Sassy Invite Giveaway…We Love You!

Hey Ladies! In honor of our giveaway extravaganza Joceybella Invites will be giving
away 20 Invites + 20 Printed Envelopes. Perfect for a bridal shower, tea parties or just
about anything. You could also just opt for your initials and it’s instant stationary. How
clever is that? Or you can send us a photo of you and your sweetie and send them just
for the fun of it! Go to Joceybella Invites and choose you favorite design! Leave a
comment with your favorite design and how you’ll use the invites! Hurry because the
winner will be anounced this Friday! 

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Taking Care of Business

Hello Readers!
We have a couple pieces of business to take care of:

ONE – You may have noticed that this week is a Giveaway Extravaganza! We are posting
a new giveaway every single day this week! We hope that you are enjoying these cool
products and services! Click here for the latest giveaways!

TWO – Some of our readers on PCs are having trouble viewing our blog. The left side is
cut off and there are big yucky gaps between posts. This is a problem for anyone who is
using Internet Explorer. The good news is that all you need is an update to the latest
version of Internet Explorer! Update me so I can be a happy Chick!! The Wedding
Chicks just want to make you happy! Please give us feedback if you have any ideas or

peace, love & happiness
jocey & amy 

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Party Pieces Giveway!

You may have seen our guest post on The Hostess Blog yesterday! Today we are giving
away the handmade pottery that was featured in the post. One lucky winner will win all
four beautiful pieces! Leave a comment below to win one flower holder, two rice bowls,
and one serving dish! All compliments of Noah’s Pottery! The winner will be announced
on Friday! 

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Get Inspired


Detailed lace, cap sleeves, serious lace or just plain and simple. Whatever your style,
the perfect dress is waiting for you! Finding that perfect gown may seem like an impossible
task, but don’t fret it’s out there just waiting for you. If by chance you cannot find that
perfect dress, and you are at your wits end, there is a solution! Find a dressmaker and
bring her your favorite dress that fits you like no other. She can make a pattern of it and
add details such as extending the hemline and adding some bead work to create your
perfect gown!

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