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We are excited for super fun chick giveaway from twistband, which is a personal favorite of Amy’s. She wears they religously and loves them. All of twist band styles come in sets of three bands banded together on a 6″ stainless ball chain with a white ID tag. One lucky winner will receive a special gift set for she and her bridesmaids. A vaule package of $132… do I sound like the price is right?

All you have to do is visit thetwistband.com and share with us your favorite twistband and leave a comment. Enter as many time as you like and a winner will be choosen on Friday. Please remember to subscribe to see if you are a winner. PS twistband is also so lovely to offer all our readers 10% off type in bride at checkout for your goodies.

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  1. -100. Silvia says:

    ooh! i like the pony messages, the metallic, and the ponyband messages! super cute!

  2. -100. Courtney F says:

    Love the black rhinestone headband sparkle! I would love for my girls to sport these on my wedding day! Perfect-

  3. -100. megs says:

    The velvet dot headbands are beautiful!

  4. -100. Jenn C says:

    Wow I love all of them! Especially the tie dyed and daisy collection. I love headbands but can never find one that is comfortable to wear for more then an hour. I’m really excited to try these out!

  5. -100. rachel says:

    I would love the nautical headbands to wear to the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon.

  6. I love the flower set :)

  7. -100. Ann says:

    The Pony Velvet dots are soooooooo great! They would look delightful with the pistachio green dresses for the bridesmaids!

  8. -100. Jenn K. says:

    rhinestone buckle on black with pink & white solids

    This color scheme fits in perfect with my wedding colors. I love headbands!


  9. -100. Junage says:

    The Pony Velvet Dots ponyband collection!

  10. -100. Allyson says:

    Being an upcoming "bride-to-be", I have to go with their bridal collection…sooo pretty,and it could be my something blue :)

  11. -100. Sarah S. says:

    i like the crochet dot headbands!


  12. -100. Carrie says:

    I am an instant FAN!!! Besides the fact that I am a headband FREAKaZOID….I am now a freak over the twist bands linen flower headbands….soooo cute….I wear flowers in my hair daily and these are so adorable……

    I would lover to shower my bridesmaids and flowergirls with ANY of the heandbands from their collection….I would be forever grateful and I know my girls would look gorgeous in them walking down the aisle….the perfect touch to my wedding day!!!

  13. -100. nikki says:

    Oooo… I really like the Bride headbands! The blues are so pretty! I think the Robots are really great too though, and I would probably get more use out of them.

    It would be so cute to wear matching headbands at my bachelorette party!! :]

  14. -100. Amy says:

    I like the pony linen flower!

  15. -100. Melinda Claire says:

    Love the navy rinestone set! Thanks for sharing this :)

  16. -100. Angelica Z says:

    Love the Headband Linen Flower, very cute :)

  17. -100. Callie says:

    I love the headband stripes. The yellow is cute and I love the blue. My wedding colors are blue, black, and white.

  18. -100. Casey says:

    I like the velvet dots head band!

  19. -100. Connie says:

    I really like the nautical ponybands.

  20. -100. Connie says:

    I also like the Metallic Headband.

  21. -100. Callie says:

    Oh, I didn’t know there were more pages. I like the headbands. Stripes, 80’s, metallic, sparkle, and I can’t help it, those robots are adorable.

  22. -100. ClassicPearls says:

    Would love to give the girls the Headband Message with the word Princess. It would be perfect to wear when we go for our spa…

  23. -100. Dallons girl says:

    OMG the whale one is so freakin’ cute. My moh LOVES squids and anything that swims.

  24. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The bridal bands are perfect. I am not wearing any special "bride" clothes on the day to be…but these would be perfect and subtle.

  25. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The punk category would be perfect for my little sister who is one of my bridesmaids. She loves anything pirates and bad azz!

  26. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The linen flower set is so cute. I love headbands!

  27. -100. Dallons girl says:

    OMG the eco friendly message ones are PERFECT for my vegetarian bridesmaid. She gave up meat to "reduce her urban footprint." (words from her mouth!)

  28. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The nautical ones are so fun.

  29. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The bridal message ones are so pretty. I’d love to show just a little bit of "bride" on the big day.

  30. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The eco message ones are perfect. I’d wear them ALL the time. I love headbands.

  31. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I love all the linen flower ones. I can totally seeing all of my bridesmaids wearing them to the beach or out shopping….

  32. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I know my sister would LOVE the punk headband or even the punk pony holder. Anything punk actually! Because punk rocks!

  33. -100. Dallons girl says:

    What a great gift idea, wedding chicks. I think the bridal message or the Hey cupcake one is totally precious!

  34. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The linen flower ones are totally adorable. They would be a great "topper" for my flower girls.

  35. -100. Nikki says:

    I obviously love the headband message (what bride to be wouldn’t) But I think my favorite is the black headband with the sparkle buckle. I am all about the "bling" and I think it would look so nice with a black sweater set or even with that little black dress.

    I love headbands, but can never find one that doesn’t slide or pinch the back of my ears. I’d love to try some these.

  36. -100. PDX Bride says:

    I love the Headband Velvet Dots . . . and as a bride the Bridal Bands are super cute as well!

  37. -100. Michelle says:

    I’m a fan of the Pony Velvet Dots!

  38. -100. Michelle says:

    As a bride to be, the Headband Messages- Bride would be awesome to wear while getting ready early on the wedding day.

  39. -100. SiouxsieKee-yoo says:

    I really like the velvet dot headbands

  40. -100. Two Brunettes says:

    I love the Nautical headbands!

  41. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The bridal bands would look so cute in my hair before I get my hair done on the wedding day!

  42. -100. Dallons girl says:

    My sister would absolutely squeal at the sight of the nautical set or the eco message set…..pick me please!

  43. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The eco friendly messages would totally be worn all the time.

  44. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The linen flower bands are SO cute! My flower girls would look so cute with them in their hair.

  45. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I love the message bands….the hello cupcake ones. So cute.

  46. -100. Dallons girl says:

    What a cute headband. I LOVE headbands. These are so freakin’ cool. Love the nautical ones. I’d wear them all the time.

  47. -100. Dallons girl says:

    OMG those linen flower bands are so cute!

  48. -100. JD says:

    I heart the mesh headbands! Nice and sporty!

  49. -100. Dallons girl says:

    OMG the linen flowers make me smile, they’re so cute.

  50. -100. jen coyle says:

    I love the white pony linen flower set, so cute!!!

  51. -100. Dallons girl says:

    My sister would totally wear the punk bands all the time….

  52. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The robot headbands are way cool!

  53. -100. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    The pony velvet dots are so cute!! Love ’em!

  54. -100. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    I would probably get the spring colors in those!

  55. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The nautical headbands/ponies are a perfect addition to my bridesmaid gifts.

  56. -100. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Although, even with the winter colors, I still wouldn’t have too many! ;-)

  57. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The linen flower bands would be perfect to go in my flower girls’ hair. And they can keep it so it’ll be a cute keepsake.

  58. -100. Jennifer says:

    The black Headband Spark is so cute!

  59. -100. Jennifer says:

    The black Headband Sparkle is so cute!

  60. -100. Jenn K. says:

    I love that you can put messages on the bracelets.

  61. -100. Jenn K. says:

    I think my flower girl would look adorable in the black rhinestone one as well to match the maids.

  62. -100. Jenn K. says:

    They look so comfortable.

  63. -100. Jenn K. says:

    Some of the plain ones would be great to control the wispy hairs when you work out!

  64. -100. Jenn K. says:

    You chicks rock with your giveaways!

  65. -100. Laura says:

    I love the Headband Sparkle in black. Classy and understated. Amazing

  66. -100. Laura says:

    Headband Metallic are so cute. I would love my girls to wear these

  67. -100. Laura says:

    The Pony Linen Flower in white is adorable.

  68. -100. Laura says:

    The Pony Velvet Dots Winter collection have the green and purple color I’m using for my wedding. That would be perfect for the girls to wear

  69. -100. Michelle Elisabeth says:

    I adore the White Linen Flower Headband! Soooo cute.
    Thank you :)

  70. -100. Cathy K. says:

    The Spring Mix Pony Velvet Dots – adorable!!

  71. -100. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Love the velvet dots headband! Too cute.

  72. -100. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Velvet dots :)

  73. -100. Cait says:

    I adore the Headband Metallic – I think it would go great with comfy summer outfits & would help keep my bangs off my face when it’s hot.

  74. -100. Cait says:

    The headband sparkle would also be a cute way of dressing up an outfit with the rhinestone details :) too cute

  75. -100. Libbi says:

    velvet dots winter mix. totally cute.

  76. -100. Bridechka says:

    I’m all about the lovely collection … its …. lovely!

  77. -100. Dallons girl says:

    OMG the bridal message ones are so cute. I’d totally rock those on the big day.

  78. -100. Dallons girl says:

    My bridesmaids would all love these….especially the nautical or the eco friendly ones.

  79. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I love the lovely collection. Way cute.

  80. -100. Shelley says:

    oh tha Pony Velvet Dots for sure!

  81. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The linen flower bands would be an adorable addition to my already adorable flower girls…. and my bridesmaids would totally wear these whenever.

  82. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The nautical ones are way hip. Love them

  83. -100. Dallons girl says:

    Ooooh, the eco message ones are perfect for my earth saving, tree hugging MOH…..she’d squeal, no joke.

  84. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I love the white linen flower ones…..tres chic!

  85. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I have a huge flower on my dress….the white linen flower would look so cohesive with my dress.

  86. -100. Dallons girl says:

    My baby sister would totally love the punk ones.

  87. -100. Selina C. says:

    wow- this could be a new addiction- all for positive comments for us gals =)

  88. -100. Dallons girl says:

    Any of the headband collections would be a great win. An add to my bridesmaids gifts.

  89. -100. Dallons girl says:

    Aww, the nautical headbands are so cute. I love whales.

  90. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The punk headbands are perfect for my pirate lovin’ sister.

  91. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The lovely collection is great because they say exactly what I want to say to my bridesmaids all the time. How cute that they can wear them on their head.

  92. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I know my bridesmaids would love the lovely collection, any collection for that matter.

  93. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I love the bridal message collection.

  94. -100. Dallons girl says:

    The eco message headbands are perfect for my girls. I know they’d wear them a lot and it would be a great message for those around them.

  95. -100. Dallons girl says:

    I want to add a couple of things to my bridemaids gifts. These would be perfect. We all have long hair and it gets in the way (our faces). These are super cute and stylish.

  96. -100. Jenn K. says:

    I love these!

  97. -100. Jenn K. says:

    The bridal collection is adorable.

  98. -100. Gretchen P says:

    I love the ponyband lovely collection. So cute!!!

  99. -100. Amy Lynch says:

    Love love LOVE the linen flower one! We have linen at our wedding. And we have flowers on our bridesmaids dresses, on my wedding dress, on the flowergirls dress, on my mother’s dress, etc. So this one REALLY matches with our wedding. Such a fun giveaway!!!

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