Krissy Davis and the Marvimon

Krissy Davis sent us this great wedding held at the Marvimon. The Bride, Sara’s dress was by the talented Nicole Miller. How awesome does Sara look in that Dress? The makeup was done by Blushing Bridal Makeup.
Sara’s hair was done by Tiffany from the C salon. Baby Blues BBQ catered the event. Yummy!

Krissy also sent us the lovely tale how the bride and groom meet, written by Sara the bride. Click on to read more. It is always fun to read how couples feel and love and tied the knot.

Paul and Sara are the nicest, happy, humble, loving people. They wanted a no fuss wedding to share with their closest friends and family. They met while working on the show Homeland Security, USA. I’m
so happy they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was beautiful and so are they. Believe it or not, Sara claims she doesn’t like having her picture taken! I’m not a great writer so I’ll just let you read a little of what Sara had to say about their story:

Paul and I have worked on about 5-6 shows together over the last 6 years, but never worked directly together (he was an editor and now produces, I’m on the writing/story producing side). We have a lot of
the same credits on our resume, but never actually knew each other. We figured out that at one point about 6 years ago, his office was directly across from mine, but we never talked. In Feb of 2008 I was hired to Story Produce a show he was supervising, Homeland Security USA, and although I remembered him from past shows, he didn’t remember me. We became fast friends working on the show, and our mutual long-time off-and-on boss and close friend (Academy Award winning producer Arnold Shapiro, who was the proudest person at the wedding) kept telling me he thought we’d make a great couple, but I ignored him. At some point Paul and I discovered we lived only a block apart from each other in Beachwood Canyon, so decided to meet up for breakfast one Sunday, just as pals. Breakfast lasted for four hours, which led to a movie, which then led to three hours of talking and laughing in the car, which led to quickly moving in together. We got engaged in Paris 4 months after we started dating and were married one year almost to the day after we “met” each other for real.”

“I guess what was most important to us on that day was that we stayed true to ourselves, even if that meant forgoing tradition. I didn’t want a wedding at first, but once Paul convinced me that we could make the day as unique as we wanted it to be, I started to love the idea. I have never, ever wanted a poofy dress and a bunch of attention. I just wanted to marry Paul. But he reminded me that we could make the day whatever we want. We got a ukelele player and his wife to sing the song that Steve Martin and Burnadette Peters sing in The Jerk, because I love that movie and I knew if I heard that song as I walked down the aisle, I would giggle to myself, instead of feeling nervous or stiff. (And that trumpet player was a complete surprise to me! It was my single favorite moment maybe ever… If I could do my vows over again, I would say that I was marrying Paul not only because he allowed me to walk down the aisle to a song from The Jerk, but he goes and secretly hires a trumpet player to do my favorite part… THAT is the man for me.) And it was important to us that things not be too rehearsed or stiff. Neither of us wanted to feel like we were playing the part of Bride and Groom, we just wanted to be ourselves as we got married, surrounded by our favorite people. We chose things that would make people loosen up and enjoy themselves (banjo, BBQ, wedding movies playing on the screen, casual surroundings). It was so, so important to me that on that day I could wake up and think about how lucky I was to be marrying Paul, and NOT have my thoughts be about my hair or the decorations or dumb stuff like that. And we succeeded in doing that.

He and I are a goofy pair and a perfect fit. I found someone who wants to have adventures with me, and we crack each other up along the way. It’s awesome.”

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  1. Beautiful set. Love how everything blends together and the bride looks magnificent!

  2. The Marvimon is DREAMY!

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