Party Pieces Giveway!

You may have seen our guest post on The Hostess Blog yesterday! Today we are giving
away the handmade pottery that was featured in the post. One lucky winner will win all
four beautiful pieces! Leave a comment below to win one flower holder, two rice bowls,
and one serving dish! All compliments of Noah’s Pottery! The winner will be announced
on Friday! 

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  1. -100. roopa says:

    I love the simplicity of those pieces – and I would love to have them in my home!

  2. -100. Patty H. says:

    Ilove the Asian influence in entertaining and would love any one of the items in the giveaway!

  3. -100. Bella says:


  4. -100. Michelle says:

    Very cool stuff. I could definitely put all 4 to good use!

  5. -100. Christine says:

    This is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen! Their work is beautiful and would be perfect for entertaining!!

  6. -100. Patty says:

    Those are really nice!

  7. -100. Tammi D says:

    Wedding Chicks, your blog has been invaluable to me in planning my wedding. Thanks for all the good work. You keep me coming back every day.

  8. -100. Kim D. says:

    very pretty!

  9. Love it! I can’t wait to make a centerpiece like this—it’s so simple yet beautiful!

  10. -100. loriming says:

    Beautiful pieces!

  11. -100. Amy says:

    :) Very nice pieces for entertaining! Please pick me :)

  12. -100. Shannon says:

    OOh, so simple and clean. These would be a lovely addition to my table!

  13. -100. Jessica Hood says:

    I am thrilled to have discovered your site via Hostess With the Mostess. I am getting married in August & plan to have some Asian-inspired touches. I would love to win these beautiful pieces! Jessica Hood

  14. -100. cari says:

    OH! OH! PICK ME! I love the asian influence as well and would be a great start to our entertaining pieces! Plus what a wonderful conversation starter at meals! :o)

  15. -100. Holly says:

    So beautiful! I’d love to win.

  16. -100. Marissa says:

    Wow! Those are really great!

  17. -100. Tiffany B says:

    What beautiful handmade pieces! They will make a lovely addition to anyones table.

  18. -100. amy says:

    i love these organic, artsy looking pieces!

  19. -100. Lauren B says:

    these are so beautiful!

  20. -100. Kat O says:

    Those are super chic! Most of our flatware is random pieces from when I lived in Japan, so these would complement them nicely!

  21. -100. amy says:

    I’d love you forever. Who doesn’t need more love?

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  22. -100. Joan says:

    These items are fantastic. The simplicity is just perfect.

  23. -100. Plumm says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I love these pieces! You can see the thoughtfulness that went into these handmade designs.

    I would be honored to have these!

  24. -100. Hillary says:

    I would LOVE to own these pieces! Please include me in the giveaway.

  25. -100. Kyle N says:

    please include me in the giveaway!!

  26. -100. Ely says:

    I’m hosting an Asian themeed dinner party for my inlaws 46th wedding anniversary, and would absolutely be honored to have this beautiful pieces. I love your site by the way, it’s lovely.

  27. -100. Gina S. says:

    those are great!

  28. -100. Christine says:

    Oh oh oh…pick me please! :)

  29. -100. lisa n says:

    so cute!

  30. -100. Vanessa says:

    Love these! Absolutely Gorgeous

  31. -100. Connie L says:

    beautiful! thanks for introducing us to noah’s pottery. what a great giveaway.

  32. -100. MCVJennifer says:

    adorable! would be fabulous in my new place (i’m moving from the east coast to the west coast and won’t be able to bring lots of my kitchenware)

  33. -100. Bethany O. says:

    Nice handiwork!

  34. -100. tara says:

    such beautifulpieces! great giveaway.

  35. -100. Katie P. says:

    These pieces are fantastic. LOVE the Asian theme! :)

  36. -100. Izzy says:

    So beautiful! I’m so glad the hostess blog featured you so that now I can add this blog to my daily addictions…I mean reads :)

  37. -100. Maura says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the contest! :-)

  38. -100. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Love these pieces! So gorgeous and simple. That flower holder is such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing Noah’s Pottery with us.

  39. -100. Ilissa H. says:

    I’d love to win these. The items are beautiful. Thank you for the chance.

  40. -100. MsB says:

    Gosh, I just need to redo my wedding from 2002! Too cute!!!

  41. -100. Laura M says:

    these are gorgeous!

  42. -100. Nichanh Petersen says:

    I love th Asian theme. Clean and simple. I love your blog. So many great ideas and I sometimes direct my brides to your site for ideas.

  43. -100. Paige says:

    Darling! Would love to win them!!

  44. -100. Vicki says:

    WOW! these are so cool!

  45. -100. Katherynn says:

    Great pieces!! Thanks!! I could definately put those to good use!

  46. -100. 122lovesme says: please pick me :)

  47. -100. hazel says:

    Beautiful stuff! Would have to have a party if I won!

  48. -100. Meredith Tomasulo says:

    Love these pieces -I am a collector of entertaining dishes etc. they would be a perfect addition to my collection!

  49. -100. Linda says:

    If I win these, I promise I will finally have that dinner party I keep on talking about! ;)

  50. Oh my… this is a great giveaway. Me want :)

  51. -100. Taryn says:

    pick me! pretty please?

  52. -100. Rachel B says:

    Oooh! These are beautiful!!

  53. -100. Lyla N says:

    would love to win these!

  54. -100. mrssmiff says:

    The minimalist design is amazing!

  55. These would be perfect to complete our new sets after the wedding!

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