A Real Central Coast DIY Garden Wedding

You are going to be thrilled at our next wedding. Mike Larson Inc, shared this garden delight with us. Filled to the brim with creative and lovely ideas.

Jake and Necia’s were married in Nipoma, California which is super close to San Luis Obispo.

It was a perfect DIY garden wedding. Both Jake and Necia are graphic designers so everything had that extra creative touch. Necia collected all the vintage plates and vases for the reception, and her sisters sewed all the personalized kid’s favor bags at the kids table that were full of crafting supplies.

We love the unique bridesmaid outfits a perfect ruffled shirt paired with a tailored skirt. Such a great look for all the girls.

Venue: Dana Powers House, Nipomo Wedding Venue
Floral: Panacea Flowers
Photographers: Mike Larson Inc,
Hair: Blue Bird Salon
Photobooths: The Booth Experience
Catering: Upper Crust
Party Rental: Got You Covered
DJ: Kramer DJs

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Do It Yourself Paper Flowers

Do It Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects allow you to create your own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way you can imagine on your special day, for a shower or party. All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.

These Do It Yourself Paper Flowers can be easily personalized and you can start today. So simple and tasteful. Be sure to see all of our wedding diy projects.

On to the crafting!

1. 3″ scalloped circle punch
2. Patterned paper
3. Floral stems
4. Floral tape
5. Flower shaped die
6. Glue dots
7. 1.5″ Scallop circle punch
8. Stapler

Large Bud Flowers

1. Large buds you can use 3 inch circle and a 1.5 inch circle for the small flowers
2. You can use scrapbook paper, newspaper, music paper, wrapping paper. In other words, anything you can think of!
3. Take your scissors and cut the circle into a spiral shape.
4. Put the side of the paper you would like to see face up and start rolling the edge of the spiral all of the way around until you get to the center.

5. Let your bud unravel some to your desired style and place glue in the insides to secure it.
6. Grab flower stem wire and floral tape and tape the end of the bud to your stem.

Large Flowers:

1. Using a patterned paper (just like the buds), cut out a large 5 petaled flower. I used a die cutting machine here, but you can use a template or free hand cut it. Anything will work!
2. Turn the flower over to the side you don’t want to see and roll the edges of the petals in.
3. Then fold the petals in half. This is to make the flower more malleable.
4. Now flip your flower over to the ‘good side’ and start squishing the center until you get a look that you like.
Once you get that perfect look, staple the center of the flower to hold it in that place.
5. Then staple the flower to the floral stem.
6. For the last step add glue to the center of the flower and adhere a bud of your choice to the center.

Poofy Flowers

1. For these flowers it is best to use a lighter weight paper like computer paper, newspaper, book print, magazines, etc. Here I printed out some music from my computer and aged it with some ink.

2. Punch 8 circles of any size (here I used a 3 inch circle).
3. Layer the circles on top of each other and poke a hole through the center
4. Put a brad through the center. Any office brad will do, as it won’t be seen.

5. Scrunch the layers starting with the top one. For the last layer, bend it down the other way so you can attach it to the floral stem wire.
6. Fluff out the layers to your desired look. I like to add more distress ink here to really show the edges of the flower.

7. Use floral tape to adhere the bottom layer to the floral stem.

Putting the arrangement together:

Pick out a vase of your choice. Here I used a white creamer that I got at Home Goods for $2.99. I thought it was a fun look. Add floral foam or clay to the bottom of the vase and then add beans or beads to the vase. This is so you can arrange your flowers. Stick your flowers in. Make sure to do different heights by trimming your floral stems. Arrange it until you are happy!

Thanks to Lawn Fawn for her incredibly craftiness and a special thanks to Chenin Boutwell for being so talented behind the lens.

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Stylelab Winner In The Now Weddings + Events

Remember our stylelab contest.

It was such a close race between our three vendors. Who might I add are all super duper wedding and event planners. We want to send our a special thanks to D&D Event Design, & Brooke Keegan for a super duper close race.

And an extra big hug and kiss to In The Now Weddings + Events for winning our little contest. We know that stylelab is going to be super duper inspirational and amazing.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

Here are some lovely eco friendly wedding tips and tricks form The Good Life Special Events! If you are DIY bride are looking for a more eco conscience wedding ideas you must read on.

Our inspiration: Vintage print press blocks were our primary inspiration for styling this woodsy design in a tropical setting. The intention was to give brides and grooms a glimpse into a sweet and unique woodland wedding soiree in coastal Southern California. By playing with more muted tones of moss, khaki, and chocolate, we kept the look of this luncheon wedding reception lush but brought in bright and cheery pops of color with the gold brocade napkins and bright pink button flowers in our apothecary jars.

DIY: It’s amazing what you can do with moss and twigs! We filled our apothecary jars with cushiony moss and smooth river stones and stood pink button flower branches and twigs upright as if they were growing up from the bottom of the jars. The result was a charming and whimsical centerpiece. We also filled two wooden trays with the same moss and spelled out JOY and LOVE with our vintage print press blocks for an unexpected touch.

Whimsical touches: Momental Designs whipped up some lovely paper goods that emitted that true woodland feeling. With velvet chocolate ribbon, hand painted menus and place cards, and a gorgeous watercolor table number, our bride and groom oohed and aahed at the finishing touches.

The attire: Our gorgeous bride stunned in a vintage gray frock from Queue – we wanted to style her and our groom a little differently to showcase alternative wedding wear options. The ruffles, her sash, and that breathtaking tone were the perfect partner to our groom’s sisal suit from Tommy Bahama.

Using your imagination: When dreaming up your wedding vision, be sure to stay true to you and your fiancè. Draw inspiration from your surroundings; this could be your home, the town you live in, or your favorite place to visit. If you love camping and hiking, pipe in bits of natural settings (like with moss or stones). If you long for the beach, use simple shell accents in your engagement party or reception details. Tying in subtle hints here and there will help to keep your wedding unique and special to you. Use your imagination and get creative with your centerpieces. Sometimes the most beautiful designs are so simple.

The The Good Life Special Events are wedding planners and event designers in the San Diego area and are preferred vendors and proud sponsors of The Wedding Chicks.

Event Design: The Good Life Special Events
Photography: Llanes Weddings
Stationery goods: Kristy Rice from Momental Designs
Bride’s attire: Bella Bridesmaid in La Jolla, Queue Colette dress in vintage gray, $420:
Groom’s attire: Tommy Bahama La Jolla
Hair and Makeup by Char Sanchez
Linens: Wildflower Linen
The location: The Catamaran Resort, San Diego

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