The Groom’s Survival Kit

Prevent groomzilla sightings with The Groom’s Survival Kit by Ms. & Mrs. Inside this handsome attache is a collection of 26 personal care and emergency solutions designed just for the groom. He may think that he doesn’t need this kit — until disaster strikes, of course. Topped with a “stress” ball and chain, this practical collection can help any guy tie the knot with composure and confidence. $49.

This super handy kit contains: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mints, Deodorant, Pain Reliever, Antacid, Facial Tissues, Razor, Shaving Cream, Styptic Pencil, Nail Clipper, Adhesive Bandages, Interior Mirror, Lint Remover, Mending Kit, Scissors, Safety Pins, Boutonniere Pins, Stain Remover, Wrinkle Remover, Black Socks, Extra Wedding Bands, Stress Ball Keychain

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  1. -100. Adrienne says:

    Love how there are extra wedding bands in it…that’s too funny!

  2. I love the emergency kits! I think they are such a fabulous idea! These are a perfect idea for any one! I especially love the groom’s survival kit! Perfect Post!

  3. -100. Kathy Speers says:

    Very practical idea and something that is definitely needed! I use emergency kits for the bride but one for the groom is just as necessary.

    BTW–your site is completely cute. Great posts.

  4. -100. Michele Smith says:

    How can I purchase this kit love it?


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