Welcome Wedding Totes

Welcome Wedding Totes

Today it is officially Winter and hopefully all of you have your gifts in order and are ready to celebrate with family friends. I know that Amy and I are ready to do some serious gift giving.

Speaking of gifts… if you are having an out of town guest a Custom Welcome Tote is a spectacular way to greet your loved ones and thank them for sharing this special day with you.

If your are having a hard time deciding what to put in your Wedding Welcome Tote, Sara ove at www.sarasgraciousgoodies.com sells great little packages all ready to put in your Welcome Totes at great prices. Since most of you chickadees are planning your spring and summer weddings Sara has some great ideas for a Summer Welcome Package.

Welcome Wedding Totes

Start with a Sandal or Ice Cream Cone Rice Krispie Treat! Everyone will not only love this for its novelty feel but for the amazing taste! In addition to the Krispies, I like to include a box of Popcorn, a bag of Potato Chips and Cookies finished with a bottle of water. These are basic goodies everyone loves!

It helps to include products that are signature to your home town. For example, in NY I often include a cupcake from the famous Crumbs Bakery, a Black and White Cookie that are a NY staple and popcorn from The Hampton Popcorn Factory since everyone in and outside of NY has heard the Hamptons buzz.

To add something even more special (and free!) you can include menus of some of your favorite local restaurants. An emergency kit that includes such necessities as Aspirin, Mouthwash, and a nail file would be thoughtful as well. For something DIY you can customize a personal “Do Not Disturb… recovering from Sara & Brian’s Wedding” sign for guests to use after their amazing night at your wedding! You can easily find these templates online or at your local craft store.

Thank You to Sara from www.sarasgraciousgoodies.com for the tips.

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  1. -100. Thelma says:

    Great tips!Thanks!

  2. -100. bridal girl says:

    Yes, you can include a lot of stuff inside a tote bag. And tote bags are even useful even after the wedding.

  3. -100. Rachel Vermillion says:

    Love! These are great totes and the goodies ideas are perfect.

  4. -100. wcbridenicole says:

    So pretty! Such a great idea!

  5. -100. Jung Park says:

    cute tote

  6. -100. Carolyn Welch says:

    Love the New Bags!!

  7. -100. Stacy Yamaoka says:

    classy and cute!

  8. -100. Dee Georgiou-Newell says:

    I love this idea! I usually do baskets, but I think this is so awesome! Thanks for posting!

  9. -100. -brittany- says:

    Love these totes! I just may have to start ordering one every time I have a finished album for a bride. What great presentation!

  10. -100. Jeanelle Caraway says:

    LOVE the totes! I want one for myself, and I’m already married!

  11. I think these bags are soo freakin cute. Such a more personalize welcome bag that is useable..LOVE IT

  12. -100. Sara D Harper says:

    Love the bags!! These are great!

  13. -100. Tres Chic Affairs says:

    Love these bags! So perfect for your out of town guests!

  14. -100. Sara says:

    LOVE that everyone LOVES these totes just as much as I do!

  15. -100. Danielle Nicole says:

    Where can I get this tote from? I love the jenifer and bart one…. The custom printing is amazing!


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