Orange County Courthouse Wedding

Before you start peeking at our next real wedding, note that there will be more of this modern goodness. Thanks to Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer, Barber Photography.

We will begin with the secret courthouse wedding of Diana and Andy who both love surprises. Read on to hear the entire story. Which in fact is quite a nice read that I am sure you will enjoy. Diana and Andy are both in the digital world as well. Andy owns his own online marketing company, ADISN and Diana has an amazing blog called tbwap.

From Diana, the bride.

We love surprises, that is why we did this event the way we did, it all worked out once we realized The Parker was available the weekend of Thanksgiving, since we met 5 years ago that same holiday weekend. We planned our 2-day day event/surprise one night in June over a beer and a glass of wine. We picked out colors, ideas, looks and began reaching out to vendors we knew and liked from past experience.

Day One- Secret courthouse wedding at the Historic Santa Ana court house. We were married on our 5 year anniversary date; Tuesday November 24th.

My bouquet was designed by Devynns Garden which is in Huntington Harbor. I took a huge risk asking for fuchsia peonies this time of the year, since it is very rare for them to be in bloom. I had ordered the black and white striped ribbon to keep it modern and fun and would tie in with our whole look.

Our son was a big part of both events. Oliver Henry, at the time just turned 2, was a huge part of our day. We wanted him to be involved with the documenting of our day at the courthouse, since it was intimate and special to our little family.

We wanted to keep him looking cool and casual, very California and our style so we dressed him in a Stella McCartney for Baby Gap skinny jeans and tuxedo blazer, a Jacadi collared shirt with Vans checker slip-ons to match dad’s shoes.

My dress is by Priscilla of Boston the Platinum line and my shoes are Louis Vuitton. I had removed the beaded belt and had a custom black tiered tie belt created to get more of a Alice in Wonderland meets Audrey Hepburn feel. I did two very different looks for my 2-day event. My wedding day, I stuck with an au natural bridal look, very clean. Stay tuned for the reception look and feel.

Andy’s suit is a Hugo Boss with euro cut and the tie is by Jon Varvatos

Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer: Barber Photography
Orange County Florist: Devynns Garden

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  1. -100. The Knotty Bride says:

    That dress is too cute. And those Louis shoes!!! Redonk. Love it.

  2. Love the bride and grooms style! Love the “shorter” wedding dress!

  3. -100. Sarah says:

    This is courthouse ceremony is perfection. I love the picture of the dress and two suits.

    It’s always fun to see other lovely courthouse weddings as we plan our own.

    I can’t wait to see the rest!

  4. -100. Marmalade Glam says:

    Never realized a courthouse wedding can be so stylish and intimate! What a great idea. Barber Photography did a great job in catching the intimacy, family and overall day. Can’t wait for part 2!

  5. -100. Album Boutique Team says:

    Beautiful! I love the style of all the outfits and keeping it small and intimate. Very sweet and I can’t wait to see the reception!

  6. -100. Dognbird says:

    So much style. Best bouquet ever!

  7. -100. maagano says:

    i really like the combined look of the hip outfits (especially the wedding gown) with the old school theme of the court house. the family on the steps is especially cute!

  8. -100. Erin Hawley says:

    Just amazing style on both of their parts -the dress, the shoes, the garter on the deer!
    Love it all

  9. -100. Whitney says:

    These pictures are so bright, I love the simplicity of this wedding + the amazing photos that captured it! Great work!

  10. -100. trina roberts says:

    This was the sweetest most stylish little celebration. Creating the slide show of images of your day to surprise your friends and family was so special. You really created something very meaningful and unique-just like the two of you.

  11. -100. Jon Barber says:

    Wedding Chicks! We’re so grateful that you posted Diana & Andy’s wedding! It was so lovely and shows their true romance of running off to the courthouse to be wed. We can’t wait to see Part Two!

  12. -100. Melissa Churlonis says:

    I applaud your creative, personal touches in creating a day that reflects you and your lives!

    Jon & Trina, you are fantastic artists with a talent for taking us there!

  13. -100. Diana says:

    So groovy seeing our wedding displayed on a chic, modern wedding site. It feels like we are re-living this day all over again. Loved all my vendors, especially Jon and Trina!

  14. -100. Jonze says:

    Smart couple to spend their ceremony dough on a great photographer. Anyone who can make the Santa Ana Courthouse look that glam is worth hiring.

  15. Orange county weddings are nice , love the beautiful wedding pictures.

  16. -100. Marsha Lay says:

    So where’s the Day 2 Reception pictures??? I’m really interested in seeing those!

  17. -100. Brandy says:

    Love it! This post inspired us to choose the OC Courthouse, and the Superior Courtroom upstairs for our private ceremony last week. This building is a hidden gem in Orange County!

  18. -100. Nisha says:

    Soo cute and chic! Love it. Where’s the reception pics? :)

  19. -100. jess says:

    I love your dress….I am also getting married here did you guys go to a restaurant afterwards? If so were did you go?

  20. -100. stefanie says:

    Your wedding was my muse!

    I was browsing Pinterest when I came across this page. I immediately told my now husband this is what I wanted – and he wanted the same. After figuring out how to make it work logistically (we live about an hour away from the court), we planned the wedding in whole thing in 3 weeks and had the most amazing wedding last Friday.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and inspiration!!!

    Best wishes,

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