A South Carolina Wedding From Ashley Brokop

ashley brokop photography

Ashley Brokop is pretty great and we love the way that she captured this South Carolina wedding. Filled with good old fashion fun and a the couple looks like they are a ton of fun. Do you love the photo of the bride walking into the church?

I had a little chuckle when I saw the photo, it was actually the image that sold me on posting the wedding and then as I dove more into I fell in love with the good old fashion fun.

Ashley Brokop Photography

Ashley Brokop Photography

wedding ceremony

bird cage veil

Vintage Wedding

brown wedding details

wedding dancing

vintage car getaway

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  1. Seems like the bride here has a fun personality because of the great photog captures!

  2. -100. Beth Caporaletti says:

    I always love when you feature work by Ashley Brokop! Her work has tons of personality. It is amazing to see the merge of Ashley’s personality with her clients personality!

  3. -100. ashley b says:

    Jen and Dom were fun from day one! Jen’s expressions are priceless and i loved seeing everything she chose come together for this fantastic wedding. Thanks you guys for letting me share your day with you!!!

  4. -100. Nicole Keesler says:

    The chocolate on the cake looks wonderfully delicious! It makes me crave cake!

  5. -100. Emily says:

    I commonly make faces like this adorable bride. I’m so glad to see that this photographer can make an over-the-top expression soooo fabulous (along with all the other pictures too!)

  6. -100. Katya Nova says:

    What a fun bride! Love all the facial expressions. And the photos are stunning – the last one in the car is my fave!

  7. -100. Michelle says:

    oh my goodness, that groom’s cake looks incredible. and the dancing shot is priceless!

  8. -100. Leslie says:

    Congratulations Jen & Dom! I am thrilled you trusted me with the task of creating your wedding flowers! And, Ashley Brokop has done it again capturing those fabulous moments in time!

  9. -100. Debbie Smith says:

    Love the creativity of the photos….really love Ashley Brokop’s work!! Adorable couple!

  10. -100. Geoff Heith says:

    Ooooooo that cake looks good!!

  11. Great wedding shots. I love wedding photography that tells a story, makes you feel like you were there. Plus, the bride has such great facial expressions!

  12. -100. Jennifer Eileen says:

    That last image with the vintage feel is absolutely wonderful.

  13. -100. Melanie says:

    We were so thrilled to have been able to help Jen and Don put together this fabulous wedding!! Ashley truly caught all the feeling and emotion- AS ALWAYS! What a glorious day it was and such an amazing couple!!!

  14. -100. AshleyBrokop says:

    Leslie I have to say these flowers were some of the smartest “winter” flowers I have seen. Those bouquets whispered November rather than SHOUTED it!!! Beautiful! And Melanie, all the events you coordinate move flawlessly and effortlessly!

  15. -100. Lisa Green says:

    Love the playfulness that comes across in these images! They clearly had a very fun wedding day!

  16. -100. Annie says:

    Beautiful Photos!!

  17. -100. Hilary Roe says:

    This photography is absolutely stunning. Just by looking at the pictures, I feel like I was at the wedding and know the couple. Ashley really seems to capture the little things that make each wedding unique. Love Love LOVE these photos!

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