Temperley London 2010 Bridal Gowns

templerley bridal 2010

Temperley London 2010 Bridal Gowns are out of this world gorgeous. You know when you just love something so much, well that is how I feel about Temperley London.

My absolute favorite is the gown above, it resonates with 1940’s Hollywood glamour. Dripping with over sized jewels, glittering sequins and beads.

All the Temperley London gowns are glitteringly beautiful and will leave all the wedding guests in awe!

temperley london 2010 bridal collection

templerley bridal 2010

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  1. -100. janine says:

    *picks up jaw off floor*

    Totally agree w your pick for the best. Beautiful!

  2. -100. reilly says:

    these are gorgeous! is it just me, or does the model totally look like kristin stewart? i love the styling too– the large hair pieces and the leopard print shoes on the bottom left- so cute!

  3. oh my goodness, the cut outs and bead work on that first one are A-MAZING! Totally the sort of dress you want to see in 5 other colors for their regular collection!

  4. These Temperley London gowns are truly amazing..

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