Delicious Dragonflly Cakes


Dragonfly Cakes creates wedding cakes! But they have a special place in their hearts
for the smallest member of the cake family, the petit four. They started with the vision
to elevate the petit four to fame usually reserved for its larger siblings. Today, they are
a boutique bakery that crafts these small wonders by hand. Their distinctive shape and
unique designs celebrate creativity and the coming together of whimsy and sophistication.

Their bakery is located in Sausalito, California just north of San Francisco across the
Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately for us you can order these tasty goodies online and
they come in the cutest little boxes for your guests. We can just imagine these delightful
little treats at any wedding.

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  1. So dainty and cute!

  2. Those look and sound so yummy right now!

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