Seaside Wedding From J.Monetstudios

beach wedding

Gerrilynn & Kevin were marrried at Little Harbor Resort in Ruskin, Florida. A place that they hold quite special. The couple acutally shot their first couple portraits here as well, all documented by the ever so talented J.Monetstudios. Who also captured their engagment on film.

Gerrilynn thought that she and Kevin were taking this year’s couple portraits, when it was really the proposal event. J.Monetstudios captured it all on film and here she is capturing their wedding at the very same location. It is quite lovely that Gerrilynn & Kevin have a place that they hold near and dear to them.

romantic bride

pink bridal bouquet

beach wedding favors

wedding shells

How much do you love the seashell wedding cake?

seashell wedding cake

beach wedding ideas

Photography: J.Monetstudios

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  1. -100. Vida Carson says:

    Oh that first image is so cute! I love weddings :) tehehe.

  2. -100. Michael Wachniak says:

    Love these images! :) That boquet is GORGEOUS!

  3. -100. aurora says:

    Beautiful love the soft tones again in this one!

  4. -100. Holly Steen says:

    Love this shoot. The seaside never has been more romantic.

  5. -100. Lori Roche says:

    I love the simple but elegant bouquet.

  6. -100. Melissa McClure says:

    Gorgeous wedding! Love those colors together too!

  7. -100. Michelle Robinson says:

    Love the last shot, beautiful work.

  8. -100. Brittany says:

    any idea who designed her dress?

  9. -100. kathy jo peterson says:

    First of all those roses are so perfectly big and gorg they don’t look real, I NEED those pink roses !! Just stunning !

  10. Yay for Florida weddings!

  11. -100. Corey Ann says:

    Gorgeous seaside wedding, that cake is so super cute!

  12. -100. Abra says:

    ugh! i so always wanted a beach wedding! jealous. :( what an absolutely gorgeous wedding.

  13. These pictures are superb!

  14. -100. Sammy Tavarez says:

    Brittany, not sure who designed her dress, but I’m sure I could find out in a quick email.

    And the roses … not too sure what type / shade they were, but they were really gorgeous. Might be able to find that out too.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and amazing compliments!

  15. -100. Sammy Tavarez says:

    Found out the roses are called “Leonidas” (and actually considered a “brown” rose). Pink, brown, whatever … they’re beautiful.

  16. -100. Meg @ Sienna Wedding says:

    This is so beautiful! The photography is great, and the bouquet is so simple and lovely!

  17. -100. Jennifer Eileen says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of roses, but her soft pink bouquet is absolutely perfect.

  18. -100. Shannon - SNS says:

    I agree with Jennifer, I’m not usually into roses but theres something gorgeous about the way her bouquet looks! Stunning!

  19. -100. Katelyn Fraser Photo says:

    Super fantastic photos!

  20. -100. The Perfect Palette says:

    great images.

  21. -100. Shelli Moon says:

    Love the Kiss photo! And the tux color is coo nice. Beautiful!

  22. -100. Brandi R. Carrera says:

    Love the soft tones and the romance!!! Gorgeous!!!!

  23. -100. zahra says:

    I’m totally digging the way that J.MonetStudios captured this wedding. The photography is light and airy which matched the beachy theme to a tee.I totally feel like the theme of the wedding is also reflected in the photos. LOVE IT!

  24. -100. Brittany says:

    Sammy…could you please? I’m in love with that dress!

  25. -100. Paige Stevens says:

    something about a beach wedding that is just so awesome! Great images!!

  26. Brittany – I got an email back from Gerrilynn today. She said her dress was from David’s Bridal. I’m sure if you browse their site you may be able to find it! Hope that helps… :)

  27. -100. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the portraits of the bride against the pale blue wall! Beautiful!

  28. -100. Glamorosi says:

    The bride’s bouquet is gorgeous; a study in elegance and simplicity.

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