Tips for making sure you have GREAT wedding photos

We found some great tips from Myrtle & Marjoram that we know you will LOVE read below print out and enjoy.

You want those great shots but most importantly the wedding day is about enjoying your friends and family and soaking in every bit of the celebration.

You DON’T want to spend hours in taking tons of posed photos after the ceremony. I have actually been at weddings where the Bride and Groom missed the first two courses of dinner (not shooting of course). To avoid that scenario, set aside some time with your photographer for the pre-ceremony pics. This will allow your photographer to use some great locations at your venue, control the light and be playful / artistic. This will take place before the ceremony and can be a lot of fun.

It might even get your mind off pre-ceremony jitters. Take as many photos as possible before the wedding ceremony. These shots would include the bride alone, with her maids, and with her immediate family; the groom alone, with his groomsmen, and his immediate family. In some cases, you might even want to do the Bride and Groom photos beforehand. I only encouragethis if lighting is a factor after the ceremony (because I like to use available light) or if reception timing is an issue. If those two things are no matter, I leave it up to the Bride and Groom to decide.

I like to take photos of the Bride’s side first. The first reason is that it will give you some time to touch up right before you head down the aisle (this is important if it’s a windy day or hot, or rainy etc) You might have your makeup / hair person stick around for this or have one of your maids assist you. Also, it eliminates the risk of guests seeing you on the grounds as they arrive. Most venues will have a bridal suite even if you’d gotten ready initially at a different location. Once the ladies are done, the groom & men can arrive on site for their side (less time in the heat if it’s Suits in the summer too). It doesn’t matter if guests see them and many times they’ll be helping with ceremony seating anyway.

I think this is the one of the best opportunities to visit with your guests and celebrate your newly married bliss. If you can, extend your cocktail hour by 15 minutes or so. And do the following:

Follow the above-mentioned list of pre-ceremony photos. This way the only photos you need to take in between the ceremony & reception are:
1. a combined bridal party picture, a shot with each set of parents,
2. extended family shot from each side.

This should take about 20-25 minutes, leaving 10 minutes alone time with the Bride & Groom. I like to send the Bride and Groom to join the cocktail hour at this time and then steal them again for another 10-15 minutes during the dinner hour (or possibly in that time before the sun goes down when the light is perfect) This way the bride and groom get to enjoy at least 30 minutes of mingling and canapas.

By joining the cocktail hour, it also allows the photographer to do detail shots of your reception room and table decor before the guests are seated. After all, a lot of time, thought, and money go into the details and sometimes the photos are all you have to remember your hard work. That only takes about 15 minutes and then we come out to get candid cocktail hour shots.

You don’t have to give your photographer a list of every little shot you want, that can make it more difficult to record the flow of the day when we are concerned with a checklist. BUT it is nice to have a list of key group shots. Say you’d like a photo alone with Grandma June, which isn’t one of the standard shots from above. Or say your family dynamic isn’t the “standard” married mom and dad. Let your photographer know if there are step parents, or parents who aren’t together anymore, or a deceased family member. Every family is unique and it’s good to fill us in on the basic relationships to avoid any awkwardness when we arrange the group photos. Let us know if there are any key groups you want done at the reception; say college buddies for example, or all the cousins. Better to do these as relaxed reception photos than the more formal ones.

If you visit a photographers studio and they have raw journalistic photos in B&W, don’t ask them to take structured formal shots for a canvas print above the mantle. They might agree to it if they want to get the job, but you could be very disappointed. Make sure to ask your photographer about their shooting style and take a look at their photos. I have couples ask me about cross processing and digital retouching all the time and I have to tell them that it’s just not my forte. If you don’t see it in someone’s portfolio, there’s probably a reason why. Choose a photographer for their style.

Click with your Photographer
You will be with this person MOST of your wedding day. It is very important that you feel a good connection with their personality and demeanor.


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Myrtle & Marjoram a Northern California Photographer

Sausalito, a small town located minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco world renowned for its Mediterranean flair and breathtaking views. Perfect for the simply sweet and romantic wedding of Kiki and Hadi. There reception was the Outdoor Art Club that allows you to bring in your own vendors, which is lovely if you are particular about your food and beverages. Myrtle & Marjoram id an excellent job of capturing this intimate affair.

tel: 530.272.4154

All the small details where carefully orchestrated by Kiki and Hadi. Adding there own personal flair to just about everything. Including the basket above filled with wish tickets and sparkly silver ribbon. A little spin to the wishing tree.


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YOU WON! Now please please claim your prize. The winners are below email submissions@weddingchicks with the below criteria so we can get your goodies.

Phunk Lab Winner Winning comment below Erika. Erika email us that you acknowledge that you won and we will notify Phunklab.

I am absolutely smitten with Phunklab’s creations! I found them on etsy a few months ago and have been coveting their wrapped canvas prints since then—they are fabulous! I’ve been dying to have one created using one of the photos from my May 2008 wedding and the 3 readings we incorporated into our ceremony! Our 1-year anniversary is coming up and I would love to give it as a gift to my husband!

March 23, 2009 |Erika

Begee Bags Winning comment below from Katy. Katy please email us your address and we will get you your pink poppy clutch.

I absolutely love the pink poppy clutch. It has just the perfect amount of color and would make a great day or night bad.

March 23, 2009 | Katy

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Merlot & Black Color Palette

Our next post is a real life inspiration of Jessica & Sean stayed tuned for their engagment shots in a bit. Jessica wanted a deep merlot and black color palette for her up and coming nupituals. Going dark on your color palette tends to evolve into an elegant affair.

The above bridemaid dresses are from DO YOUR FRIENDS A FAVOR collection from Amsale. All of us know that the days of ugly bridemaids dresses are behind us and allowing our friends to feel beautiful and special on our big day is very important.

Please be sure to check out Thomas Bui Lifestyle an galmours and ultra chick event planner located in San Diego and of course part of the WC family. His work is top notch and will be sure to inspire you.

Jessica and Sean’s Invitiations where designed by Joceybella Invites.

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