April Higashi Jewelry

April selects a combination of natural, raw and unusual rose cut
diamonds for her commitment and wedding jewelry. These include gem
quality diamonds that are cast-offs from the diamond cutting process.
She hand selects all of her diamonds from conflict-free sources,
seeking out stones that have specific, distinguished qualities while
still offering the tradition and durability for everyday wear that only
a diamond possesses. They are available for both custom work and
resetting heirloom stones into a new design.

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  1. -100. amy @ stemparties says:


  2. -100. Wedding Jewellery says:

    Wonderful jewellery!

  3. -100. The Virutal Bride says:


    The Virtual Bridesmaid

  4. -100. April Higashi says:

    Hi there!

    I just was told you did a little blog entry on myself and just had a peek. I am so honored! How did you find out about me?

    Thanks for the post & the nice visuals.You did a nice job. Keep up the good work.

    warmly, April Higashi

  5. -100. Hillary Doe says:

    April does great work. Have you seen April’s jewelry on ObjectFetish? They have other incredible artist that make one of a kind wedding rings. Truely Amazing.

  6. -100. Yuki Garcia says:

    http://ObjectFetish.com is interesting – they do custom wedding rings which is pretty cool – but then again, who needs custom wedding rings when they have so many unique wedding rings on their site?

  7. -100. swanson says:

    wonder full jeweldry and excellent collection of ideas,much informative.

  8. -100. Righteous One says:

    April Higashi (pictured on the left) is part of a satanic incestuous Illuminati family. Notice the picture of her (husband? live in?) with the child – looks like kiddie porn. That is just the kind of people they are. Her sick parents use demons/spirits to attempt to get people to buy her jewelry etc. without others permission or knowledge. It was the same in their clinic.
    Stop buying anything from her, her mother, brother, father, etc.  We want to destroy satanic people not encourage them. she has designed clothes I think, (she couldn’t hack it as a designer, but she but she may still have somethings to sell) Her line apparently fell apart. Her father in effect pimps out her and her mother and uses her and others for porn and to get government contracts etc. – She of course was pimped out too – It wasn’t that they were sold exactly it is just that it was like a favor for the guys in the fraternity, etc., political people, etc. Both her father and mother (Wilfred Higashi Phd (maybe that stands for PIMP, HARM, DEFILE)and Joyce Higashi MSW, LCSW, LICSW, MFT and DAY SCHOOL DIRECTOR (scared yet?) –  had them run around the house naked entertaining their friends. They are both into witchcraft and/or magic. Her brother and mother had sex together. I was invited into their sick little moments. Her father exposed his penis to me and likes to call her mother a lot of names like “bit**, Wh*re, and on and on to turn her on. He likes to abuse her physically and humiliate her and he attempted to make me part of it. I contacted the state but they did nothing about it. The University of Utah did nothing about it and in fact allowed it to happen on their campus and within their fraternities. Thinking about dating Frat boys or Sorority girls? Don’t they are all part of it and swear some type of allegiance to it backed by death threats etc. In short they are the scum of the Earth – They are the reason we have so many social problems – diseases, etc. The Higashi’s have claimed to be Christians but they aren’t. People on their street used to not allow their children to play with them or at their house etc. Small wonder why. Higashi has a lot history of pimping out people and believe that they are part of some royal Japanese and/or Hawaiian line. What a claim for these defective people. They are not fit to rule anything. If you are in any way considering buying anything from them don’t. He (Wilfred) is still active in Mental Health in Utah (Holladay) though he claims to be retired and she is working for the National Association of Social Workers which has assisted her in covering over her behavior and her husband’s behavior.
    It is an old Hawaiian tradition to have the children have sex together – so probably Kevin Higashi and April Higashi have had sex together.
    If you contact her father he may be able to sell you some sex time with her or others – but don’t call it buying that would be illegal. Call it “adding something to the party”. Cocaine etc. would be a nice touch for them. He should have some porn for sale!!!!!!
    She likely is a multiple personality – notice the statements made in her jewelry – pieces, fragments, etc. It all bespeaks dissociative identity disorder. Her husband is likely also one of these perverted family line people – best advice …. stay away from them and find out how many things they are credited as being into. Like the jerry Garcia thing. Go in and talk to April – she hasn’t got the brains to administer anything in the estate. She is a moron for the most part. Judge for yourself. Do you think these people are fit to run corporations, government, hold governmental positions? They aren’t wake up people – slay the ungodly – don’t allow them any place in our community. They are destructive to people and God.

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