Ethereal Beachside Wedding

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You can not get more romantic than a simple ceremony by the waters edge. Offering your guests delicate parasols to shade them from the sun, like the one above. We found at along with the lovely linen calendar a true keepsake to mark an exciting year which you can buy here. The sassy dress is via designed by Jessica Stam and photographed by Craig McDean (2004)

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  1. -100. Nicole says:

    Love, love, love the dress above! Is there anyway to find out where I can get it?

  2. -100. Megan says:

    I love that dress! Who is it by?

  3. -100. wcbridejeana says:

    GORGEOUS colors!!!

  4. -100. kristi klemens says:

    yes, please let us know who the dress is by if possible. Oh my goodness…Emma = incredible. NEW FAVE PHOTOG!!! Talk about inspiration. WOW. thank you.

  5. -100. weddingchicks says:

    we are not sure of the dresses origins but will keep our eyes out for you. It is stunning!

  6. -100. Infocuoum says:

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