Photo Booths are all the rage!

The photo booth!! It is so much fun and it is always a super huge hit with the guests!
Many  a sassy bride choose to have the photo booth and it’s an absolute riot to see how
personalities come out! One company we really like is FOTO CABINA. Be sure to
check out  their brand new website!

The fabulous Teddy gave us an enticing little write-up about the company:
(Teddy – seen above. Don’t fret chicks!  Teddy won’t crash your wedding, this photo was
from his brother’s wedding!) 

A fun way to entertain your guests (and a great party favor) is to have a photo booth at
your wedding! Foto Cabina’s premium photo booths look classy and fit into the most
elegant environments. Its wide-body design can fit numerous guests into a shot, and the
commercial grade equipment produces an incredible looking print in 10 seconds.

Instead of a traditional guestbook, Foto Cabina offers a Photo Guestbook option so the
guests can keep a copy of their print and put a double into your leather guestbook and
write a note. No more boring guest books–this one will be fun to look through later!

Foto Cabina – Wedding Chicks APPROVED!

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