open field with two beautiful oak trees in the background.

Bonnie wanted to incorporate family heirlooms into the shoot. They used a church pew that was refinished by her grandfather, as well as various nick knacks such as her mother’s baby book and bible. The table is a spool that is used when electrical companies put up new power lines. They got pretty creative with all the props. The deserts look extra yummy made with love by Sucre- New Orleans.

Bonnie disassembled her sister’s wedding dress to make a top, and paired it with a silk skirt. The adorable hair accessories were actually made by Trent’s Studio 45 NY wife. Brooks wore a Billy Reid Shirt with his own suit, a jcrew bowtie, and sperry topsiders.

They both clean up pretty nice, don’t you think?

Manhattan, New York wedding photographer Trent Bailey Photography is preferred vendor and proud sponsor of The Wedding Chicks.

Photography: Trent Bailey Photography
Hair Accessories: Studio 45 NY
Tabletop Items: Brooklyn Flea Market
Pastries: Sucre- New Orleans
Hand Painted Parasol:I Do Originals
Pieces of the clothing and antique furniture were provided by Ruby

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  1. -100. Dognbird says:

    This is masterful! Love the light.

  2. -100. Feuza says:

    I Am so happy that my friend Trent is featured here, he was so excited when he had the idea for this shoot and went out shopping for it, here is to many more features Trent! great photos, love the hair pieces

  3. -100. Melissa Key says:

    This is simply beautiful. Trent you have an amazing eye for detail. Brooks and Bonnie you guys look great as usual.

  4. -100. Betsy Hood says:

    LOVE all these shots!!! Great Work Trent and such a Beautiful Couple!! You do such an amazing job!! Congrats!!

  5. -100. HollieBee says:

    Kudos to a soon-to-be-world-famous photog. These images personify the word ‘love’ and they are breathtaking.

  6. -100. courtney says:


  7. -100. Bridgette Chavers says:

    The originality of Trent’s work is what sets him apart from other photographers; he is an artist. He sees art in the smallest object and brings it to life with his subjects. Bonnie & Brooks’ session is absolute perfection! I can’t wait for Trent to shoot my daughter’s bridal/wedding pictures! I can rest assured knowing that Trent will make sure that her pictures will be amazing!

  8. -100. Lizzie says:

    these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! trent bailey has a true talent!

  9. -100. Lauren Orcutt says:

    The photography is amazing! The Field and family pieces really added a special element. Dara’s hair pieces are fabulous as always! What a talented artistic eye on the both of you!!

  10. -100. Mary says:

    These are quite beautiful.

  11. I love the setting for this shoot! Stunning.

  12. -100. Amanda Chavers says:

    JUST BEAUTIFUL~ Awesome prop ideas. I loved the location and the setup was perfect. Trent captures each interaction perfectly. Wonderful journalistic photography and I can’t wait til he photographs my Bridal portraits and my wedding!

  13. -100. Dave T says:

    Your on your way Trent!

  14. -100. Judy Williams says:

    Trent Bailey does excellent work! I have seen many of his graduation ideas and they are terrific. He has such great ideas. Love them all!

  15. -100. Rhonda says:

    Your imagination and ideas are truly unique and so cool. The field’s vivid background coupled with the bench and spool are great. Brooks and Bonnie’s love for one another shows in the photos. GREAT job! Cannot wait to see what you shoot next.

  16. -100. Maggie says:

    Classy and beautiful…the talent is amazing. Absolutly loved the style of the bride as well as her accessories. Would love to see more of this.

  17. -100. Linda Nutt says:

    Wow, these look like a storybook romance lived out! I love all the pics and the creative props adding the family touch. Just wonderful!

  18. -100. Hannah Dziuk says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures!

  19. -100. Kristy Berner says:

    Fabulous work Trent – as usual!!! Can’t wait to get our family pictures!

  20. -100. Lisa says:

    Fabulous pictures, great settings and attention to detail. Makes me want to schedule a photo shoot.

  21. -100. Dara says:

    A lovely session created by my talented husband! Congrats, Trent and here’s to many more collaborations to come! I’m so proud!

  22. -100. Francisco Aguiar says:

    A masterpiece Trent, you’re one very talented photographer, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about you and your work in the near future.We wish you success.

  23. -100. DeNeyce says:

    What AWESOME pictures! Wow, I’m so extremely impressed! Beautiful lighting and such good composure!

  24. These are gorgeous pictures. Love the bright yellow flowers and the picture with the bride holding the parasol.The sweets look absolutely irresistable.

  25. -100. Karen Moon says:

    So excited that you are getting famous with your photography. Went to your web site when Rhonda sent it to me and was very impressed. (I’m you Grandma Mary Ann’s cousin in OK)

  26. -100. kay says:

    Wow, what a fresh look to the event. Great color pallet used by photographer.

  27. -100. Gail says:

    Congrats Trent! This is awesome!

  28. -100. Kim Salem says:

    Trent, gorgeous work as usual! :) Love this session!

  29. -100. Bianca Valentim says:

    I’m speechless!
    These images are breathtaking!
    I’m know Trent, he is AWESOME!!!
    I’m very proud of him…
    amazing job my friend! :)

  30. -100. Loretta says:

    GREAT EYE Trent!!! You have an eye for what it takes to be a GREAT photographer!! I’M proud of you and Dara. Wishing you many more dreams to come true.

  31. -100. Kayla says:

    This is absolutely the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. It is so original!! Amazing work!

  32. -100. EmilyG says:

    Wow! These pictures are stellar! Great Work!

  33. -100. Denise says:

    Always love looking at Trent’s photos! He is a very talented young man and I am ALWAYS impressed!!!

  34. -100. Megan says:

    These are amazing – as usual w/ Trent. He took pictures of our son, Henry, this past Fall and they are amazing! and on top of it all – he was absolutely wonderful to work with. I can’t say enough.

  35. -100. Barbara Hatcher says:

    Trent, I love your work it is so unique. I can’t wait until you come to take our family pictures in Oct. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!! Love you

  36. -100. Charlene Kent says:

    awesome pics, Trent. Beautiful couple

  37. -100. Candice says:

    Amazing shoot! Beautiful location, beautiful folks. And a VERY talented photographer!!!!

  38. -100. Libby Covington says:

    Wonderful work! Love the pictures.

  39. -100. Lara Rios says:

    Fabulous pictures just as the photographer… Trent you’re awesome! Congrats!!!

  40. -100. Ronnie and Tamara Brabham says:

    Trent…these photographs are dreamlike. You capture the love story of this gorgeous couple magnificently. The details are devine, the light is luscious, and the setting is sensational. Congratulations on your much deserved success! We are so excited to have you to work your magic on our daughter’s big day!

  41. the photography is exquisite!

  42. -100. katlin says:

    love all of the pictures. especially the one with the love umbrella. you’re creative and i love it!

  43. -100. Brandi Sedita says:

    It’s as if Trent Bailey came into the world with a purpose…taking amazingly, gorgeous pictures! You are a natural and have absolutely found your calling in life. You also found the perfect partner to share your love and talents with. Your and Dara’s work compliments each other perfectly! There are individuals that work at reaching this level of talent for years upon years and you are already there! I can’t wait until I get married to see what ideas we can come up with. Your work here is super classic and creative and absolutely tells a story. It’s a pleasure to look at all of your work. Congratulations and keep up the good work. You can’t go wrong with Trent Bailey Photography!

  44. -100. Amy says:

    Absolutely great!

  45. -100. kristi says:

    These are just goregous…and so is the couple. Trent did an amazing job. Fabulous location and great styling. Love it!



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