Texas Wedding By Clint Shuttlesworth

texas wedding

The ever so fabulous Texas photographer, Clint Shuttlesworth sent us the lovely wedding of Cassidy and Cliff. There was a small issue… the rain. Apparently the weather tends to change almost instantly in Texas. Despite natures drizzle the wedding turned out to be quite spectacular, don’t you think?

I am quite enjoying the small succulent terracotta table favors along with the hand written escort cards hung by clothes pin on twine. Those little added touches make all the difference.

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Texas wedding

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texas wedding

texas wedding

clint shuttlesworth, photographer
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  1. -100. Stephaine @ Geezees says:

    My favorite picture is definitely the last one….so pretty!

  2. -100. Angie says:

    Oh my, I used the same little pots at my wedding. I planted heart shaped ivy plants in them and used them for our seating cards. I love seeing a similar idea.

    This is such a pretty wedding. The wine bottle vase tied to the tree is so clever.

  3. -100. Clint Shuttlesworth says:

    Cassidy and Cliff rock’d.. One of my favorite weddings of this year.. The rain made it awesome and the couple+the details were rock’n. I hope you all enjoy!! Thanks for looking..

  4. -100. Josh Ulmer says:

    Nice work!!! Love the last image…but lovin the fact that all the men rocked out different shoes! I’ve never seen that before!!! Love it!

  5. -100. Michael says:

    I love the shot of all the guys shoes! They are Saweeet!

  6. -100. The Girls says:

    Clint, what can we say??…BOOM! You ROCK’D IT! and BOOM again!
    xoxo The Girls

  7. -100. Scott R. Bush says:

    Great job Clint! Love it when clients put a lot of thoughts into small details. My favorite…the ceremony seating. 99@ of the time you get white plastic or folding chairs. Love the variety yet elegance in every chair!

  8. -100. Randy says:

    Great pictures! Love the feel of the entire wedding :) and the rain added a nice touch of uniqueness.

  9. -100. Emily Engle says:

    The last shot is BEYOND amazing and that is a hot bouquet photo. Beautiful work Clint!

  10. -100. J'Lynn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous wedding, and images!!!

  11. -100. Kari Crowe says:

    Love this wedding!!! The mix-matched chairs and the florals….love it!

  12. -100. Lauren Kelly says:

    LOVE the unique seating that was used at the ceremony! Such great images – so full of personality!

  13. -100. Sheila Barbagianis says:

    Wow. This is officially my new favorite set of wedding photos! I love the theme and concept. I bet this is the coolest couple EVER!

  14. -100. Rebecca Seale says:

    Loved all the pictures–even the first one, Cassidy! Wonderful wedding and great pics. Luv–Aunt B.

  15. -100. Kate Noelle says:

    I love how homespun this wedding feels! :) Great work Clint! ps… I love your name!

  16. -100. Ana Mae says:

    Amazing, as usual!! Clint, you’re awesome.

  17. -100. Clark Lara says:

    Great work as always. I love your spin on the normal wedding.

  18. -100. mismikado says:

    I absolutely love the shot of the girls doing their makeup on the porch! So unique and stunning!

  19. -100. nancy m. says:

    LOVE THE LAST SHOT…and the guys with different shoes!

  20. -100. Clint Shuttlesworth says:

    Thanks everyone!! Love the response, I’m smiling over here ;)

  21. -100. Carlie Statsky says:

    Such atmospheric images…I can feel the weather and the love. Beautiful.

  22. -100. Lindsay P says:

    Clint is my hero!!!!!!
    Seriously, Clint totally rocked this one out! Love seeing a fellow Texas photog as part of the WC amazingness!! Love it, love it, love it!!

  23. -100. karen lisa says:

    love the shot of the guys’ shoes and the last image. beautiful work!

  24. -100. anna Routh says:

    Beautiful. Very impressive despite the rain. I would’ve panicked. The bride didn’t even have frizzy hair :)! Beautiful photos.

  25. -100. Wendy says:

    Loving the second to last pic! The rain definitely didn’t make the day any less perfect!

  26. -100. Shannon says:

    This photographer is awesome, every shot makes me smile. I especially love the shot of the groomsmen shoes. Talk about style!

  27. -100. FireFly Group Events says:

    The groom looks like a cross between James Bond and Jimmy Stewart! Those chairs for the ceremony are crazy cool mismatched. Thanks for sharing!

  28. -100. Linda says:

    Love the organic feel of this wedding!

  29. -100. Catie Ronquillo says:

    So true about Texas weather! Something I quickly learned after moving here from California. Way to work the rain, love the details of this wedding!

  30. -100. chrisfig says:

    Great shots man, I love how the color palette and contrast in the photos really supports the look of the event. Nice work!

  31. What a great feeling this wedding had! I’m loving the bride’s dress too. Gorgeous! Well captured!!

  32. -100. kristel wyman says:

    what a beautiful location and wedding — and i adore the vintage feel of the photos!

  33. -100. Crystal Milton says:

    This has to be the cutest wedding I’ve ever seen. Clint you already know I believe you are the most ROCKING photographer on earth. These pics are amazing as always.

  34. -100. Randy says:

    Beautiful images that really convey the mood and feel of the wedding. It’s great when the personality of the couple shine through the images.

    The bottle with the flower is wonderful. The guys and their shoes, classic. The tenderness of the ceremony. The fact that it’s raining and everyone is holding steadfast. The clearly evident emotion as father gives away his daughter…very tender and moving.


  35. -100. Amanda Richelle says:

    This is just a beautiful wedding! I love the toning, and that you embraced the rain for the bridal party portraits. Great job capturing the emotion of the day -what a beautiful, happy couple.

  36. -100. Miranda says:

    props for shooting your way through the rain! great shots!! the wedding looks beautiful, you did a great job as usual!

  37. -100. Vera D. says:

    I love her dress and the arch. So lovely!

  38. -100. Jes C says:

    Those ceremony chairs are such a great idea. How adorable~!

  39. -100. nikki says:

    luvthisshootbeautifulwedding beautifulcouple

  40. -100. Rog of EPlove says:

    From a Photographers stand point, Clint seems to be one of the few that can take an oft thought of downer…and turn it into something magical, then appears to be genius…which is genius. This wedding is beautiful. Just from these pictures alone, I would’ve married either Cliff or Cassidy, just to have Clint photograph us. http://www.clinttakesphotos.com …OH YES HE DOES!!!

  41. -100. Ed says:

    Love the moment captured in this last shot. I am a big fan of genuine smiles. Great work.

  42. -100. Jessica Ringor says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Super country chic. Very inspirational.

  43. I think my favorite picture is of the bride doing her own makeup! She seems so calm and enjoying the moment (as it should be :) Gorgeous country chic wedding.

  44. -100. Bill Blakey says:

    Wow! These are fantastic!

  45. -100. Monty says:

    Absolutely stunning. This is the kind of wedding we photogs in Ohio dream of…I’m moving to Texas.

  46. -100. Miranda says:

    Simply beautiful!

  47. i love everything about these images. amazing work clint! the pp is sublime.

  48. -100. Zinchuk Studios says:

    Love the post-processing! Really compliments the outdoorsy-rainy-wonderful feel of the event!

  49. -100. Carol says:

    Fantastic pictures! You can tell the couple is so in love and had a wonderful wedding (despite the rain!). I love the second to last picture…classic moment of togetherness.

  50. Where is that gorgeous dress from?!?!? Ohmigosh, I love the mis-matched chairs too!!!!

  51. -100. Bobby Earle says:

    LOVE the processing on all of these!

  52. I absolutely love that last image! Fab details. especially love the vintage bottles!

  53. -100. Lauren says:

    LOVE the rustic details! I think my favorite is the different types of chairs in the ceremony setup.

  54. -100. Melissa Koehler says:

    This wedding is gorgeous. I love all the details. Fabulous job!

  55. -100. Michelle Robinson says:

    The first shot totally rocks, love how the bride is relaxed, laughing and totally ito it. Many amazing detail shots, great work.

  56. -100. Kimberly Jarman says:


  57. -100. Kimberly Hoffman says:

    What a Beautiful Wedding!! Clint Shuttlesworth certainly captured the day beautifully! Her Monique Lhuillier gown is Fabulous!! She looks Stunning!

  58. -100. Angela Cardas says:


  59. -100. Kia Gregory says:

    LOVE the details of this wedding! And the bouquet shot amongst the shadows on that old chair is wonderful!

  60. -100. Betsy Blue says:

    Amazing, moody & completely inspiring!

  61. -100. kelly says:

    the whole set is great. I’m partcularily fond of the shot of all the seated guests. I love the mix of chairs used. what can I say…I love chairs.

  62. -100. diana says:

    what a beautiful wedding!
    i love the shot with the guys shoes…and im loving the table setting! :)
    Awesome job!!!

  63. -100. Jesse says:

    Very nice photos. I love when the unexpected happens at an event. It always makes it more memorable and unique.

  64. -100. Sammy Tavarez says:

    Some great shots here … Love the bride’s dress especially! :)

  65. -100. Linda Eversoll says:

    This wedding was really cool. Great pictures.

  66. -100. Lisette Price says:

    I love the wine bottle detail! What a beautiful wedding!

  67. -100. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    LOVE the photo with the rain coming down and the bride and bridesmaids standing out on the porch!!!! Super romantic :) Makes me wish I was there to experience it. Congrats to the happy couple- rain’s lucky, right?

  68. -100. Amber Hughes says:

    Love the little touch of rain in these photos… makes them all the more romantic. Beautiful work. :)

  69. -100. Robert Tran says:

    I love the last one b/c of it’s tilt-shift effect.

  70. -100. Melanie says:

    I love the use of the subtle tones that lend softness to mood of the images. I would have to say that my favorite image is the second to last image, it is sweet and I love how the small trees frame the bride and groom. A nice use of line. Overall a great feel to the images …

  71. -100. April says:

    I love all the details! This wedding was amazing!

  72. -100. Alan Darmody says:

    Great images and wonderful attention to detail! Great memories for that couple, in spite of the rain.

  73. -100. Brianna Kebo says:

    These photos are really beautiful. Clint did a wonderful job capturing amazing moments (even in the rain). Cassidy and Cliff may have had some drizzle and rain, but you there isn’t a frown to be found. I love the shot with all the ladies in front of the house. GORGEOUS!

  74. -100. Ashley Whiteside says:

    Seems rare to find pretty things from Texas (I’m a native, so I can say this)! This manages to have Texas charm without following a stereotype. The style, details, photography and couple truly look outstanding. So well done.

    Would Clint travel to Oklahoma?

    -Ashley Whiteside
    Radiant Studios Eco-Chic Weddings and Interiors

  75. -100. Marianne Wilson says:

    I love these! The processing is so rustic and lightly dreamy. Her dress is stunning!

  76. -100. Love at First Invite says:

    Wow! The simplicity is stunning! Thanks for posting.

  77. -100. Brandi R. Carrera says:

    Wow! A traditional country wedding, gorgeous! The guy with no socks and the girls applying their make-up on the front porch…priceless!!!!!!

  78. -100. Amy says:

    Love all the details!! Especially all the rustic chairs instead of your usually white lawn wedding chairs. Love!

  79. -100. cassidy says:

    thank you for the multitude of compliments! so much fun to read them all. clint is amazing and was perfect for us.

    the dress: monique lhuillier
    him: isaia
    everything else: my mom and sis did it all. they are super stars.

  80. -100. Clint Shuttlesworth says:

    WOW!! Again, I just want to say thanks for all the rock’n comments :)
    And yes I do travel ;) I hope everyones weekend is mindblowing… Thanks again!

  81. -100. Jennifer Eileen says:

    I feel like I just viewed the wedding that I’ve been dreaming of. Absolutely gorgeous. The eclectic mix of chairs for the ceremony, the dress, the buildings, the shoes! Oh my heart melts.

  82. -100. Marie says:

    This is adorable. So simple and elegant with personal touches that make it look effortless. Bravo!

  83. I love this photographer. The quality of the images is rustic and rich. Awesome work.

  84. -100. shelby says:

    love the last one!

  85. -100. chatti says:

    wowzers on the dress! and the vintage decor. lovely!

  86. -100. eve says:

    Love love love all of the details of this wedding and the photography is beautiful!!

  87. -100. Carissa Fine says:

    I adore her dress! Beautiful wedding.

  88. -100. Kate says:

    I love skinny man ankles in dress shoes and pants. So attractive!

  89. -100. Elizabeth kowal says:

    Wow! What gorgeous details. I love all of it!

  90. -100. Joanna Tano says:

    Beautiful wedding! I just LOVE that last photo!

  91. -100. shannon says:

    this wedding = rad! wow! love the suits and shoes! so creative. great images.

  92. -100. Rachel Clarke says:

    Her dress is seriously gorgeous! I love how the bridesmaides are wearing different dresses and the groomsment have different shoes on!

  93. -100. bridal wish says:

    Love the pictures when everyone was praying and the couple was praying together. Congratulations to the couple.

  94. -100. ohana photographers says:

    gotta love brides with style!!!

  95. -100. Dana Scheller says:

    Love the first image because of it’s contrast between their attire and the setting! The guys shoe picture is another fav. I like how you composed it to highlight just a fun subtle detail.

  96. -100. Marianne Wilson says:

    The chairs are just perfect! What great details

  97. Simply BEAUTIFUL Clint! Love your style.

  98. -100. Joanna Garcia says:

    Clints’s work is amazing–hands down!

  99. -100. emily shuttlesworth says:

    beautiful couple! i love the UNIQUENESS each photo brings. Different. LOVE IT! Great job :)

  100. -100. Vanessa @ V3 Events says:

    How cool – I am the 100th comment on this individual post!

    I’ll never get tired the your posts, especially the featured weddings which are true gems!!!

  101. -100. Ann Watson says:

    5 months after the fact and I still get chills looking at the pictures, thinking about all that went into making the details unique and special. What a fun wedding to help plan and be part of!

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