Vintage Wedding Bouquet

unique wedding bouquet

We have been so excited to share these little bits of heaven with you for quite some time. Amy actually took a few photos and the others were taken by Alice Hu Photography. We had to hold off until they came out in Inside Weddings! Well… here they are. Could you just die? These unique bouquets are so breathtaking, filled with such amazing details. I cannot even use words to share with you how much I heart them. They are hands down pieces of art. Each bouquet is dripping in antique brooches.

Now you are probably wondering, who is the artistic genius behind these tiny treasures, well it is none other than Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs. These would be the cherry on top of a vintage wedding. Please share with me, how much you LOVE these.

unqiue bridal boquet

unique bridal bouquets

unique bridal boquet

Photography: Amy Squires & Co. & Alice Hu Photography

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  1. -100. Evita says:

    Wow, this was a real treat in my reader today. I LOVE them!

  2. -100. abby says:

    In the words of Rachel Zoe…I DIE!!! I want one!!! I just want one to have and to hold forever! They are tre’ chic! Wonderfully done, ultra gorgeous!!! I’m saving up!!! I love love love!

  3. -100. The Perfect Palette says:


  4. -100. Astrid and Rene says:

    Finally! Something unique….they are gorgeous!

  5. -100. Emily Steffen says:

    I am in LOVE! :)

  6. -100. Blair Van Bussel says:

    I LOVE them!! So unique and oh so beautiful!

  7. -100. Cristina says:

    Wow! So great, perfect for a vintage wedding. And unique too!

  8. -100. Joanna says:

    Very cool…I love how eclectic it is.

  9. -100. Jolene Grizzle says:

    Oh my is right! I need to get married all over again to be able to use all of these wonderful ideas!

  10. -100. davina says:

    I adore these!

  11. -100. Hilary says:

    Stunning. These made my day!

  12. -100. charity mae says:

    “absolutely adore them…they would also make great centerpeices. amazing work!”

  13. -100. olivia says:

    Those are stunning!! :-O

  14. -100. Stephaine @ Geezees says:

    So unique…love the vintage look!

  15. -100. Pauline Stepyhens says:

    Now this is a bouquet. Stunning all around. Great artistic work by the designer. Love them all!

  16. -100. Erica Brooks says:

    Absolutely lovely. Great attention to detail.

  17. -100. Amanda Heer says:

    I custom make these AMAZING bride bouquets, from vintage/antique brooches
    they can be made to match your shades for your wedding,or a fun mix of every
    shade using solid brooches/pendants/earrings/pins/and such
    they take quite a few to make a full bouquet,
    it is truly a WORK OF ART! getting each one placed perfectly so it showcases
    each and every one to it’s best potential
    I finish them off with a elaborate high end ribbon tie for the stems in a
    shade to compliment and added decor also
    each one is very different as no 2 are alike…….ONE OF A KIND!

    Or another thing that you can do is collect the brooches yourself from your
    friends/ family your own jewelry box and or they can all contribute to the
    bouquet to make it more special (I had one bride ask every one to give a
    brooch at the shower) breathtaking

    300.00 is the cost for me to design it using your brooches/special stem
    decor/ship it or
    850.00 if I provide all the brooches design it/special stem decor/ship it
    when you see them they truly steal you heart…..
    think about it…..they will make your heart pound!
    Amanda Heer
    wedding floral designer
    florist for the OC house wife show soon to air

  18. -100. nina says:

    WOW…I love these!

  19. -100. Tina says:

    so beautiful. does anyone know where the brides dress is from?

  20. Completely amazing. Something to keep and display and use as a centerpiece on your table, literally, forever. Bravo!

  21. -100. Brandy Burridge says:

    I will, I will find a way to incorporate these into a shoot!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  22. -100. Pixie says:

    I want one and I’m not getting married! Beautiful.

  23. These are stunning, I made a bouquet like this for my wedding out of vintage buttons and broaches… but I LOVE the bright coloured versions here!

  24. -100. Natalie Heer says:

    Amanda is not only my fabulous sister in law, she is the most creative woman I know! Congrats on these wonderful pieces of art. I can’t wait to see them in person!!!

  25. -100. Karry Castillo says:

    These are amazing and perfect for the bride looking for something a little vintage or a little glamorous. Very unique… Thanks for sharing.

  26. -100. Keeley says:

    Hello! I am doing one of these for my upcoming wedding and not only for me… my MOH, as well as the mothers of the bride and groom, and grandmothers will also have smaller ones. Also, we’ll be doing the “brooch” thing for the men for their bouttainers. We are a pretty crafty family and I am on a budget for my wedding… so we’re making them ourselves! We already have approximately 200 brooches we found online and through ebay, only problem is… how in the world do you make them?? We’ve tried a few ways, but still a little unsure… Any ideas?

  27. -100. Marian says:

    There is so much to love about these broaches! They are a treasure for the Bride to hold forever. And when she has the family give their own broaches for these bouquets, how sentimental and special is that! These are vintage already, and can be passed down for generations!

  28. -100. Kristin says:

    Amanda did a great job with my bouquet! We had so much fun searching for our brooches! Can’t wait for our wedding day!

  29. -100. Inessa Zherebnenko says:

    I love them so much am having one made for my wedding 4/16/11. I am in the process of collecting all the brooches to complete the bouquet. You need 50 total and I am at 35 now.

  30. -100. heather says:

    Wow! These are stunning. I adore vintage anything and really do not want regular flowers for my wedding. This is definitely a great idea. I can’t afford $850 though (yikes!). I’m the master of thrift so I definitely will be attempting a knock off of these. I’m sure it won’t come out as perfect but I have a year to get it right! If anyone figures this out, shoot me a message at!

  31. -100. Jessica says:


    I ended up making one for my sister and am now making my own. I wrote instructions here:

    Hope this helps!

  32. -100. Julie R. says:

    These are amazing… I have flower allergies and want to have a brooch bouquet. I also love the flower-less bouquets found at:
    So creative!

  33. -100. laura says:

    adorable brooches – how can i get some for my bridesmaids – I live in Australia?

  34. -100. Melissa says:

    I am already married, but I am going to attempt to make one of these beautiful bouquets! A lot of our brides have had these recently and they are so unique and beautiful.

  35. -100. Belinda says:

    Love this!

  36. -100. Beth says:

    Very unique. Love them.

  37. -100. Cait says:

    Where can I get one of these?!?!?!?!


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