Luxurious Turquoise Wedding Jewelry

We love Turquoise Jewelry!

So, when Jennifer Williams Photography shared her recent jewelry shoot with us we had to share. Designed and handmade by Don Lucas, these traditional Southwestern pieces draw from traditional Native American designs with a unique flare. They include stones such as stylish turquoise, luxurious Italian coral, and orange spiny oyster. Diamonds are marvelous but, we know that some of you ladies are planning to spice it up in the jewels department. Why not consider turquoise wedding jewelry?

We love the vibrant color that this adds to the whole wedding look and feel.

Photography: Jennifer Williams Photography
Jewelry: Don Lucas
Flowers: A House of Flowers
Hair and Makeup by Chelsea Edge

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  1. -100. Jennifer Williams says:

    Thanks Wedding Chicks for featuring my shoot. I loved working with Don Lucas, A House of Flowers, and Chelsea Edge. I hope brides find this inspiring!

  2. I absolutely LOVE turquoise jewelry! Those cuffs are especially gorgeous!

  3. -100. GPA says:

    Another gorgeous setting by Jennifer Williams!

  4. -100. gma says:

    Stunning colors with stunning jewelry.

  5. -100. nico designs says:

    These pieces are so fly! Love.

  6. -100. Leigh Pearce says:

    I love these pieces. I love when brides wear seeeerrriousss accent pieces.

  7. -100. Mike Willis says:

    Diamonds are so boring. What a statement this jewelry would make coming down the aisle! Absolutely gorgeous! Good job Jen!

  8. -100. Don Lucas says:

    Wow-what a great job Jennifer did with photographing my jewelry. These are some of the best photographs I have ever seen of my pieces.

    Don Lucas

  9. -100. Taylor Theis says:

    Beautiful photography, such attention to detail is stunning. Photographer has interesting ability to capture such a “playfullness” in each photo. Love the Turquoise!

  10. -100. Don says:

    I love the whole Southwestern look of the photos. Jennifer really knows how to show off her subject with just the right background. Great job!

  11. -100. A Sproul says:

    Love the contrast in color, which highlights the beautiful jewelry! Great work.

  12. -100. Alan Urquhart says:

    Beautiful photos and beautiful jewelry. Great job!

  13. -100. vonrieter says:

    Attention next bride to hirer me; you are required to wear this jewelry. It is soooo RAD! ;-)

  14. -100. Don Ambriz says:

    Beautiful shoot….Don Lucas Jewelry never looked so fabulous!

  15. -100. Jessica Frey says:

    Great job Jenn! These photos are absolutely stunning and showcase some very unique jewlery. The colors are vibrant and would look great on a bride looking for a unique touch.

  16. -100. aileen whittaker says:

    this jewelry is absolutely beautiful. i just love his designs…

  17. -100. KAREN says:


  18. -100. SenoritaCA Ebay Site says:

    Southwestern and Turquoise jewelry is as traditional as weddings – what an exquisite job Jen did in details, flair and settings. Almost makes you want to marry, or re-marry! Congratulations!

  19. -100. CHARDE says:

    The vibrant colors of this Don Lucas jewelry spice up a traditional wedding dress and add that touch of flare any bride would love.
    Looks great!

  20. -100. Jeff Smith says:

    Wow, the jewelry is fantastic!
    These pieces are gorgeous. Don Lucas, I’m going to have to look him up online for a little something for my wife and our anniversary.

  21. -100. Gary Knerr says:

    Beatifully designed genuine turquoise jewelry. I especially like the ear rings and the necklaces. Great for wedding gifts.

  22. -100. SCOTTY sUTHERLAND says:

    Selling is a little different compared to when you started Don but you are still prodicing the work of a master silversmith. good luck with your new website. Keep in touch let me know how it works for you. Maybe you could put an ad in ebay for your website. Good luck Scotty

  23. -100. Will Clarke says:

    Tremendous photos! Great pieces! Don Lucas jewelry looks best on my wife, but these images are a close second.

  24. -100. Carmella Garabedan says:

    What beautiful photos. Everyone needs to have a few pieces of turquoise! Don’s the best–a must have for your wardrobe.

  25. -100. Robert Templin says:

    Very well done. It does your art justice Don.


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  3. […] photos were featured on Wedding Chicks today! I am so so excited to be featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs. Please go to Wedding […]

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    Luxurious Turquoise Wedding Jewelry

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    Luxurious Turquoise Wedding Jewelry

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