BE WED: A Modern Wedding Planner & Organizer

BE WED is the first eco-friendly wedding planner that works well
for everyone, regardless of budget, gender or age. The creative
system has everything you need to be inspired, informed, and
organized while you design a meaningful event that celebrates
your shared vision.

Inside, you’ll find:
The Be Prepared workbook handy reference that helps you consider,
document, and manage every aspect of your wedding plans. Plus, the
workbook’s Be Connected section contains a comprehensive index of
contacts, web sites, and other resources to help you put your socially
and environmentally motivated choices into action.

The Be Inspired folder an organizing tool that keeps samples and
clippings on hand for future reference and inspiration.

The Be Relaxed folder an innovative kit designed for storing estimates,
contracts, and invoices. At the end of the planning phase, everything
you’ll need to manage the big day winds up here, in one portable,
organized package.

They’ve also included a refillable pen, and a CD for printing additional
copies of our helpful worksheets and checklists. The entire product is
100% eco-friendly and recyclable. Retails for $49.95 at BE WED!

Jenna Ashley and Kathleen Koeneman are both hard-working mothers
of small children, who value family, friendship and coffee. They have
worked together in the graphic-design industry for over 12 years.
Before founding Evotive, llc, both women were art directors for Adobe
Systems, Inc. They formed the design team behind Adobe Magazine,
a bi-monthly graphic-design publication distributed world-wide, in print
and online, and translated into eight languages. Over the years, the
two have worked closely with a multitude of writers and editors, and
collaborated with and managed hundreds of freelance artists, designers
and photographers. Their work has been recognized by the American
Institute of Graphic Arts
(AIGA), the Society of Publication Designers,
and they have received design awards from How and Print magazine.

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  1. How wonderful! What a fantastic resource!

  2. -100. Kirsten says:

    Oooohhh! I am definitely off to purchase one of these so I can do my first Visible Images giveaway. Probably right before Christmas so some lucky girl can have the perfect planner for her Christmas engagement!

    Yay! Thanks for the wonderful ideas as always.

  3. -100. Suzan St Maur says:

    You may be interested to know about my blog:

    … where readers can post questions about how to make their weddings and other celebrations more eco-friendly, or they can email them to me, and I respond with the answers.

    The blog is based on my latest book, “How To Get Married In Green: have an eco-friendly wedding without compromising on style,” which was published recently.

    You can read more about the book here:

    …although of course it’s available on all Amazons, not just the UK version, and is in most good book stores worldwide.

    And by the way – two recent posts on my blog are about eco-friendly gifts – some are ideal for the Holiday season as well as for bridal couples!

    With all good wishes


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