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Sweet Retro Free Wedding Labels Download

Do It Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects allow you to create your own personalized favors and touches that can be applied in any way you can imagine on your special day, for a shower, a party or whenever. All you need are some basic items and a little creativity.

This Sweet Retro Free Wedding Labels Download is crazy cute and can be used on any of your wedding favors. They have a variety of lovely colors that will match any color palette. If the pink and chocolate is not your color combination, BeauCoup has 20 different labels that can be customized with your name and wedding colors. See more adorable do-it-yourself wedding projects here.

You can DOWNLOAD the plain thank-you labels here and purchase the Sweet Retro Free Wedding Labels to print on your home computer here.

These labels fit perfect on BeauCoup 3 favor boxes. 
offers pocketbook favor boxes that will also look exquisite on your wedding table filled with delightful goodies.


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  1. -100. jaime chambers says:

    I swear I dont know what I would do without this website! How do you guys find such awesoe stuff????
    Thank you!

  2. -100. Kristen says:

    Oh wow, those are great! For a girl not born with the "bride gene" I don’t know what I would do without websites like this to help me plan. Thanks so much!

  3. -100. Rachel says:

    ooo…I love these! So cute for favor boxes or bags!

  4. -100. Erika says:

    How adorable! I’d love these! :-)

  5. -100. PeachyMango says:

    These are cute!

  6. -100. Amy says:

    These are SO cute! I hope I’m one of the first 10!

  7. -100. Adrienne says:

    Love these! I hope I made the cut!!

  8. -100. Georgia says:

    WOW!!!! I´m # 8! I´ve got it! I´ve got it!


  9. -100. Lauren says:

    Those are adorable!

  10. -100. Megan says:

    I’m #9! They’re so cute!

  11. Booo, i missed the cut, but i’m going to play anyways… lol

    Sunflower yellow and sand dollar
    design 2


  12. -100. Holly says:

    I love this! I think this is the cutest idea! Yay! I am going to point all my brides in your direction. I think this is perfect for photographers to send to clients too!! Yay! Thanks Wedding Chicks!

  13. -100. nicolle says:

    I’m so sad I missed it! But I will play along too….If I had been one of the top 10, I would have choosen.

    1. Ivory Lace and Gold Leaf
    2. #2 (name label)
    3. Nicolle and Ronnie, May 23, 2009

  14. -100. Erica says:

    Awesome giveaway. You always offer such elegant templates.

  15. -100. betsy says:

    Same here…sorry I missed it, but here goes:

    1. Sunflower Yellow and Mossy Green
    2. #2
    3. Betsy & Josh – June 6, 2009

  16. -100. The Pissed Off Bride says:

    O no! I missed it!

    Very pretty and thanks for the down load.

  17. -100. jaime chambers says:

    I just ordered my stickers to print these on yesterday! Thank you wedding chicks! You guys are awesoem!

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  19. -100. Diana says:

    Simply love them!!!

  20. -100. SHARHONDA ROBINSON says:


  21. -100. michelle says:

    does anybody know where can i get the fonts?

  22. -100. Abby says:

    I tried to use the link to download the plain thank you labels and it doesnt seem to work for me.. is there any other way to get this?

  23. -100. weddingchicks says:

    abby, email me and i’ll send them to you. i was able to download them. (:

  24. -100. Tracy says:

    I love this design & color matching, it really help a lot about my wedding DIY, thanks so so so much. :-)

  25. -100. juli says:

    Is there any way to edit the label so that I can add our names and date to it? The one I kept getting when attempting to download said “thank you” but didn’t seem to allow for any options.

  26. -100. albaah says:

    Where is the link to download it free?
    Thanks!! :)

  27. -100. Olga Bud says:

    Can I get a template so I can use it for labeling sweets at buffet table for desert?

    THANKS A LOT!!This is my fav blog!!!

  28. -100. emmy says:

    please2 send me the link to download this cute design tqvm

  29. -100. Sheep says:

    So Wonderful!!!

  30. -100. kei says:


  31. -100. Sharon says:

    I love the font on the thank you card! Is there any chance I could please find out what it is? this would help me so much!! :)

  32. -100. karossarts decals says:

    omg, seriously?! wow! you’re website is the BOMB! i love it! im not getting married, but im helping out with my boyfriends brother with some of the thank you cards, part favors designs etc! you are amazing! thank you!!!

    from the philippines

  33. -100. aui says:

    So beutiful

  34. -100. siska suliatiawati says:

    Very nice label for favors box.

  35. -100. Jessica Montiel says:

    I love all, is really amazing, originaly.
    Thank you!!!

  36. -100. Aura says:

    You have so many beautiful ideas for any especial occasions, you have saved me these are just what I was looking for!


  37. -100. pattama says:

    Thank you
    PUI & BAS
    30 April 2015

    please make to me.

  38. -100. Sareeya says:

    Thank you ^^

  39. -100. watsana says:

    Thank you!