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Dymo has offered one of our lucky brides-to-be a label maker and tapes in order to stay on top of the planning process. Simply leave a comment on how a Dymo Label maker would make your planning process a bit easier.  The Clutter Queen over at Dymo also shared some tips in order to make the planning process run a bit smoother. Every bit helps!

– Create a binder with sections labeled for calendar, dress ideas, guest list, registry, shopping lists, showers and parties, thank you cards, gift lists, bridal party schedules, and so on. Take the binder with you on appointments and meetings. Everything will be in one place for easy reference.

– To help keep track of the landslide of wedding gifts you receive, use file folders and label them by category – gift cards and certificates, receipts, returns, etc. Also, consider labeling the outside of the box a gift comes in with who gave it to you. This will help when writing thank you notes later.

– If you plan to provide a special CD for the DJ to use during the reception, clearly label the disc case with the song name and track number using a product like the DYMO™ Personal Labelmaker. For a more personalized disc, use the DYMO DiscPainter™ CD/DVD printer, which will print text and photos directly onto the disc. This way there aren’t any slip-ups during your special dance.

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  1. -100. Jamie says:

    I could really use that great labelmaker to label all of the wonderful gifts that we received, so I don’t forget who gave them to us!

  2. -100. Brianne says:

    My handwriting is a cross between a 2 year olds cryptic symbols and a Doctors script, in other words, totally unreadable. This label maker would be heaven sent in allowing me to not only be able to organize things, but also read what is written!

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am one of those people who when I want to find something will do the cartoon-esq tear apart every box, drawer, bag, whatever and throw the things that aren’t what I’m looking for over my shoulders: So by the time I’ve found what I was looking for, I am now leaning up against a huge pile of magazines, photos, clippings, tulle, ribbons, paper, and all my other wedding supplies. Well, now I have what I was looking for, so I want to do whatever my original goal was, so the ginormous pile just gets scooted over to the side a bit…. and sits there for another 6 weeks until I organize it again. Knowing what was stored where by some magic label maker ;) would keep my apartment from looking like a bomb went off every time I am looking for something specific.

  4. -100. Anna Shown says:

    I would love this gadget, not only for wedding labeling stuff but for later on in the new house! labeling all my plastic kitchen containers, everything, lol, im very organized to a fault so this would be great!!

  5. -100. Le says:

    I would use it on my filing system instead of my sloppy handwritten labels and for our wedding party gifts.

  6. -100. Catie says:

    I think this would totally help me stay organized, especially since I tend to live in organized chaos. With all the wedding planning, I can’t just let entropy set in. I would definitely label all of my wedding folders, boxes, and eventual gifts (very helpful with the "who it’s from"). Thie would be an awesome helper!

  7. -100. Shannon says:

    I would use this to label all the boxes for the rehearsal, reception, ceremony, etc.

  8. -100. nicolle_z says:

    The Dymo Label maker would make your planning process a bit easier because I would use it to:
    -label all the boxes I have with stuff for the wedding that I have already accummulated by use, such as cocktail hour for all the napkins and drink supplies, etc.
    -since my finacee and his mom are doing all the decorations and flowers for the wedding, this would be awesome to label the boxes with what is inside, like vases, crystals, ribbon, etc. Also to label the centerpieces with where they go for getting the reception set up.
    -label the gifts after I receive them with who they are from
    -label my file folders
    -after the wedding this would be awesome to label the boxes to say where they go at home and whats left inside
    – after the wedding this would be my dream tool to organize my scrapbook closet, which is a big clutterly mess! And to help us move into our new home!

  9. -100. Mrs. Aaron2B says:

    I am newly engaged (as of 7/16/08) and I would definately use the Dymo to help label all of my sample invitations, dress colors and all the other samples I have ordered. I would love to have this to use for the day of the wedding for the boxes of favors, namecards, menus etc. This would also be something great to use even after our wedding because I could use it to label items in our closets, kitchen and bathroom.

  10. -100. Andrea says:

    I am a label fanatic!!! From my file folders, to seasonal decor boxes I would label everything so I know exactly what’s what! What I also love is that it will help me to label all of the boxes containing my ceremony and reception items for my venue. I would label everything individually and then the box that contains them. Love this gadget!!!

  11. -100. Julie says:

    I would sooooo be able to use this to get myself organized. The future hubby can barely read my
    writing & I could label all the gazillion boxes
    we have full of wedding "stuff". I love the idea about
    labeling the plastic containers in the kitchen too!

  12. -100. aylee says:

    I put labels on almost everything. I have tons of boxes, bins, and binders in my house that I put labels on. I usually use the regular 8.5×11 inkjet label sheets. I think a labelmaker would be a lot better and easier to use without needing a computer. I also just set up my wedding organizer (binder) and I think the labelmaker would be great for the tabs than my crappy and uneven handwriting.

  13. -100. misslisa says:

    labels for wedding projects such as menu cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, and more! i think using it for organization of gifts is such a great idea! awesome prize!

  14. -100. fashionablemd says:

    It would be the perfect start to getting me organized! I could use it to label the sections of my planning binder, to indicate what is where, the list goes on and on!

  15. -100. Suzann says:

    I could definitely use this equipment right now. I am 7 months away from my wedding date and it’s getting harder and harder to keep things organized (and I am a project manager by day). I’m so confused with all this stuff the first label I would print out is "Future Husband" to place on his forehead so I don’t lose him too. :)
    O and I could also use it for the binders, books and samples.

  16. Dymo is definately one of the most useful tools for almost any situation. Label it and you will never forget it.
    Wedding Planning Checklist

  17. -100. Lindsay says:

    This Label maker looks amazing! It would especially be helpful for someone like me who has awful handwriting. Staying organized would be so much easier if I could actually read what I had written. Not only that, if other people could read what I wrote! LOL

  18. -100. hwong14 says:

    Ugh, this would completely get me going on the path to organization! Right now I just have piles strewn about everywhere…

  19. -100. Diana says:

    I would finally get organized. My future husband and I live in such a small apt. and we have so much stuff! I could finally label or files and definitely would organize all my wedding planning items!

  20. -100. Jess says:

    Oh dear, this would make my cluttered mess a lot simpler…

  21. -100. Sulesq says:

    Wow! This would be a great start on my path to organization. I am hoping to shake the nickname ‘clutter queen’. The Dymo is perfect for making labels for the new closet organizer system we just purchased with our shower gift certs.

  22. -100. karla says:

    ever since i’ve embraced my pseudo-OCD, i’ve fallen in love with labels. i hear labels real real bad. i use them for everything, organizing my binders, my garage, my life, everything! the only problem is that i don’t have a label maker, i use paper with tape. it’s pretty sad. it doesn’t help me in my quest to be the most organized bride EVER! please fulfill my fantasy of having a DYMO LABEL MAKER … you would make all my dreams come true!!! i could even highlight you in my wedding!

  23. -100. Debbie says:

    This would be such a great asset in organizing the lists for the rehearsal dinner/gathering, the wedding party, the wedding itself and the reception. The gift opening the following day would be simplified with this device. I’ve seen these in stores and can’t imagine why I haven’t purchased one yet, but I’d love to win this in your giveaway!

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