Bridal Shoot Ideas From SNS Photography

bridal shoot ideas

Shannon Smith of SNS Photography sent us this unique bridal shoot. In typical tradition a bridal shoot takes place a few months before the ceremony, hair makeup the whole nine yards. Megan, the bride, has this gorgeous classic beauty that really translates in photographs. Shannon and Megan traveled to a few locations, survived the Florida heat, and got a bunch of classic bridal shots as well as some new and innovative takes on a bridal session.

Megan wanted the pictures to be vintage inspired, so most of them were textured to add a sense of nostalgia and give the images character.These are super cute, thanks so much Shannon for sharing these with us.

bridal shoot ideas

bridal shoot ideas

bridal shoot ideas

bridal shoot ideas

bridal shoot ideas

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  1. -100. SNS says:

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. -100. annie says:

    Great shots! The vintage theme is a nice touch

  3. -100. shopping for pics says:

    Some phtotogs capture what others wish they could see! Seems SNS has that figured out.

  4. -100. Gabriela says:

    The photography is wonderful..Exciting!!

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